Wizards Cast: Justin Should Keep His Powers

Wizards Cast: Justin Should Keep His Powers

Jennifer Stone, David Henrie, Jake T Austin and Selena Gomez jump high in the air in this cute new shot from the New York Post.

The foursome, who were in the city to promote their upcoming DCOM, sat down with the newspaper and dished who they all thought should win the Wizards competition.

Jennifer shared, “I really like someone who works hard and is really disciplined, so I think Justin (played by David Henrie) should win. It’d be hilarious if Max ended up with the powers because he’s the one that everybody least expects.”

Selena agreed with her friend, saying, “She’s [Alex] so independent. She loves magic, but it’s not her No. 1 priority, whereas Justin lives and breathes it, and Max is there and does the work. Alex can find other things to do with her life and her friends and family.”

David added in, “He’s the most responsible, he takes his studying seriously and he’ll make the right decision at an important time.”

WHO DO YOU THINK should win the Wizards competition?

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  • http://justjaredjr.com yaima

    alex should keep her power not justin

  • nathalia

    i love them (:

  • http://o krixtina

    justin :)

  • TV

    The cast looks so much cooler and more stylish this season. LOVE this show. Best show on Disney as of yet.

  • Carol

    I love them!!

  • Salman

    Max! Hahaha! tht would be funny. and i heard tht in season 3, he becomes a serious contender in the competition

  • cc27

    i think alex should :)

    david takes things to seriously xD


    i love the so much i am actually looking forward ……….they rock

  • someone

    well I agree with jennifer & selena justin should keep his powers! =)

  • rachel

    @cc27: justin does take his powers seriously, thats why he should get the powers! but it would be hilarious if max got them! and if alex got the powers…she would probably take it for granted…but i love the show and the cast!

    can someone answer this…is the third season the last?

  • katie mhel

    Max! (: he’d have an adventure with his powers :D come on producers! give it Max.
    you can make a show out of it . :P hahaha. just kidding.
    most likely Justin, but Max would be must more fun

  • joyce

    yeah justin should keep his powers. but maybe there is some kind of a strange way that they all keep their powers. or maybe max get sick of magic and gives up his power. and alex and justin keep theirs. okay weird ideas :D

  • ♥ZaNessAshley♥

    @rachel: I think Justin should keep/ keeps his power : )
    I agree with rachel!
    Maybe it’s the last season.. cause only one of them wins the competition… don’t know.

  • D[c+H]lover

    New york post !? WHOA!! that’s a big deal. and with all this promotion and buzz, i really, Really, REALLY and SINCERELY hope this movie does well like it deserves too!! xDD
    and i LOVE that picture. hopefully i’ll find a bigger version of it..
    oh and i’m all for justin/ max to get the powers. justin cuz he’d know how to use them, max cuz he’d grow to be mature and .. well IDK. :-P

  • leah

    I think Justin should win the powers!

  • jessica

    Max should keep his powers, because everyone expects Justin is going to keep them.

  • none

    If Justin keeps his powers then that mean Haper will never be with him because mortals can’t marry wizards. I think they should give Haper majic powers. That would be so cool and make Maz her boyfriend.

  • unnamed

    i wanna see something happen all of them keep there powers
    so the seasons can continue :D

  • mrsnickj

    I agree with what Selena said. Alex can find other things to do and Justin really loves it the most so definitly Justin :)

  • princess perfect

    i wish something happens and that way all three of them can keep their powers how cool would dat be

  • Melissa

    Justin because he is responsible with them.
    If he loosened up, it’d be awesome.

  • kara

    It would be great if the 3 keep their powers

  • Bea

    Alex, she uses magic so much more than Justin, not in a good way but I think she’s the one that needs magic to live, Max is the one that thinks that everything is magic & Justin just think it’s such a serious thing and it may not be used so it’s not normal if you let someone have something he won’t use.

  • maekayla

    well i think they all should keep it

  • barbara

    I love her (:

  • Talita_austin

    I think Max DESERVE the powers, because he’s the one that don’t discuss because of magic, and Justin n Alex think that they’ll always be better, only because they’re older, never give Max a chance to show that he’s a great wizard, then I think that would be PERFECT if Max won the competition!

  • Talita_austin

    I agree w/ Selena, “It would be interesting to see Max win because there’s something hidden in him underneath. He’s really paying attention”. Because everybody thinks that Alex and Justin are better, and nobody believe him !!!!!!! I believe he’s the best wizards ! >/

  • Talita_austin

    I would like it if, in the end, they change the rules, and get the 3 with the powers like the episode Retest. And just endup with the spells competition between brothers and sisters.
    Then the 3 win. Because I don’t think Justin should win, because everyone expected that. Alex is the main, also don’t think she should win too. But Max .. Max is the one that nobody expected, and nobody believed. I hope Max wins. ! (>

  • http://twitter.com/InLoveWithAStar SISSEL

    I think they should add a twist and make them all be able to keep there powers, like, cus max can grow out of it, and just because it’s not alex number one priority doesnt mean she doesnt want it, need it, or should have her powers less then everyone else ! :)

  • anGelA

    Everybody would expect Alex to win the competition coz she’s the main.
    But if you think about it,Justin should get the powers coz he’s responsible,he cares about it and he knows when and where to use it.

    But then again Justin learns and practices his magical ability to save Alex. And Alex needs Justin to save her from all she did.
    I think both of them should win..coz they bring up the best of each other like the professor with the beard said..

  • http://facebook.com/chloe.kaiser2 Chloe

    i think max should and no one would expect that. it would be hilarious!

  • melissa

    max because jake is so hot

  • lexi

    i don’t think that justin should keep his powers,
    i mean sure he’s responsible,
    but he would never use them if he had them.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/08/06/wizards-cast-justin-should-keep-his-powers/all-comments/ DKX2g

    I really think justin should b cause he’s wanted this his whole life nd alex just wants it 4 fun nd she also thinks justin should have it not her so go justin


    Love the pic & we love the show it’s the best!!!!!!
    Alex should keep her powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I agree it would be nice if Alex, Justin and Max could keep their powers!!!!!!

  • Chad

    Justin should win the final competition because he’s such a hard worker, and thus is the best role model for young viewers. However, the story could be written so that Alex also becomes a full wizard as a residual effect of having won the previous premature competition. Then, together, Alex and Justin could find a way to restore Max’s powers.

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