Miley Cyrus is Mo's Marvelous

Miley Cyrus is Mo's Marvelous

Miley Cyrus keeps it cool in a cute cowboy hat as she grabs lunch with mom Tish at Mo’s restaurant on Saturday afternoon (August 8( in Toluca Lake, Calif.

After lunch, the 16-year-old starlet made a quick stop at Starbucks for a meeting. Miley also snapped a picture with an older fan outside the coffee bar.

Miley will be performing her new single, “Party In The USA” tomorrow at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

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10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • jbr

    gorgeous as always :)

  • kristina

    hell yea!
    i can’t wait for her perform:)
    i looove u girl!

  • Dione santos



  • Anonymous

    Destiny Hope Cyrus is more than gorgeous. :]

  • gal

    she’s lookin a little on the ‘thick’ side. no less beautiful though :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    the tcas are monday JJ
    and she looks beautiful!
    as usual :D

  • Yazmin

    I. Cant wait for the tca !!! She looks so pretty!!!! I loved her sunglases!!!!

  • mileys#1

    i LOVE miley. she looks absolutley GORGEOUS!! She is soo beautiful. i love her outfit and hat and sunglasses and everything. she is amazing =]=]

    mileys #1 fan!!

  • liz

    i wish i was in LA
    the party is defiantly there this weekend!.
    i’m excited to watch (:



    yeaaaaah. something looks diff about her.. . . .(besides her hair being darker) IDK what it is tho.

  • Baby V lover!

    she’s rocks!
    and #5 the TCAs air on monday but are filmed tomorrow.

  • anonymous

    @ashytisdalefan: umm it’s totally pretaped
    . they do it tomorrow and air it monday

  • Anonymous

    Destiny Hope Cyrus is more than gorgeous.

  • *_*

    Oh please Miley is NOT thick. If anything Miley’s mom needs to eat a couple of cheese burgers. There’s no reason for a mother to be skinnier than their daughter, unless they’ve got some disease which I doubt she has.

  • jenny

    omg i saw her yesterday at the jonas brothers concert! she looks amazing btw :)

  • jayde

    i looooooooooove miley cyrus and everything miley! you go girl!

  • jayde

    @jenny: was she in the fan area?

  • aw

    lol classy shirt Tish Cyrus.

  • mE

    her mom is freakin skinny,miley needs to take her extentions out like her mom.dont like the hat or the glasses they look like big bug eyes.and whats up with the hochie shorts

  • Bad… NOTTT


  • jenny

    she came in during the intermission after honor society. she waved to the fans and then she went under the stage where the jb’s and the rest of the performers where.

  • brenda

    she looks horrible with those clothes!

  • Alaezel

    miley is so beautiful. cant wait for tca!

  • mileyfan

    @jenny: LUCKY!!! I’m a HUGE miley ,jonas brothers,and niley fan! I wish I was there! DiD you get any pictures?

  • jenny

    @mileyfan: @mileyfan:
    yeah i did. but idk i was kinda dissapointed because i thought that they would sing “before the storm” and they didnt. :P but over all i screamed my head off :)

  • jjjreader


    thats not possible she didnt leave tybee until last night late

  • jenny

    well she was there so yeah :)

  • jjj

    i love how the nice comments dominate the bad ones!
    she looks great! her moms probably naturally thin- fast metabolism

  • cass

    i thought TCA’s were on monday?

  • amy

    omg… what is she wearing? NOT a good look

  • katie

    oh miley. you are not a size zero anymore lol, time to put away the hot pants.

    anyway i was hoping that she was gonna be at the jb concert tonight but i guess she’s not going to be. wonder if she and nick are fighting again…

  • Lili

    She looks horrible here. :/ It’s weird, she looked GORGEOUS less than two months ago in Dallas, and now this? What happened?

  • karlee

    she looks gorgeous! <3 love her!

  • annie

    Her mom is thinner than her. Ew. She’s getting bigger which is great to see. Yeah Miley!

  • Blair

    she’s going on tour, she’ll lose weight

  • Anna

    she looks amazing;
    wow some of you guys are rude.
    i bet you guys are a bunch of fat-ass sitting on the computer.
    can’t wait for the tca’s and miley looks amazing(:
    you don’t have to be paris hilton – stick like.
    miley is perfect.

  • flashmob

    Miley Cyrus looks sooooo ready for the TCAs.

  • m?

    @jenny: miley was not on the concert yesterday stop lying

  • Marjorie

    Not to sound gross, but I think it’s Miley’s time of the month. Remember this tweet “@carlychaikin Aw Man. That must mean I am gonna start “craving chocolate” soon.”

    “Craving Chocolate” = starting period.

  • nathalia


  • nivea

    ugh i love miley but she has horrible style, and i feel like the people around her & some of her fans say OMG YOU’RE GORGEOUS even when she looks like sh*t, so she doesn’t get it… >_>

  • Farrah

    Has she put on a touch of weight? She’s a healthy girl but those shorts are not a great idea, and those glasses make her face look… odd. And her mother’s shirt is semi-seethrough. Just a bunch of odd pictures, all around.

  • jen

    VOTE!!!!!!!!!! last chance!

    GO NOW!!

  • Geral

    Soooo beautiful! Im really excited for the TCA tomorrow night! I’d wish to be there :( Tish looks like Miley’s sis haha! they’re so cool =D

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    People are such jerks. She is NOT FAT. She loses a pound, people call her anorexic. So, she gains one and people call her fat.
    You idiots need to open your eyes and realize that: THIS IS WHAT A NORMAL GIRL LOOKS LIKE. This is what a real girl looks like, and if you DON’T like it, I’m positive that Miley doesn’t care.

  • mej1031

    okay, some of you guys have issues.
    she’s not fat, shes not perfect..which is a good thing. she’s not a slut..shes a normal teenager..some people, have their good and bad days..but this is not her “bad” day, its her okay day.. i am glade she doesnt look perfect! It tells alot of girls that you dont have to be perfect to be pretty, you have to be you to be pretty! Maybe some of you people who “think” shes on her chubby side..need to re-think. She’s deff not fat..shes a normal size “teenaged” she doesnt need to really watch her weight the way she’s looking now..shes only 16..i mean really! come on guys!!. Her style is SOO cutee. her shorts..their not too short..she has long legss..thats what makes them “look” shorter than others. Shes a girl, with a dream..that she reached! Don’t be putting her down, just b/c your jelouse of what she has done with her life!! shes done good!! Her hair looks AMAZING!! and to those who thinks its “dark” its not! its a cute color!! its just right..sometimes people like change!!

    not trying to sound mean..just saying what i think!!

  • sydney

    So, Miley’s on the curvy side? So what?! I think she looks better with some meat on her bones. You guys need to lay off her. Her mom, on the other hand….. is looking kind of anorexic…!!!

    Miley= Healthy/Pretty/Curvy (LIKE WOMEN SHOULD BE)
    Tish= Anorexic/Gross

  • mej1031

    ohh, and her mom!
    Well, she looks Beautifull..she didnt have exstentions, she got it CUTT! it looks soo good!!

    their both beautiful, always will!



    NO1 IS SAYING SHES FAT. she just looks like shes gain some weight. DANG GIRL CHILL OUT. its not bad. its just whatever

  • emily

    omg finally i love u miley!!