Jonas Brothers: Behind-The-Scenes of 'Send It On'

Jonas Brothers: Behind-The-Scenes of 'Send It On'

Joe and Nick Jonas keep close to their favorite girls Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in this new behind-the-scenes look of their new collaborative music video, “Send It On.”

Miley Cyrus, who also sings on the track, shared with Access Hollywood, “My favorite part to record was the ‘The one spark starts the fire.’ I love that line because it really is true. It’s one person telling another person telling another person and before you know it…all these different schools and kids are following along with you and it’s great.”

“Send It On,” will premieres TODAY, August 7 on Radio Disney with the accompanying music video premiering next Friday, August 14th on Disney Channel. You can also purchase the song from iTunes starting on Tuesday, August 11th.

Behind-the-Scenes of Disney’s Friends For Change: “Send It On”
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  • cc27


    r u deaf? lol ..
    no offense ! xD
    miley sang like basically most of it ! lol

  • emily

    I think the song overall was good. Of course it gets a bonus because it’s about a good cause. The beginning, where Nick and Miley were singing, was good, even though Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly my favorite person. PLEASE don’t kill me for saying that. She’s talented, just not my favorite. I agree with a lot of you, Demi does have a super strong voice that sorta did go a little over Joe’s, but it’s what I love about her voice. I’m glad that Kevin at least had a little bit of a singing part in here.
    Lastly: All of you who are basing Selena, I just have to say this. She is not as good as Miley or Demi, no. But that doesn’t mean she can’t sing, because she’s probably better than a lot of people. And so what, she’s coming out with an album? I for one like her voice, and just because some of you don’t doesn’t mean that you should stop her from doing something that she really wants to do.

  • anonymous

    niley. jemi. kevin and selena all sounded great.
    selena’s voice actually sounds real, unlike the other songs that make her voice sounds edited; to be practical she doesn’t sound that bad, so no one should say she ruined the song.

  • justme

    Demi,Miley did great.

  • kamilah

    i really like this song! it has a cool, chill vibe to it. and i pretty much like any song that demi’s in. i think everyone sounds great in the song but i dont get why selena’s not getting any love. yes, her voice may not be as powerful and loud as demi’s but she still has a pretty good voice. its HER voice, its not going to sound like anyone else. and i have to say miley’s voice was good too. it wasnt as nasally like it usually is

  • angela

    i love the song and the message it delivers. i think miley and demi’s voice are too powerful for the rest, nick and joe’s voice are like nothing compare to them lol
    selena can sing! stop people! she doesnt ruin the song! she only has two lines, big deal and she sings it perfectly and she’ll have an album coming out, judge her by that not in her two lines of a song.

    and i wish kevin would sing more…

  • vic!

    Damn, Demi and Joe!
    where’d you get your voices!?
    I always repeat on their part!
    It sounds so beautiful and PERFECT! :D

  • so what !

    omg!!! even disney knows that selena sucks!!!! thats why they gave her like 2 lines !! they just use her 4 money !!!!!!!! sel is a joke !!!

  • Nina

    i just heard the whole song on youtube
    it’s perfect,i looove it
    miley and nick have most of the lines-greaaaaaat
    jemi sounds great too
    and selena and kevin are there in the side-that’s good to
    i mean niley sings better then everyone else
    can’t wait for the music video!!!!

    niley <3

  • Yvonne

    God people, Kevin has anawesome voice. Do you even see how many fans want him to sing? Quit bagging on this gorgeous man ASAP!

  • emily

    I LOVE SELENA!!! and demi’s voice is so beautiful and powerful…she is definitely the best singer out of the 3 girls…andddd i strongly despise miley cyrus. ugh cant stand obnoxious!!!

  • Jane

    I think selena is awsome!

  • jena

    From the best to the least

    Demi, Joe, Selena + Nick, Miley

    I don’t know about kevin…i wish he had more guitar solos!

  • riley

    miley sounded bad…she looked as if she was trying too hard!

  • Anonymous

    @jessica: ignorant!

  • ezgce

    wow the song is awesome.
    and niley <3
    and jemi <3
    demi’s voice is wonderfull
    selena is soo cute and her voice is great.
    nick is awesome!
    joeeee is omg <3

  • Laura

    I love Demi’s voice, it sounds completely awesome and Joe and Demi sound great together.

  • yvaila

    love jemi’s part, the best of all..
    their voice blended smoothly
    good n superb duet!!
    at the beginning niley’s part was great too

    demi’s voice just kill the song amazingly
    her voice the BEST of all
    she’s great
    love her

    nway love all of them!!

  • rock_chic_chick

    the jonas brothers have to be the BIGGEST hypocrites, they talk about helping the world and saving the enviroment yet they travel by private jets, last time i checked that wasnt enviromentally friendly.

  • m

    does anyone knows why oceanup isn’t working???

