Vanessa Hudgens is Lindy Taylor

Vanessa Hudgens is Lindy Taylor

Vanessa Hudgens looks breathtaking in this brand-new still from her upcoming movie, Beastly.

In the fantasy romance, the movie follows a popular kid (Alex Pettyfer) with a mean streak who ditches a date. His date, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

Remember to tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight — Vanessa will be talking about her new movie Bandslam and her future projects.

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  • chelsea

    She looks adorable. J’adore Vanessa Hudgens. Elle est la plus belle!

  • ZV lover

    I LOVE YOU VANESSA!!!! You rock!!!

  • Marie

    she looks stunning!she’s so beautiful

  • suzy

    she looks gorgeous.

  • http://justjaredjr fionaflora

    She is so beautiful!!!! Vote Zanessa 4 tca!!! She always looks great!! :)

  • miss zanessa

    she looks like an angel in here :P
    can´t wait to c beastly

  • julia

    she is gorgeous!! LOVE HER!!

  • Bia

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Vanessa looks beautiful. I love you V.

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    be strong vanessa, i read in other sites about those old photos again

  • V-Hud #1 fan

    she looks amazing i really can’t wit to see beastly

  • samantha

    wowwww she looks adorable so sweet i love her i wanna see this movie i can´t wait alex looks soo goood

  • birdie

    She looks amazing, sad we have to wait almost a year before it
    comes out. In the meantime go see ‘Bandslam”.

  • sara12

    love you vanessa

  • Bia

    we’re all here for you vanessa. we love you the most. BRAAAZIL ♥

  • Caro

    Omg, Justjared iloveusomuch, :B Gosh; aleeeeeeeeeeeex (L) vanessa (LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) :d

  • anna


  • so sad :(

    listen to mayday parade:

    I cannot say anything to contradict you :(
    she looks amazing, but still my heart is broken.


  • brazillovesvanessa

    she’s beautiful. I don’t imagine Lindy like Vanessa, althoug I started reading beastly after I found out she was gonna be Lindy

  • livvy

    she looks gorgeous as ever !!!! her movie is going to be great and that’s also we all should focus on instead on something from the past that’s private and shouldn’t interest us :P

  • DeeDee

    She’s such a sweety, I love Vanessa Hudgens!

  • Katty


    Yes, it is true, new photos were leaked. I don’t get why people are making a big deal about it (not that you are) but people on other websites are.
    I really don’t think it will damage Vanessa’s career, I mean, it’s basically the same pix as before, just different poses.
    You go, Vanessa! I still think you are awesome, and will be seeing all your movies. I have been voting for the TCA’s everyday!!!

  • the fame

    aw she looks great! and alex looks HOT.
    nice couple;)

  • stefane


  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Love her she is beautiful x

  • Andrea

    She’s looks stunning in this photo.

  • paris H

    god she’s so so beautiful

  • agu

    be strong V! :)

  • charm

    gorgeous as always!

  • Sam

    she looks better with her clothes on, please keep it that way V, not a good role model

  • Carol


    V be strong girl!!!
    We stand by you!!

  • lorena


    vanessa is wonderful! i just loved this picture

  • ISA

    She looks really cute…i can’t wait for this movie.
    Stay strong Vanessa we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tanya

    im still a big fan of vanessa. she is gorgeous and my idol. many websites are bashing her when they really should not. it was a mistake . i send my love and support vanessa!

  • Ellyne

    Shes so beautiful. I hope no one goes crazy over the photos. considering their old. but i love her.

  • Anya

    Gorgeous girl..
    I don’t know how that’s considered “plain”, lol

    LOVE YOU VAN <33

  • Masbonita

    OH MY ALEX PETTYFER!!!!!! Love you , love you ,love you !!! I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • aw


  • Tiptoes

    Gorgeous, not plain looking at all!

    Some haters can’t accept the fact our girl is just lovely and busy with her film projects. Old news, old photos won’t deter us fans.

