Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Finally Together?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Finally Together?

Kristen Stewart tries to escape the paparazzi as she leaves the Chateau Marmont hotel while costar Robert Pattinson grabs some grub at a nearby restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday morning (August 7).

Rumor has it that Kristen spent the night at the Chateau Marmont with Robert last night. Kristen tried to sneak out a side exit so nobody would see her, but failed. Kristen‘s former boyfriend Michael Angarano was seen earlier in the week with another brunette.

The Twilight twosome are nominated for several awards, including Choice Liplock, at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards this Sunday.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert and Kristen’s rendezvous?

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Credit: PR/Rocstar; Photos: INFdaily, FlynetOnline
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  • elissa

    wow she’s had a boyfriend for like 5 years…..the dude from sky high.

  • Ruby

    I HOPE THEY DID!!!!!!!!!


  • Ruby

    FFFFFFIIIIIRRRRRRSSSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Paige

    I just really want them together (:

  • Lindsey

    they probably did it : PP

  • Vicki

    @Lindsey: LOL they probably did. Lucky her right? :)

  • kat

    theyre both awkward in public and could do lots of drugs together, not that i aprove, kristen is on crack , i saw her all jittery and confused in an interview

  • laughs

    You’re messed up Kat, how the fuck dare you. Ever consider the fact that she’s been working all summer – him too – and worked into the evening and then driving straight to comic-con? WTF is the matter with people like you claiming drugs and them doing drugs together. Have some respect.

  • kim

    does her shirt have a black heart after the red one, meaning “i love love”? if so, cute.

  • andres

    ellos deberian ser parejas pegan lastima q kriste de halla cambaido el lock drasticamente

  • RobstenFOREVER!!

    Rob and Kristen sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage

  • cami

    I reeaaaally think they’re together, and i want them together sooo badly. TEAM ROBSTEN ALL THE WAY :)

  • Liev

    They would be one of Hollywood’s hottest couples

  • omgomg

    OMFG she is not wearing bra O_O

  • Hanya

    I love them both and just want them to be happy, if they’re together, so be it, they make a hot couple!

  • michelle

    They could be the young Brangelina

  • someone smarter than you


    they didn’t

  • Lissa

    You can’t hide true love! They are so totally together. They look fab together. I love them.

  • Ian

    I think…….YESSSSSSSS ! Be happy Rob and Kris!

  • ali

    I love them together. They seem to light up around each other. I’m happy for them. I only wish the rest of the fandom could follow suit.

  • Janis

    Even a blind person can see that something is going on here. How much evidence is needed? SHE IS ONE LUCKY GIRL!

  • Laura

    they’re absoultley adorable i love them together
    and i couldn’t be happier for them :)

  • Bellissima

    LOL, move over Zac & Vanessa, we’ve got a new prom king & queen. Hope they walk the red carpet at the TCA! Together their star power’s about to hit the stratosphere.. just like Brangelina!

  • Lawrence

    I think its just more media crap!, they love to jump anything they can whether its half-truths or no truth at all. If they are dating then kudos to them but I think they deserve a little privacy for heck sakes.

  • Casey

    @elissa: Just to clear up some things:

    1) Kristen didn’t start dating Oregano till she was 16 so it wasn’t 5 years

    2) Kristen & Oregano haven’t been seen together in any substantial way since April. I’m no Twi geek (I just think Kristen is hot and like her work) but even I heard that ship sunk way back.

    3) Oregano was probably boning another girl last night. Heh

    If Rob managed to snag KStew than more power to him. She is such a cool chick and gorgeous too. If I’m bummed about anything in this newsflash it’s that she isn’t dating me.

  • Madeline

    There were a ton of celebs at the Chataeu Marmont yesterday. It was for some event. There were a lot of people staying there including Rachelle Lefevre.

  • me

    they both look like drug addicts and just because they’re in the same hotel doesn’t mean they’re dating.

  • me


    Please dont’ compare those talentless druggies to one of hollywood’s most talented, intriguing, inspiring, Gorgeous couples. Please!

  • badhabit

    soo, did that mean Kristen dumped her boyfriend?
    @me: i agree. their only famous cause of edward cullen and bella whatever her last name is in twlight.

  • Jnl

    agree with your assessment badhabit….

  • yuck

    i wonder how these 2 even hold a conversation together since theyre drugged up like 24/7.

    Twilight the movie sucked. Did the book NO JUSTICE.

