Vanessa Hudgens Becomes Honorary Girl Scout

Vanessa Hudgens Becomes Honorary Girl Scout

Vanessa Hudgens pledges her honor as she receives a special badge to become an honorary Girl Scout at a special Bandslam screening at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday evening (August 7).

The 20-year-old actress, along with costar Aly Michalka, were inducted into the Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for their energy, leadership and heart that exemplify the Girl Scout spirit.

The event also launches the new Walden Media Girl Scout patch which is focused on literacy. The Walden Media Patch asks girl scouts to complete a series of immersive activities that encourage them to read, research and compare how literature have been adapted into movies.

FYI: Vanessa was wearing a Hale Bob Green Medallion Silk Chiffon Maxi Halter Dress.

35+ pics inside of Girl Scout Great Vanessa Hudgens

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  • kate


  • kate

    haha sorry guys, i’ve never been first on a vanessa post before.

  • Marie

    i love her! she’s so gorgeous and fabulous!can’t wait for zanessa pics from the TCA’s!

  • marisol

    is true the rumor Vanessa and Zac is break up

  • jocelyynn

    she’s GORGEOUS!

    can’t wait for bandslam!!!!!!!!


  • Katty


    I knew this would come up. No, they did not break up. If you should know, she is wearing her ring.
    I didn’t know they had an event tonight. Heh, learn something new everyday. The dress is okay, but doesn’t flatter her that much. I liked last nights better/

  • sara12

    love vanessa
    and love her dress

  • aw

    Cool and she looks cute. lol at the apple.

  • the fame

    aw cute:)

  • peggy


    Why don;t you stop this. NO they have not broken up she just said on the Today Show that she and Zac are fine.

    Do you ever post about anything else

  • ashlee


    the rumor you are trying to start right now? there is no rumor so stop trying to start one.

    either you are one of those immature little kids with “breakup” on the brain or you are from that fan forum on the other side.

  • brazillovesvanessa

    she’s always so beautiful, i’m totally jealous

  • -Nobody-

    wh0oh0o.. VaneXXXa…

    I love you so much…

  • yets

    im proud of you Van!!!!!

  • ashlee

    vanessa looks great in those pics.

  • Carol


    SECOND: She looks gorgeous as always.
    Not a fan of her dress…but she looks amazing in anything
    Love V!!

  • gaby

    she looks amazing!!

  • maria

    Nice event for Vanessa….literacy is a great cause and I know she loves to read!

  • yuri


  • V

    Vanessa <3

  • laura daniela

    She looks GORGEOUS. I’m loving the dress, actually. I like the whole look.

  • Bia

    wooow. she is beautiful. i love the dress and the best thing is the smile on her face. i love to see her happy, that makes me feel good. I LOVE YOU V

  • kristy

    love V! i used to be a girl scout. hated every minute

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA


  • mykamicks

    Whether it be a long or short dresses, in a longsleeves or shortsleeves or sleeveless itself , I am always loving how she work for her body…

    And wow, mind you people being an Honorary Girl Scout, really not a joke to a young studs being recognized…

    ” ….. and were inducted into the Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for their energy, leadership and heart that exemplify the Girl Scout spirit.”

    Maybe be to others she is not a good role model, but I guess recognizing somebody like Vanessa Hudgens it means a lot to her…

    Detractors back off, even though how many bullets you will strike her, blessings rebound on her.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    That dress is just simply gorgeous and her smile here is making me smile myself. :D GO BABY V !!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks Beautiful.

  • meme!!

    she is soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa is one lovely Girl.

  • mhay

    such a role model not only to the young people but also to the adult
    i love, Go V!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bia

    guys … don’t forget to vote on TCA. it’s really important to V to win this year and don’t vote just 1 time per day, vote MORE MORE AND MORE because the ashley and miley’s fans are voting so much. we have to make her win. she will be happy to have fans like us that always will be with her and making everything to see her happy with a smile on her face.

  • doll1223445

    OMG she is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! can anyone get so pretty??

  • Bee

    I love that smile on her face.


  • Ellyne

    Shes a cutie lol, Her dress is cute, i’ve noticed shes been wearing alot of beggy things lately, things that hide her tummy, IM NOT STARTING A RUMOR. im just stating a fact lol, I Love her though and No her and Zac didnt break up

  • xinni


    that’s not true….
    aww….pretty dress…she has…

  • jazmin

    As always she looks amazing….

