Vanessa Hudgens: Ecko Behind-The-Scenes

Vanessa Hudgens: Ecko Behind-The-Scenes
  • Vanessa Hudgens: Behinds the scenes of Ecko Red
  • What’s in the September Issue of Seventeen mag?
  • Miley Cyrus‘ stalker was arrested — again
  • Xavier Samuel lands in Canada
  • Fraggle Rock hits the big screen
  • Selena Gomez & Ashley Greene: Good Day LA!
  • Disney’s UP will release on DVD and Blu-ray on November 10th, 2009. Also releasing that day: Monsters, Inc on Blu-ray
  • Win a night in Cinderella’s Castle! One lucky winner and up to 3 Guests will enjoy breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and air transportation if the winner lives more the 150 miles from the Walt Disney World Resort. For more info, log onto
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  • satoo


  • teamhudgens

    Vanessa <3
    ı want a watch behind scenes of ecko red..
    She’s amazing.!

  • oth! (: (L)

    i looove vanessa !! ;D <333

  • satoo

    I don’t undertand what is Ecko Red ?? I am from outside the US so I don’t get it please sb explain to me I am intersted because it is about vanssa !!

  • Ava

    Vanessa is amazing! (:
    Love and support her FOREVER!!!

  • vsupporter


  • Ava

    `Satoo’ Ecko Red is a clothing brand, they do jeans, hoodies, sneakers, purses…etc. (:

  • dani macêdo

    She is my Idol *-*


  • aw

    Vanessa was great in the vid, very pretty.

    Poor Miley with all the stalkers.

  • satoo

    @Ava: wooow !! sounds great !! and when will it be ???

  • sofia anne

    ilove you pretty girl
    sooo much ♥

  • zanessa lover

    @zanessa misser:
    those are old pictures, that the same moron that leaked them the last time leaked again. he only leaked half of them on her first scandal, and now he leaked more, they were confirmed to be old.

    LOVE YOU V!!!
    YOU ROCK!!

  • Just Jill

    I can not emphasize enough. All links to Vanessa’s pictures will be deleted. It’s not tolerated here. Please do not post them.

  • Roxana

    Vaneesa looks cute! ecko red is a shoe make.

  • Luis henrique


  • teamhudgens


  • paris h

    wow she’s looks So pretty

  • fan

    Thank you Just Jill for respecting Vanessa.

  • ashleytfan

    I am so glad Miley’s stalker is arrested again.
    I hope nothing bad happens to her.
    I love her and that guy is so freaking creepy..

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She’s always super gorgeous. :D My fashion icon !!

  • Honest

    The stalker dude is freaky. I do not wanna have an old scary dude following me. She must be scared out of her life. As for Vanessa, thanks JJJ for everything. I hope people understand if they post the pics on the internet, vanessa’s lawyer will sue and they are taken this seriously too. As in jail time, so think before you post.

  • Katty

    @Just Jill:

    YES! Go you, Just Jill! I’m glad at least one site in all this mess has some desincy (Sp?) This is why I always come to this site. It’s so unlike that trashy Perez Hilton. He knows she has talent, he’s just jealous she is with Zac.

  • Robristen lovin

    Vanessa is a no talent w-hore. Who loves being naked and taking skanky photos for different guys. Shame on her.

  • Vanessa lover

    i want to see the behind the scenes and this whole picutres thing is stupid they’re old who cares it is a thing of the pass and it’s not like any other celeb hasn’t done it atleast she didn’t make a sex video like other celebs so people shut up other celebs have done way worse

  • suzy

    V looks hot.

  • paris h

    Robristen lovin

    Go and fix your problems man

  • sharon

    she looks hot in the vid!Love nessa!Don’t let the stupid people bring you down!

  • lili

    @Robristen lovin:

    grow up!!!…

    Vanessa is gorgeous……love the BTS!!!!!!

  • satoo

    @Robristen lovin: why then bother and read her news and wasting time !!!!
    vanessa is awsame and you have to know that nobody is perfect including yourself !!!!!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    Last Night’s Look: Hit or Miss?

  • humble

    @Robristen lovin: I Love You Man!!! Bless You!!! Go Wash Your Mouth Out!!!! Those who judge will be judged!!! Go Get Your Head Checked!!!! In other words dude don’t go on any thread and spread you evil filth on anyone it’ll spit back @ you believe you me!!!. No kind words, No Post!!!

  • Carol

    Wowwwwww..Vanessa is so hot!!!
    Love her!!

  • mykamicks

    Just Jill tahnsk as always.

    Bless you # 23. here you come again… Since you have no heart at all to Vanessa Hudgens, you are most welcome to continue it.

    To all Vanessa fans, ( Katty, Honest, Humble , LilI etc.) be it if possible do not entertain people commenting in a rude manner. We cannot control their minds. Sad to say thier minds control them & their soul in huge of baggage of hatred..

    Vanessa has nothing to do with their point blank eggheads. So be it to them.

    All we know Vanessa Hudgens has succeeded enough and more so in the future. So, nonfans could not also control but remain envious to her while her name savouring hollywood.

    Congrats Vanessa Hudgens and to the other cast of Bandslam!

  • please&thankyou

    Does anyone know the song Vanessa is singing at 1:06?

  • jazmin

    she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks JJjr

  • sharmaine

    she so pretty and stunning…!!!

  • SEAN84

    well jennys stalker sux lol mileys stalker is way more creepy then him lol

  • .::VANESSA::.

    i love her

  • vanny

    love vanessa soo much
    she is soo beautiful<3

  • Babiivfanforeva

    I love love love love love this video from behind the scenes
    v is like smoking hottt!!!!!!
    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • osama

    we want tisDale!!

  • sharmaine

    she is so stunning…

    love her so much

  • http://justjaredjr Hudgens para sempre

    Amo d+ a vanessa hudgens…Amo tanto que nao sei o tamanho do amor que sinto por ela…ela é demais ela é uma mae para mim…nao conheço ela…so vejo fotos como todos…mais me apaixonei por ela….Ela é super linda….Mas nao esqueça que tambem amo o site de vcs…Sabe porque?? Porque aqui tem as novidades de cada celebridade que gosto…BEijo…Despulpe so que nao sei falar em ingles…Mas vou aprender…Beijao

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  • .::VANESSA::.

    V looks beautiful
    love her !!

  • lex

    para mi vanessa hudgens es la mujer mas sexi de este planeta.y si es muy hermosa………….

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