Kristen Stewart is Chateau Marmont Marvelous

Kristen Stewart is Chateau Marmont Marvelous

Sporting her Joan Jett inspired hair, Kristen Stewart picks up her step as she joins her mom Jules Mann-Stewart after running a few errands in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 6).

After running their errands, the 19-year-old actress and her mom headed over to the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently dished to ET about the chemistry between Kristen and leading man Robert Pattinson. She shared, “When I wrote Twilight, I didn’t know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn’t appropriate for those actors and the tone.”

10+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart

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  • Amalie

    love her!!!
    she is amazing.

  • twihard69

    wonder why she keeps going to the dotor hope everything is okay she will be at teen then to canda for eclipse rob was supposebly seen leaving her house but they said her hould was in la but she is in la staying at a hotel not at her house she lives in woodland hills

  • Lindsay

    she’s adorable, and her mom is cool too!

  • Aneglita Cullen 4ever!

    she’s so freaking awesome!
    can’t wiat for the first pics of the cast shooting Eclipse ^^

  • sZN

    Sure wish Kristen would look more like a young woman, just every now and then. She’s such a slob. I have nothing against her, not a hater here, but she always looks like crap, unless she’s required to dress up.

  • kimber

    @twihard69: yea shes fine, all actors need to get an evalulation before starting a new movie ;)

  • Valeria

    I think she is an amazing actress, and I don’t care what people says, I LOVE KRISTEN STEWART!!!!

  • jen

    gorgeous face, her hair well that’s just pretty bad.

  • jess

    im worried for Kristen!!! why is with her mom?wheres her car? well after all she awesome. i love her

  • ATwilightKiss(dot)com

    i wonder why she has so many doctor visits recently

  • annie

    I wonder if this has to do with the cigs. They kill you know.

  • michelle

    I love this chick. She’s so anti-Hollywood.

  • laughs

    The first time she went to the doctor was a DERMATOLOGIST visit = skin. Keeping her skin OK. THIS was likely the doctor checkup before filming. Stop worrying. And I notice no one is talking about how odd it is that she would stop @ a hotel – with an overnight bag on her back – when she lives in LA both the family home and her own. CLEARLY visiting Rob again.

  • blahblah

    gorgeous! woah. love love her. very down to earth, riding with her mom’s filthy car. hehe!

  • Hanya

    I love her! She looks great!

  • Just Real

    just love her to death! :)

  • ATwilightKiss(dot)com

    @laughs: i agree with laughs

  • Pat

    i know where she lives..:-)i was there…but im not a stalker!!!

  • Mack

    I think dey shuld consider having EVANESCENCE on the soundtrack of 1 of the Twilight movies.i’ve bn havin a strange yearning 2 listen 2 Bring me to life n weneva i do,Bella n Eddie(haha)come 2 mind.datz jus me i guess.

  • Maria

    I love her. she is amazing

  • h

    ummm, where are the shots of her at the chateau marmont? where’s the proof? obviously you’re saying that cause you want people to believe rob’s staying there and she’s visiting him. just like the shots that claim he was at her home earlier today…but…yet again, no proof. just rob, a porsch, and a woodsy background. i’m starting to think that Summit dreamed up the whole robtsten thing for publicity and that R & K are playing along. who knew they were such media whores??

  • Bebo2526

    love her so much

  • vang

    love her. great actress in the making!

  • CHarlotte

    probably visting Rob again.

  • nathalia

    love her

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    She is never boring to me, :)))

  • Helen walsh

    she’s gone to the doctor recently because that’s routine when you’re in prep for a movie. actually, that’s routine for nearly every job! my father’s company has nearly one hundred employees and all of them had to go to the doctor to prove they’re able to do the job.

  • Helen walsh

    and i’m ridiculously exited to see what she’ll wear for the teen choice, as well for new moon promotion

  • Teri

    versatile as an actress & her fashion. she can be tomboyish & vamp at the same time

  • wonder

    i love her, yes yes i do she’s a cutie!