Chloe Bridges is TCA Pre-Party Pretty

Chloe Bridges is TCA Pre-Party Pretty

Camp Rock 2 actress Chloe Bridges is all smiles as she attends the 2009 Totally Texty Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party held at Level 3 in Hollywood on Wednesday evening (August 5).

The 17-year-old starlet is set star in Camp Rock 2 as Dana, the daughter of rival camp Camp Star’s owner. In Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam, Shane (Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Demi Lovato) return to Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star.

Also pictured below is Legally Blondes mean girl Brittany Curran.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images, Fayes Vision/WENN
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  • Ashley

    woho…this color of listick def not her type…her mouth looks big

  • jazmin

    she’s not… that pretty.
    sorry to sound rude, but my opinion…

  • kenzie

    i agree with both ^^

  • kara

    is her mouth photoshopped? LOL

  • Anna

    ew, she is ugly, no offense.
    over doing the lipstick .
    another hollywood trainwreck outfit …

  • paris H

    God she’s so scary

  • carlyn

    shes going to be nick’s romance interest in camp rock 2! :(
    i dont know if thats true or not, though.

  • SJS

    Yeah, bad lipstick. I don’t love her style, but I already feel bad for her. She’s gonna get so much hate for being connected to JB. Especially since she’s supposed to be Nick’s character’s love interest. Whew boy. That will equal a combination of JB fans + Niley fans hating on her. Ouch. I hope she has thick skin.

  • Marina

    I don’t know… I think she’s ugly… and with this lipstick she looks worse… whatever…

    After the first time I saw Camp Rock I didn’t think it could have a continuation… I’d never imagine a situation for it…

    Yeah… that’s it… sorry about my English… I’m Brazilian and I’m only 12… =]

  • DemiFan

    @SJS: me too, I find it pretty sad that Jonas Fans only hate Miley coz of Nick. If you ask me, the Nick J fans are the worst of the bunch. Some of them act like they’re destined to GET MARRIED to him and LORD if you SAY ONE THING against NICK , they BITE your aSz like PARANA , That’s why I HATE NICK he gets attention FOR THE WRONG REASONS and people act like HE’s SOME KIND OF SAINT.

    I wish her the best, but I don’t think she’s gonna get that far in Disney.

  • Chelsea

    I LOVE her lipstick! I don’t know who she is but she sure is pretty!! :D

  • luvdemi

    She should fire whoever chose that lipstick for her. I’ve seen pictures of her where she’s pretty, like on imdb.

  • m?

    they could have picked someone else for CR2

  • asdfghjkl;

    ew, she looks horrible. and what is up with that brittany girls hair. when is she gonna get her eyebrows fixed. im sick of them looking uneven, and that huge arch is getting on my nerves.

  • http://jk jasmine

    she is soo ugly! ughh

  • Kathy

    I remember chloe bridges now !
    she was that “best friend” of the mean girl haha

  • prettypie

    WOW she has a huge mouth …. no offence

  • tyler

    she was in “The Longshots ” with Debby Ryan @.@

  • aLYSSA

    She has the biggest mouth in the world!

  • lynda

    WTF is with the big-mouth lipstick?
    No offense, but she’s ugly.

  • anonymous

    her mouth…

  • ang

    LMFAO. same thing said here. No offense but she’s ugly. How’d she get cast? Hahaha. Her lips looks like the animated talking lips in the Dairy Queen commercial.

  • Joity

    OMG u can even tell wen u look at the close up pic that the lipstick goes over her lips!!! WOOOOAAAAHHHH why would her mom or like make artist tell her that she looks f*uked up

  • karly


    I think Nick fans are the worst, but I think it’s mainly because his audience is a bit younger then Joe and Kevin fans.

    I have no input on Chloe Bridges, but I do hope that she doesn’t get the role in Camp Rock.

  • SJS

    @DemiFan: I agree, but I don’t hate Nick for it. I pity him. Lol. But i’m atleast happy that Joe & Demi are still gonna be together in the movie (even though i’m not a “Jemi” nutcase). I hope Kevin gets some decent screen time too.

  • Hunter

    Poor poor nick.
    Those lips are huge 0:
    Geeze, save us all.

  • amy

    This is why I hate Americans. They just judge people based on their looks.

    Try and look at those Asian celebs videos. Even though they aren’t very beautiful but no one even look at their faces. Only talents.

  • bambi


  • iluvrobpattz

    wtf. her lips are SO thick, and thats not a nice color on her.

  • paulina

    no offense but she has a BIG BIG mouth :S .. hope she wont kiss nick on camp rock 2 o.O

  • BMC

    Hmm, Jr wouldn’t post my comment that was defending the poor girl it’s posters are attacking. I’m telling all my friends, gonna mass mail them now not to patronize Jr and their advertisers.

  • Amanda

    What is with everyone saying “No offense….”
    Seriously, you would have to be blind to disagree that that lipstick makes that girl look like a clown. I don’t think anyone is going to get offended by you pointing out the obvious. I think they both got screwed over by their stylists.

  • BMC

    @Amanda: Shut up Amanda. Your happy with demeaning & insulting comments. Doesn’t surprise us that you get upset when someone puts the spotlight on you and the other mean people.

    What do you care who their stylist is? Since when is every person on the red carpet supposed to read the Amanda Style Book? You probably don’t have time to write it because your too busy insulting people.


    Uhh es mas fea que pisar mierda descalsa esa mina deoos que fea es y esa boca :| parece un trabesti. Esta para palermo esa chabona dioss

  • JonasFanForLife

    Poor Nick Jonas has to have a love connection in the new movie with her! My opinion is mixed for her…
    One: weird lips and stuff
    Two: ???

  • NIcole

    Oh please. You guys are just jealous because you’re obsessed with nick. She looks very pretty here, and i have no problem with her lipstick. And seriously stop saying “poor nick”. she wouldn’t have been chosen if she’s not pretty and talented. so i’m sure nick will enjoy kissing her =D. Losers.

  • alicerose

    hahaha. people would be nowhere near this mean if she wasn’t going to be nick’s love interest in camp rock 2.
    yer sure, I’m jealous of her; but that’s no reason to say awful things about her. poor girl.
    all of what I just said is canceled out by the fact she’ll be costarring with nick j. haha. lucky lucky girl.

  • cami_abi_ro_jOnatiicas

    hola somos cami abi y ro y queriamos decirles que esta chica es mas fea que la concha de zulma lovato(travesti argentino) esos labios horribles parecen como si una vibora le hubiese picado y tambien se hubiese hecho botox ES UNA TROLA!!!!!!


    Kisses !! ♥
    So beautiful blog !! =D
    our best wishes for you!!
    GOOD LUCK!! C=

  • lalalalalala

    Woww! what a HUGE lips!
    Is this real??XDD

  • eeellllllllllaaaaaaaammee

    Not everyone have to look like a pretty princess…do they?! everyone have their own look. She isnt the prettiest girl but she is not ugly. ugly is when people look…bad, very bad, but she doesnt. that lipstick looked gross, and maybe she isnt the type of human that get so very good on pics?…not everyone is born to look good on pics even if they are actress or wathever…

  • valery nicolly blanco valdez

    te o9dio bocona feucha te odiooooooooooooooq t den

  • miley cyrus

    is chloe bridgets