  • Andrea

    okay to everyone who think ther should be more demi :) You can hear her all the time especially at the end :) it’s annoying that some people mix her voice up with selenas because demi’s is so much more powerful! Love her!

  • Andrea

    @koolcat selena sings with joe one line “makes us strong” and the third part with kevin

  • JEMi forever

    demi and joe sound amazing together. awwww for JEMI and NILEY :)

  • Hayley

    I am SO excited to see this video. All of them together is going to make for a fantastic song! The video looks amazing :)

  • trish

    lacking, taylor swift :)

  • meela

    Demi sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bambi

    NILEY FTW <3

  • tisdalefan

    Niley! <3
    I love them together.
    They are the cutest couple EVER.
    and I love how all my favorite artists sing this son

  • Soraya

    I wish they would sing this at the Teen choice award 09 :)
    Who agrees ?
    And Ps : I like Miley/ Selena time :)

  • Sa5m

    i can’t wait to hear this song

  • katie

    i love it!
    so much better than i thought it would be
    nick and miley sound really good together
    and so do joe and demi
    the other two aren’t really noticeable but w/e
    good message good song and it’s nice to see them all together
    even if they aren’t all friends irl

  • katie

    @Soraya: unfortunately demi won’t be at the tcas :(

  • eldina

    1st things 1st Demi is 1 talented girl
    she can act and sing and I mean really sing
    her voice is POWERFUL i heard her voice more then anyone elses like its just out there i love it she will make it so far from the way things look for her as of right now………
    2nd Nick also has an amazing and powerful voice too
    hes got major major major talent and so do kevin and joe like wow there just really blessed…
    3rd I always see so much chemistry between joe and demi just wow like the way they look at each other im not starting anything but wow
    there perfect for each other why can’t they just be together already.

    4th Selena did great don’t hate on her because if she wasn’t talented she wouldnt have made it this far…

  • josephine m

    wow i almost cried when demi was singing she is truely amazing and kinda overpowered the others lol but niley was cute in the beginning and jemi so so great together its like their meant to be parterned up in everything selena was good no hate from me and i simply love kevin he is the best and a cutie



  • amy

    really good!! the best part was the beginning in my opinion but it was all good. joe and demi and nick and miley sound great together, their voices balance perfectly. i like selena gomez but her voice is so weak and useless sounding after demi sings haha, and kevin isn’t a singer, lol. but i’d say it was a success for sure. :D

  • jane

    wow :O amazing <3

    LOVE this song. :D
    DEMI’s voice is soo.. beautiful and so strong xD her voice sounds at the end soo good. JEMI <3
    NILEY <3 xD LOVE the beginning.
    KEVIN can also sing xD love his voice .
    and SELENA she can sing but not better than MILEY & DEMI

  • =)=)=)

    vote 4 niley and jemi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cry no more

    miley was amazing !!!!!!!!!!! she rocks!!! so does demi !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    selena not sooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe that demi is not coming r u kidding me she has 2 !!!! or maybe she didnt win thats why no it cant be true !!!!!!!! vote 4 demi and miley they need our votes !!!! o and jb just like miley and demi amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tan

    miley and demi r the best !!!!!!!

  • tan

    miley and demi r the best !!!!!!!

  • jhanet

    lindos!!! xd

  • courtney

    Their voices go perfectly together. The best part of the song…i listen to it over and over

  • frejamacarons

    nick jonas keeps trying to be mature beyond his years. Hello girlfriend, you are 16 and you are trying to be 21. I suggest that he starts acting his age before he gets to 25 and turns into a heroin addict bceause he missed out on his childhood.

  • selenaanddemi88

    great song everybody was great!!
    this shows friendship and how to help the plant

  • jasmine

    love the song.
    not a huge fan of the message exactly. i mean save electricity, okay. but save the planet? i’m not so sure about that. what, next it’ll be bad if we walk on grass? wouldn’t that be considered killing the planet?
    jaykayy. i recycle. occasionally:)

    but yeah, the song sounds great.
    jemi & niley <333 goshh, i feel like its camp rock & we got the party with us, all thrown together.
    selena didn’t totally screw up the song. although, i agree 100% with jessica.

  • rin

    This Niley thing is way overdone. I would have appreciated if Disney found some other way to get publicity.
    Joe and Demi sounded fantastic together, and I wish Kevin and Selena were allowed more vocal time.
    Selena’s voice may not be as powerful or as ‘interesting’ as Demi and Miley’s but that does not necessarily mean she is a horrible singer. She is a pretty decent singer, better than some pop stars out there today.

  • dm

    i lovedddddn the niley part lol, miley was the bestttttt singer and performer out of all them, but all very good. but how cum, selena never sang only like two linesc lol, it was mostly joe and demi and nick and miley singing lol. but nice song lol send it onnnn lol

  • meliz


  • aaron

    LOVE DEMI x] <3

>>>>>>> staging1