Jonas Brothers: 'Send It On' Premieres TOMORROW!

Jonas Brothers: 'Send It On' Premieres TOMORROW!

The Jonas Brothers take a break with their favorite girls — Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato — in this new promo shot for Disney’s Friends For Change.

The anthem for Disney’s green project, “Send It On,” will premiere TOMORROW, August 7 on Radio Disney with the accompanying music video premiering next Friday, August 14th on Disney Channel. You can also purchase the song from iTunes starting on Tuesday, August 11th.

Also, be sure to watch Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie because immediately after, Disney Channel will take you behind-the-scenes of the campaign. “Lights, Camera, Take Action! Backstage with Disney’s Friends for Change” will premiere Friday, August 28th @ 9:30PM ET/PT.

Disney’s Friends for Change: Project Green unites 29 Disney stars and invite viewers to join together a make a difference to protect planet Earth.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel
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  • diana

    First!! This is amazing. They all look so cute together!!!!!

  • cherryy

    im so excited!
    they ALL are amazing (L)

  • victoria

    awww they all look so cute, cant wait to see it!
    and aww joe/demi, nick/miley, and kevin/selena…..all friends :)

  • http://o krixtina


  • Andrea


  • kayla

    nick looks so awkward! and his hair, lmfao.

  • cyruslovatohudgens.

    omggg. [; !
    i’ve been
    waiting for
    E V E R ! (:

  • Carol

    All together for change the world : )
    Love them!

  • Yazmin

    Omg!!!! I cant wait!!!! Omg i really love this song!!! I love that in the video miley and nick are so close!!!! I cant wait yay !!!!

  • grace

    cant wait for it.
    gosh. this is gonna be awesome.

  • Jen

    demi is so fat.

  • carlyn


  • Andrea


  • katie mhel

    have you heard it yet? Just Jared Jr?!?! ah

  • ♥ZaNessAshley♥

    @Jen: She isn’t fat -.- Excuse me please, but you ARE stupid >.o<

  • ♥ZaNessAshley♥

    Can’t wait for this song : ) I hope it premiers in the evening!!
    I wish I could have Disney Channel, too! >.<

  • http://justjaredjr fionaflora

    I love that nick and miley are pared together! this is so cute! :)

  • nikkkk

    ahhhh im so excited for the song and the video!! awwww i luv how nick and miley are togetherrr :)

  • Carol

    Demi and Selena are so beautiful : )

    And Demi isnt fast! o.O

    Go to the doctor Jen!

  • Kirby

    Luv them all!!!!!!!! NILEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TOTALY GOING TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    how uncomfortable must that couch be.
    We all do know that they all just pretend to be friends with the exception of demi and selena. the rest are just fake.

  • lore=)

    they are all together :D can’t wait for the song!! selena looks really pretty like always, and demi and miley too :) jb <3

    love them!!

  • Mary!

    Demi/Joe, Nick/Selena, Kevin/Danielle i like it thta way!! Srry but i dont like Niley… Never!! :D Nelena is way better!

  • tara

    i cant wait to hear it.
    im so sad miley is in it tho…ew

  • vnessa

    Miley looks so gorgeous!
    @tara You need to shut up because you’re probably not even close to how pretty she is. So stop the hate and find yourself another hobby.

  • zanessa#1fan
  • Chris

    I’ve been waiting for this. They look cute together.

  • Melz

    Demi&Miley <3

  • Lauren


    u r 100% wrong & stupid

  • Stacey

    I’m so excitedddd. I’ve been looking everywhere to try to get the song earlyy but I cant find it anywhereee. Darnnn ha and it comess out on itunes on the day of my bdayyy (:

  • http://none.COM Kristen


    What would you know, Demi is not fat.
    Good lord you tool.

  • thais

    cant wait to see niley!!

  • someone

    awww demi and joe haha
    what happened to the rest of the disney untalented kids? jk no but seriously…. i guess they just want there biggest ones.
    jonas,miley,demi and selena. selena and kevin look like they’re gonna be more on the backround though.

  • Lili

    Aww Jemi and Niley, so cute. Can’t wait for the song.

  • delsy

    @someone: i know right :D

  • Gotmegoingcrzy

    @Jen: Rude. No she’s not. She’s beautiful. They all are.

  • disney rks!

    awwwww its so cute

  • katie

    this looks so cute
    kinda cheesy but still cute!
    i’m glad they put joe with demi
    and nick with miley
    cuz those two pairs sound really good together
    (and they’d also make cute couples, hehe)
    but i must wonder why they included selena and kevin in the singing,
    but not any of the other disney stars :S
    cuz kevin’s a guitar player but he can’t sing and selena’s a bad singer
    oh well it’s still good :]

  • Gotmegoingcrzy

    @tara: No need to hate. It’s unnecessary.

  • amy

    Terrible pics… Not only is it windy, but the sun is obviously in their eyes. They couldn’t have faced them the other way? >_<

    Anyway this song (from what I’ve heard of it) is really nice and it’s for a good cause. Plus the pairings that they picked (well, Joe/Demi and Nick J/Miley) actually sound great together. Also @katie: I assume Kevin and Selena will be backing vocals, and were included because Kevin’s a third of JB and Selena’s the third most popular Disney girl after Miley and Demi.

    I can’t wait for the full thing, it’s been too long since the last collaborative Disney song (Circle of Stars, anyone?).

  • Gotmegoingcrzy

    @someone: I was thinking the same exact thing. Where are the other Disney stars? haha. They probably put them in groups & throughout the video, you’ll see them all, doing different activities.

  • jenny

    can’t w8!! :D

    love the JBs, Demi and Miley!!
    hate selenas new haircut x[..!

  • nivea

    ohhh dear, attractive people but HORRIBLE photos… lol. anyway my inner teenie is very happy at the prospect of some nileyness, so i am pleased. plus the song is catchy. and it’s about the environment. what more could you want?! :P

  • case

    Selena’s the third most popular Disney girl after Miley and Demi.
    she’s second actually. no one even knows who demi is.

  • Jasmine

    I can’t wait until it comes out.
    Nick and Miley are just adorable.

  • Vicki

    IT’S ABOUT TIME! I can’t wait to see the video.

  • leah

    I just love Selena’s clothes! She looks very pretty. Someone else looks really harsh in her close up. EEK. Anyways I can’t wait!

  • mae

    DEMI is the BEST <3
    and the JB <3
    and MILEY <3

    hate selena -.-

  • rachel

    @amy: ha…demi’s third…outside America hardly anyone knows who demi is!!! I’m asian…and there’s just very very little people who know her! Miley’s first, selena’s second!!!

  • Thaly ;)

    Aww ,
    Jemi <3
    They loook so cuteee .
    Im so totally
    gonna watch it :)

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