Jonas Brothers: Behind-The-Scenes of 'Send It On'

Jonas Brothers: Behind-The-Scenes of 'Send It On'

Joe and Nick Jonas keep close to their favorite girls Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in this new behind-the-scenes look of their new collaborative music video, “Send It On.”

Miley Cyrus, who also sings on the track, shared with Access Hollywood, “My favorite part to record was the ‘The one spark starts the fire.’ I love that line because it really is true. It’s one person telling another person telling another person and before you know it…all these different schools and kids are following along with you and it’s great.”

“Send It On,” will premieres TODAY, August 7 on Radio Disney with the accompanying music video premiering next Friday, August 14th on Disney Channel. You can also purchase the song from iTunes starting on Tuesday, August 11th.

Behind-the-Scenes of Disney’s Friends For Change: “Send It On”
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  • jjjreader


  • haydee

    just heard the full song
    on youtube and i loved
    but wish it would have more selena and demi

  • Daniela

    Loveeee the song and all of them. (:

  • Anna

    that’s f*cked up.
    where is miley?

    the song is amazing.

  • waazup

    the song is pretty cool.
    love that u can here more demi and miley’s voice.


  • danieJ

    hope there is nemiorjemi-ness! (:
    so sick of niley.
    only real highlights of send it on Is kevin singing.

  • Karina

    Joee iss soo perfecttt !!

    Love all off theem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Speacially JOEE !!

  • NILEY!!!!!!!!


  • jessica

    JJJ I hope you don’t kick me outta here but your good friend Selena cannot sing. If she ever makes a billboard chart or has a world or even states tour not only would it be shocking but that would be a sad day for music. Why does almost every disney star think they can have a music career? Sel said she was going to meet her band for the first time. Um why wasn’t she the one auditioning the band and choosing–oh yeah she’s not a pro.

  • ano

    omg love this song love miley and nick duet my favorite! from the group!

  • Andrea

    i LOVE THE SONG,, Demi sounds AMAZING,, her voice is so POWERFUL, she´s gorgeous!!


  • hello

    love the song! but i wish selena and joe sang more. most of it was miley and nick. does anyone else recognize that nick sounds different whenever him and miley are in the same song. whatever. but since this post has miley and the jonas brothers, incoming all the “niley” fans. (runs and hides from them lol) jk. anyways this song sends a good message and cant wait for the music video!

  • Stephany

    omg i heard the song and loved it lol
    love the niley moments the selena/demi moments
    the jealena moments and jemi moments lol i love all the moments and

    i actually think selena has a good voice better than some and why do you have to say it be a bad day if selena had a tour worse singers have had tours that came out really well.

  • demifan3444

    Wow Miley, Joe, Demi and Nick sound good. What is Selena doing there? And Selena made no sense in the video when she talked. Wow, maybe its just me but I was embarrassed for her.

  • SJS

    Great song. I love Joe & Demi’s verse. I wish those 2 had sung more because, in my opinion, they have the best voices. I loved how Joe sounded singing his parts. The others sounded great too. Selena’s part sounded better than I thought it would, though I wish Kevin had gotten equal vocal time.

  • jessica

    Did you listen to the song? Give it a listen, your bias against Nick is showing. lol

  • lucy

    It’s basically nick demi miley and joes song <3 :) niley and jemiiii. selena has two lines and kevin his her backup, even disney are grouping them! thank you disneyyyy. selena ruined it…

  • Anna

    @jessica: i strongly agree !!! took the words right out of my mouth (:

  • Anna

    i LOVE Miley & Nick’s verse (:

    NILEY & JEMI <33

  • gold baybay


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • miley fan
  • leah

    @jessica: I like her voice it’s very soft and mellow. If you wanna go there then the ONLY disney star who should have a contract is Demi because I think all the other Disney stars have crappy voices. I like Demi’s and Selena’s. So there you have it. You may not like her voice, but there are others who do. You can’t stop her from doing nothing and it’s HER dream so you can’t stop anybody from chasing it. Just sit back and watch her succed. You aren’t God to say who and who should do what and what.

  • Caro

    i L0VED it when miley & nick sang <3 nileyyy
    alzo i lykd joe & demi her voice iz very powerful
    i really dnt understand y selena wazz here u cnt really hear her but watev….n y waznt miley wit dem behind da scene

  • Mia .

    The song is amazing! i love it :)

    and I can’t believe that I’m about to say this.. but I kind of think that Miley and Nick sang a little to much. wow, did I just say that….? Demi and Joe should have gotten a little more and surprisingly I actually liked Selena is this song, she should have gotten more than like two lines ! And Kevin definitely should have had more to sing too :)

    But it’s still a good song and I love it :)

  • SJS

    @jessica: Um, I did listen. Several times. And I happen to adore Nick & love his voice. Did you notice that I didn’t mention Miley either? I like her too. I own her album. I didn’t mention them because they get talked about more than the others & everyone makes it a Niley thing. Don’t make assumptions. It’s rude and ignorant.

  • nikkkk

    LOVE NILEY AND JEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hate selena. UGH SHE CANT SING!!!! she has no future in singing. She ruined the video for me.

    and what the hell is with miley not being in a big part of the video like when theyre fricking frolicking in the fields??? milayy where u at gurl? hah but seriously.

    and in the description jjj said joe and nick stay close to their fav girls demi and selena. Selena is NOT their favorite girl!!! AT ALL! more like MILEY and demi.

