Vanessa Hudgens: Alex Pettyfer's Beast Freaked Me Out

Vanessa Hudgens: Alex Pettyfer's Beast Freaked Me Out

Vanessa Hudgens waits patiently for the green light in her Audi convertible in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 6).

The 20-year-old actress recently chatted up MTV about seeing her Beastly costar Alex Pettyfer as the “beast.” She shared, “It moved me in a really weird and peculiar way. It’s so mind blowing the prosthetics they’ve done on him. He changes as a complete person. I was freaked out, honestly.”

Vanessa will premiere her other movie, Bandslam, tonight!

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Credit: PR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Love her :D aww she doesn’t look very happy in these pics :(

  • support vanessa!


  • musicgurl

    i looooooove her with all my heart! i support her 100% cant wait for bandslam!<33

  • laura!!

    fist!!! haha
    vanessa is the best can’t wait for bandslam and beastly!!!
    love her
    new video of vanessa and gaelan in philadelphia:

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Can’t wait for the premiere pics. She will be beautiful :-x

  • grace

    she looks like her mom in the photo…
    cant wait for the premiere

  • belandsel

    i hope she’s going to be in the premiere!
    i will be saddened if she’s not
    she doesnt look very happy here too….

  • lara

    why she doen’t look happy in these pics omg maybe something is happend we love you babyv be stonge and don’t worry every thing is gonna be ok yours fun love you just be stong

  • HSM- Tytsy

    Nice. :)

  • zanessa#1fan
  • the fame

    yay she is back in town:)! finally candids are back.. hope she goes to the premiere..

  • sara12

    love her

  • paris H

    Oh i hop she’s ok

    oh i love her so much she’s so lovly

    keep voting

  • teamhudgens

    she looks beautiful always!
    but she not happy ı think =/..

  • Susie

    Does anyone have it in youtube version please? I am not in America and the link doesn’t work.

  • masbonita

    She looks annoyed and tired . Poor thing . Don’t overdue it baby V !!! Get some rest , hope you have fun tonight.

  • Naomi

    People just thrive on drama.

    IMO, she doesn’t look sad, she just looks pre-occupied. It looks like she’s running errands.

    Looking forward to seeing her and the rest of the cast at the movie. It is a great movie, they worked really hard for it and should be proud of themselves.

    I hope David Bowie attends as well.

    She’s making me impatient fo Beastly now just so I can see that costume but first I’ll savor Bandslam.

    She really took time to choose good scripts and movie roles. So proud of her.

  • Carol

    So cute.
    And for those who are saying she doesn’t look happy.
    Did you thought that she is probably annoyed with paps=)

  • Lee

    Vanessa don’t care for nothing,your fans always will be supporting you
    Keep Voting in TCA so much,she needs to win

  • Naomi

    And for those wondering, she’s definitely going to the premiere. And why not?

    It’s her movie, she worked for it and will enjoy showcasing it with the rest of the cast.

    Can’t wait to see what she would wear.

  • Dany

    owwn *-* Vanessa we’re in this together.You Are Not Alone Because We Are Here With You

  • vah

    all you we will continue to support baby V! (:

  • chi

    I love your site. Always positive things about actors. Thanks for that. I cant wait for the Bandslam premiere!

  • yuri

    vanessa is the best

  • suzy

    can’t wait to see her tonight.

  • Starlit

    So beautiful as always!
    Keep strong V, I’m with you!

    Love her! <3

  • livvy

    she looks great!

    btw if you don’t like her, then don’t read it… easy :P

  • Katty

    She might look a little down, she might now. New/old pix were just released, I would be a little pis$ed off if i were her.
    Why wouldn’t she go to her own premiere? it’s HER premiere. I hope the whole HSM gang goes to show support!
    Keep voting for Baby V! I know I am! When are they closing voting? Anyone know??

  • isaac

    i love you *———*, V support


    please *——-*

  • Eugenia

    Awwww beautifull!

  • bibi

    Well hello beautiful! Can’t wait how she’ll look tonight. She always keeps us interested. Also, people will you just stop already with the “she is not happy”? Do you have a big smile in your face when you’re driving plus by yourself? Please do not read what’s not there! She has her premiere tonight, it’s hot, waiting on the lights and people trying to take pics of her…Would you have a big smile? don’t think so.

  • Alyssa Marie

    Love her!
    She is gorgeous!

  • vera rodrigues

    she´s look so sad :(

    she´s stroger but is boring passe again the same situation

    I hope that shine on night in premiere

    i want see zanessa

    GO GO BABY V i luv <3

  • http://YAHOO.COM Vanessa fan

    I hope zac is at the premeire!
    They haven’t seen each other in over a month!
    I think….?
    Maybe they have, but privately…..
    Anyways i can’t wait to see what she’s going to be wearing tongiht!
    All i know is that she will probably look AMAZING as usual..!
    She also looks pretty in these pictures too!
    And she’s probably only in sweats or something…!

  • gaby

    god i love her!!
    i hate seeing her sad. :(

  • dots

    She looks lovely
    Can’t wait for tonight!!
    Ahaha, I cant wait to see her reaction to his beast self.
    I hope they kept it in the movie!

  • star

    What time is the premiere? I can’t wait! It will be so special for Vanessa, Aly and Gaelan

  • Bee

    Awh I’ve missed getting candids of her driving around.

    We love you Van!

  • jenny

    vanessa is so beautiful but it sucks about what happened to her:[ i support 110+% and can’t wait for her movie to come out.

  • Ellyne

    Awee, she doesnt look too happy. I feel bad for her. Well Hope her premiere goes good. Love herr =]

  • Marie

    I bet Zac Dumped her Ass.

  • jpcbrazil

    she doesn’t deserve all of this again,we’re with you!you’ll always be the best!

  • xojoxo

    hey does anyone know if there is a live feed online for the premiere anywhere tonight? I really want to see the red carpet, but live in Canada! any help would be appreciated!
    and of course she is going to the premiere tonight. Even perez said she wasnt hiding (and he seemed pissed off (GO VANESSA!!!!) ) she went to jimmy kimmel live last night so she is going to the premiere tonight for sure!!!

  • xoxo

    of course she is going to the premiere!!! She went to jimmy kimmel live last night so she certainly isnt not going to go tonight! Even douche bag perez said she wasnt hiding (and he seemed kinda pissed off about it (GO VANESSA) )
    Does anyone know if there will be a live feed from the red carpet anywhere online tonight like there was for 17 again? I would love to see if but i live in Canada..

  • liz

    sucks, paparazzi is probably all over her now :/
    well they were before, but more there’s more attention since the pictures.
    i LOVE her car!
    i want an audi!
    ugh, i am so jealous!

  • istar

    can’t wait to see what she wears for the bandslam premiere!! and im sooo excited for beastly :DDD

  • susan 1

    she looks great.
    can’t wait for tonight premiere.
    love her so much.

  • HMM

    It’s nice to see her out and about in her home city . . . but she looks like she’d rather the paps weren’t there. Hope her premiere is huge and she has a great time.

  • birdie

    I’m excited for all the premiere pictures. That means only one more
    week until I can see it. I’m sure she’ll be as stunning as always.


    omg…so sad see her in that way….i love her…and i want her be OK.