    We support Van all the way !

  • Katty


    She never asked to be a role model, or told little girls to follow after her in ther footsteps.
    It is obvious that those pix that were leaked today were not recently taken, and there are way worse things by fourteen years olds in MySpace, but just because Vanessa is in the spotlight, and a good actress, and singer, everyone is bashing her. Everyone does these sort of things. I am just sorry some sick little person leaked them to try and hurt her. But I am going ot be a true fan and stand by her!
    Leave V alone!
    You look great in the promo pic by the way!!!!

  • Carol

    @listen to mayday parade:

    You should get your facts right before you post.
    This pics is from the same year as the others 2006
    They are old.

    So don’t start talking about something you don’t even know…speacially when it is to criticize someone.

  • Ellyne

    @listen to mayday parade: There old oness. geez. drop it already. their all old.

  • ZV lover

    @listen to mayday parade: Those pics were taken before the first scandal!

  • Caro

    Why we have to talk about that? Somebody care? No :D We love hudgens :B and alex now xdd

  • taylor

    @Katty: I’m really sick of the “everyone does it” excuse. I don’t have a problem with the pictures, but seriously I don’t know a single person who has ever been stupid enough to take naked pictures of them self.

  • ZV lover

    @Caro: Agreed!

  • Ellyne

    @taylor: I know a lot of people who have, mostly girls with Boyfriends. its natural who cares.

  • ZV lover

    @taylor: Dude, then you must live under a rock.

  • Kami

    love u vanessa…keep going strong! i cant wait till this movie! she looks so gorgeous

  • Honest

    When I go to movies that are built outside my target demographic – like the Disney film “G-Force” – when writing my review I have to keep reminding myself: “This movie was not made for you. This movie was not made for you.” I was fearing the same conversation with myself when I went to watch “Bandslam.” I could not have been more wrong, or more pleasantly surprised.

    “Bandslam” has a lot of the coming-of-age trappings that a lot of teen-oriented movies have: a new kid in town who doesn’t really fit in finds a way to make his mark, en route to getting the girl and learning something about himself in the process. We’ve seen all that before, sure. What writer / director Todd Camp has done with “Bandslam,” and few other writers of similar films dare to do, is treat his characters with respect.

    The “quirky loner” kid, Will Burton (played with aplomb by Gaelan Connell) loves music – so much so that he writes daily to his hero, David Bowie. That love of music permeates the whole film, and it doesn’t spoon-feed the standard pop pablum into the fabric of it, but weaves lessons in where ska comes from, and why CBGB was important.

    It may have a few unrealistic conceits at its core, such as an amazingly competent band quickly assembled to compete in the yearly Bandslam competition – which is “Texas high school football big,” according to Vanessa Hudgens’ character, Sa5m (”the 5 is silent”). In the heyday of film musicals, such conceits are par for the course, and it’s not distracting at all. In fact, the elements of film musicals serve the movie well, where you know that the band that Burton assembles will be damned good in short order, and the guy who leads the odds-on favorite to win Bandslam is a dashing lout.

    Also, each of the three leads are hiding their own bits of pain, and realistic bits at that, such as the former cheerleader who gave up her popularity (Alyson Michalka) while dealing with her father’s debilitating illness. She takes refuge with her rebuilt band, and gets Will to “manage” the band – through cajoling and emotional blackmail – when she figures out he knows more about music than most of her classmates combined. There’s also a young love story included, but it doesn’t unfold nearly the way you would think, and takes more than a few unconventional turns.

    No, “Bandslam” wasn’t made for me. It was made for young adults who don’t want their pop culture, or their onscreen role models, in neat little packages. “Bandslam” is a movie that has its heart firmly in the right place, and that’s a rare enough achievement from mainstream Hollywood.

    “Bandslam” opens nationwide on Friday, August 14.

  • zanessa 4 life

    i love you Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!! u r the BEST , keep up the good work, and i will support u forever!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1