    Thanks JJjr

  • tinsky

    and then there she is eating an apple while driving to the event…..

  • kris

    i really hope these pictures don’t set her back in her career, i would be devastated if she stopped acting/singing. she looks great, keep your head up, Vanessa!

  • Boji

    She looks like a doll bless her. I like that she is in thoroughly good spirits and yes, it is indeed an honour to be an official invitee to such an event. Wished she’d worn her pocahontas hair with those feather earrings but she’s still looking good.

  • anonymous


    Your funny….a third grader has better vocabulary than vanessa…. all she’s good for is taking her clothes off

  • sharmaine

    love her so so much…

    she is so gorgeous…..

  • lili

    hehe…how cute…shes eatin an apple!

    LOVE HER!!!…shes gorgeous as usual!

  • liz

    & now her younger sis is at the jb concert.

  • Karen

    OK, let’s get this weight thing out of the way. Yes, she is bigger—not fat as if she is eating too much but she is bulkier. It would seem she is doing something with weights and when you do you actually can get bigger because the muscles get bigger. You get toned but muscles do get bigger and stronger if you really go at it. I would hope she has a trainer working with her and she doesn’t overdo. HOWEVER, I would think she does have a trainer and they know what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve.

    I know we hear more stories of how actressess are told to loose a few pounds many times but it is not an unheard of thing for some actors for certain roles to gain some weight. I have a feeling the bulkier look comes due to her new role in Sucker Punch. Even Zac gained 15 pounds of muscle for his role in Hairspray. It is unfortunate that weight will show up in a person’s face and if you look back at some of the pictures of Zac right after he was done filming Hairspray you can see his face is rounder and the weight shows there. I’m more concerned about the bulkier midsection which shows me she is really working with weights. So, I’m anxious for her to take off for Vancouver where filming will begin within a few weeks. It is a sure bet that the way she looks as time goes on when she is in Vancouver is the way the PRODUCERS and DIRECTOR want her to LOOK for this movie. So, we might as well sit back and go with the flow. I’m sure once she gets in Vancouver and starts working exclusively on this movie we will be hearing about her character more and more. We just need to wait—all will come clear about what is going on. In the meantime we should not let our imaginations run wild nor should we be critical. Because again I say, I’m sure Vanessa, the trainers, the producers, and the director knows what they are going for with Vanessa’s new character and we will have to trust them on this

  • telle

    fuller figure, baggy clothes, food cravings(?)….. maybe she’s just too busy to hit the gym lately.

  • marie

    loved her dress! she is so beautiful!

  • mykamicks


    I agree with that… She has slight fuller face but look at those muscles especially the legs…

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    she did put on weight but still very pretty! i am so glad she is in a happy disposition after all those old photos were leaked ……………..”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” duh

  • Karen

    I wanted to add something about working out with weights that is confusing to people. Many women are uncofortable to do so for they fear of “bulking up”. But women usually use small or light weights so they will tone their bodies. The muscle becomes tighter and you are more toned. Most will find their clothes are looser int he long run. However, the scale may say you weigh more since muscle weighs more that fat. But this will also change after a while. Also, the more muscle you have the more calorie you will burn as your matabolism speeds up due to the muscle.

    Now, if you use bigger or heavier weights—as you see body buliders use, both men and women—your muscles just don’t tone but they become bigger so the person looks bigger and then bulkier. I don’t believe Vanessa is using the weights that Mr Universe would but I think she is training with more than a little dainty type weight. LOL Given that she is eating an apple in these pictrues I’d bet she is on a certain kind of diet in an effort to achieve a certain type appearance. I also bet it has everything to do with her new movie. Nevertheless, I would say Vanessa, the trainers, the producers, and director know exactly what they are going for. As Vanessa takes on different characters for movies we will see her look change from time to time. I can think of how Hilary Swank has changed from time to time in roles she had. She has TWO Oscars! In one role she passed as a boy and in one role she was a boxer. Vanessa looks to be all out to prove herself. Go get ‘em, Vanessa!

  • babYg

    go V!!! we luv u!