  • shabang

    I think it is a crock.

    congrats ohhh they were in the same hotel – that would be like assuming that any one of you who walk next to a stranger on the street, get spotted at the same hotel with the same stranger, and BAM not only are you sleeping together your in a relationship. I certainly do not think anyone likes such accusations. It’s called gossip for a reason there is no truth behind it, unless they publicly say so and get this they haven’t. Which has to mean something regardless of what people believe cus lets face it summit or no summit they really can’t take ones freedom away. And if anything they’d want them together for more publicity even if the break up was ugly. Just sayin

  • sarah

    Finally together? They have been together for MONTHS now, are some of you blind? She was living with him in his hotel in VC and they spent the w/e of the MTV MA’s together (the famous X17 morning after Charlie pics)and flew covertly to see each other this summer. They left ComicCon early together and spent the w/e together and he was seen wearing her hat, bracelet and backpack. They are in a serious relationship and all you have to do is see the way they look at each other to see how crazy they are about each other. She pretty much said how she felt about him at CC when she compared herself to Bella, it’s on tape. They are tired of hiding and we will see lots more in the wks to come when they are back in VC.

  • Lola

    It’s now pretty obvious that they’re together, they need to just stop trying to hide it. You never know, maybe the media would respect their privacy a little more. Otherwise, it’s going to continue to be a cat and mouse game with the paparazzi. Either way, they make a great couple.

  • hesahottie


    It’s ANGARANO not Oregano

  • Shaun

    I think they have been together awhile. They are making up for lost time while they were both filming their other movies. I like them together. Not just because they are Bella and Edward. They just seem to be a good fit.

  • Sarah

    K’Stoner is a ***** – she is gonna ruin Poor Rob with her Druggy Nature – smoking pot & supporting legalisation of Marijuana… eeewww! Tired of her Fake meaningless Twitching & Stuttering!

  • Amalie

    well, I’m happy for them..true or not, they are perfect together.
    both are amazing ppl && I’m super happy for them. 8)

  • KAY


  • wow

    why are people posting bad comments abt them here? GO TO A HATE K.Stewart and Rob. Pat fansite HATE SITE instead!?! (LOSERS)
    dont come here a ruin a nice paparazzi site as people like me who like them HATE to see BAD COMMENTS ABT THEM!

  • ally

    the havent said their not together and they havnt said they are, maybe they just fuck? although the photos of rob supposedly leaving kristens house are like him leaving the hotel hes staying at? look at the photos of kristen leaving the hotel/?

  • Marie

    I just think everyone should not read so much in to them because I read an interview with kristen and in it she herself said she was still dating michael and would not break up with him for robert. That they were just close friends, they have been through a lot.

    It’s on ohnotheydidnt the livjournal just look under the tags you’ll find it.

  • cassy

    man, they’re ugly.

  • Rachel

    NO WAY, they don’t daiting.
    I don’t like Kristen and Robert thogter they don’t are a perfct cuple u_u

  • wulby

    this is not real because Robert Pattinson’s shirt is a different color from the one with Kristen and they guy’s hand..and there’s no pictures with both of them together O.o

  • webby

    oh cmon! go ROBSTEN. we are so gonna support all your projects! this is just what we are waiting for! go public now pls.. we are so dying to hear it from you guys! rejoice now robsten fanatics.

  • Courtney

    Robsten <3

    there Perfect for each other.

    I only want robert to be with her and no one else. :)

    If not her than me?

  • ashanz390

    @Marie…that interview was old…

  • geek4commenting

    i seriously hope that they aren’t dating or sleeping with each other…that’d be a bummer considering that they’d be absolutely selling out. AND…if they are dating, then it’s even more annoying to play this hollywood guessing game….just grow some balls and have your “reps” tell everyone you’re ___ing.
    (most of us are adults here…it’s really not a big deal!)
    LASTLY, i would seriously hope that Rob would choose someone a little deeper than kristen stewart. I don’t have anything against her per say, but up until recently she’s seemed like a big time bitch to him in every interview….and i think many people can agree: he deserves a girl deserving of him cuz he’s rad!

  • Casey

    @hesahottie: LMFAO

    Michael & Kristen shippers as well as Michael fans regularly referred to them as the OreganoStews & saw it as an affectionate name so chill, no ill intent here (& FYI I will type exactly what I please). Personally I think Oregano is quite fitting in reference to his alleged love of herbs: LOL