  • nikkkk


    ikrr?? Where the hell is miley?? she should be in the majority of this video seeing as she’s the biggest money maker of the group!

  • liz

    i love it.

  • someone

    i heard the ful version and miley sounds lie a dying cat when she tries the powerfull part. she should stick to soft not and not try to go high to a range that she doesn’t have. and nicks voice is whiney as heck. joes and demis sounded smooth and selena and kevin can’t sing.

  • Flyaway

    I don’t know why everyone’s giving Selena such a hard time about her voice. Sure her voice may not be as “unique” as Miley’s or as “powerful” as Demi’s, but she CAN sing in her own right. She did a good job, including everyone else.

  • katie

    the song was surprisingly good! my favorite was the part with nick j and miley at the beginning, their voices actually sound really nice together. after that it was kinda weird, cuz it went to demi (who has this HUGE voice and totally overpowers everyone) then to selena who can’t sing at all. idk about that part. but the chorus was good and overall the song was a success imo. (:

  • BlaireB

    @nikkkk: You have some real anger issues. calm down. first of all, Selena CAN sing. Second of all, it’s pretty obvious that JB likes Selena. you obviously haven’t seen the pictures where they were having fun and hanging out while making the music video.

  • disneyfied

    @Flyaway: I agree, Selena doesn’t even sound as bad as people say. they need to stop over exaggerating cause she actually does have a good voice, nothing amazing, but good enough. People just need to give her a chance.

  • Lili

    No Miley? Kinda weird… but then she’s always been the odd girl out of the group, lol.

    Anyway I youtubed the full song and while it was messy in certain parts, I think it was pretty good. Nick and Miley’s voices complement each other really well and the note he hit in the beginning was great. Joe and Demi also sound good together although Demi is obviously a really strong singer and drowns him out a bit. Kevin and Selena were backup I guess, I think I heard her sing a line or two around the 2 minute mark but whatever. If I had to rate it, I’d give it a B+. Not bad at all.

  • koolkat

    Selena sings better than Emily Osment and Meaghan Jette Martin.

  • amy

    like the song a lot!
    imo it was kinda like goldilocks here though lol
    joe & demi’s part was REALLY powerful and almost felt, idk, out of place?
    like they’re great singers but it was weird
    selena & kevin are soooooo not singers lol
    the part before the bridge made me cringe
    but kevin’s a good guitarist so it’s ok
    HOWEVER, and this is weird b/c i’m not a miley fan,
    the nick & miley part was just right imo
    not too powerful and not too weak

    put all together i think it was good
    and it has a positive message & goes to a good cause so i can’t complain

  • kyraStylee182lovesgosling

    @jessica: So true. Music is is already kinda dead :( . And i saw that too. Miley wasn’t in any of the interviews with the rest of them. She had an interview but it was by herself.

  • amy

    @koolkat: haaa true but then so does my cat x]
    i don’t think either of them are on hollywood records though

  • Kris

    you can tell that demi totally outshines all of them on the vocals.

  • nivea

    it was good! i dug it. the only problems i heard were that demi was too good, if you know what i’m sayin, and totally overpowered everyone and also the selena/kevin part was really bad. but all in all a good song. i liked the “niley” parts and the “jemi” parts too.

    btw, in this video, is there a reason why everyone besides mc is there? haha kinda random.

  • Synta

    Thank you for using my video it really means alot!
    I have the official song plus the lyrics along with it. So please use it if you would to (:
    I have the correct lyrics as well. Enjoy! (:

  • koolkat

    @nivea: Selena was singing with Joe, not Kevin. and they sounded good together.

  • Chris

    I don’t usually like these types of songs, but I really liked this one. Nick and Miley sound great together. Demi and Joe were good but Demi did drown him out. I didn’t care for Selena’s part and was happy they used her more as backup. And I was glad to hear Kevin for a few seconds.

  • obsessed girl

    i love all the jonas brothers girls!

  • obsessed girl

    i love all the jobros girls

  • nivea

    @koolkat: oh, whichever jb she was with lol. right before the bridge sounded terrible. sorry bb.

    btw, anyone watching this yanks vs red sox game? intense!

  • Farrah

    I heard the song earlier today, it’s lovely. The best bits were the harmonies between Miley and Nick Jonas, in my opinion, although the ones between Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were also great. Well done!

  • Carlyn


    i agree with you. people should just give selena a break.
    she is not bad at all, sure shes not powerful, but that doesnt
    mean that she hit a note or anything, i really enjoyed her!
    i love her, and i wished that she would of gotten more parts. :)

  • Cals

    i dont understand how nick and miley can even be friends ?? it confuses me especially after all the things they’ve said about each other…… I love Selena but im not sure if she should have a singing career. She has good voice but i dont think its strong enough to have a career on. She is a very good speaker though and a much better role model than Miley! Demi’s voice is AMAZING!!! I wish I could sing like her! :D Joe.. hotttt… duh. im pretty sure Kevins contribution is playing guitar which he is amazing at! and Nick :D no more needs to be said

  • Cals


>>>>>>> staging1