Kristen Stewart - Teen Choice Awards 2009

Kristen Stewart - Teen Choice Awards 2009

Kristen Stewart is totally rockin’ as she arrives at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 19-year-old actress paired her TCA look with Jerome C. Rousseau black peep toe ankle boots. Kristen wore a Rock & Repulic “Roma” dress, featuring a daring plunging V neckline and edgy spike skirt.

The TCAs will be hosted by the Jonas Brothers will air TOMORROW, August 10 @ 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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  • maddiesh


  • prettypie

    wow very ugly 0/10

  • hey


  • Tiffany

    she’s actually smiling. happy for ya k.stew. rock it :)

  • jess

    i love her so pretty she rocks yeah!!!!!!!! ya awesome

  • maddiesh

    i loved a lot how she looks♥ Gorgeous to me lol

  • jessss

    finally did somthing with her hair…..and love the outfit

  • cris

    she used to look so preety! and now… hmmm she doesn’t look good… =(
    hope she looks as stunning as always in Eclipse!

  • KristenRULES!!

    your so HOT!

  • heather

    what the f*ck is she wearing???
    she is so ugly! eww!

  • sunni

    my day was sooo gud when ashley and vanessa was on
    but now IM LOSTED xD
    love her hair thou

  • the fame

    @heather: ditto

  • menna

    not feelin’ the look.

  • LondonLove

    Kristen looks amazing! I hope that she doesn’t hurt herself when she sits down on those spikes :)
    So glad that she chose to wear a skirt and heels – she is stunning!

  • gaby


  • paris h


  • Stormi
  • queen bee

    the hair doesn’t fit ok with the shape of the top, but comeon, that skirt it’s gorgeous! such an amazing work!
    she looks really really pretty

  • katie

    she looks gorgeous. she’s rockin the outfit. and considering she has the mullet for the runaways i say she makes it work! =)

  • Karina

    She isn’t looking pretty . I don’t like her hair like that , and her clothe isn’t good too .

    but I love herr !

  • cami

    she looks great, i loved what she did to her hair. Now you can’t see it’s a mullet :D
    Plus she looks… healthier? she’s glowing, she looks so happy and in love probably <3

  • kaylee

    omg!!!!! i hope she gets extension and dyes her hair back to red

  • FeoO


  • jessica.p


  • claude


  • gigi

    i love it!
    those shoes are to die for!

  • fgjipjgp

    The outfit would look better if she wore a belt and a long necklace… but saying that her outfit is not that bad. Definitely not as bad as some people are making it out to be!
    Shes not the worst fashion victim at the TCA so far cough*Selena*cough

  • Kayla

    She Looks HORRIBLE!!!!!
    I liked the old Kristen Stewart…The Beautiful one!!!
    I hope she don’t look like this for long…
    Cuz she’s gonna loose Rob

    I like this Kristen:

  • Lovin…twilight

    I think she has made an excellabt effort and looks stunning!!
    Normally she wears her trade marksneakers which I love to because they suite her style and look great too – u cannever beat converse lol! – and instead she is wearing heels!! Which I LOVE! :)
    she’s actually done something with her hair which I’m happy about cos I loved her long brown locks but they went for her film the runaways
    all in all I think she looks fantastic and will win Robert pattinson over any day lol xx

  • josie

    STOP talking shit already
    im sure she doesn’t even care what you all stupid people’are sayin
    she just assume her look and she doesn’t need any slutty skirt or uncomfortable heels to make someone like her
    plus rob doesn’t look quite hot either he’s just a SIMPLE REGULAR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    Am I the only one who’s noticed that she had nice legs? She’s working that outfit it’s very her. She did what she could with the hair it looks good I think.

  • katie

    cute outfit but i really don’t like her hair like that

  • jasmine

    love this girl! only KStew can wear and outfit like this and look totally hot!! gorgeous!

  • Jennifer

    Her dress is badass!!

  • KRISTENstewart

    she looks great !

    and those heels work with her outfit really well. her skirt is soo her !
    i dont really like her new hair for her joan jett role, but i think she made it look as good as possible. I love her so much, and i think that she looks stunning. if you look closley at her makeup, its really pretty, just like her. Im probably one of her biggest fans anyways! im soo lucky that i look like her, lmfaoo. but not as pretty.

    i dont know what you guys are talking about her being ugly. because shes not !

    loveyou kristen <3

  • Tameka

    Kristen looks so pretty! Her dress is very retro! I like it. I really like what she did with her hair! :)

  • Juless

    i fu***g love hr dress its awesome
    her hair, amazing, i always wantd my hair like that
    the bst outfit of the night

  • Hanya

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and I love her outfit!!

  • Sheila

    She looked beautiful. I like her dress, it ‘s impressive.

  • jen

    Damn, shes hot! <3 I love her outfit and shoes!
    She looking stunning! Nice legs too.

  • claire

    Love how people are making diffrent names to come off as different people to make it seem like more people think shes ugly….*shakes head* What losers…

  • Liev

    SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kr


  • Flora

    slightly scared by the dress and hair is still all spikey and black but when she smiles shelooks really pretty xx

  • kamilah

    i think her outfit is original and so her. it fits her personality and she looks pretty. stop the hate :)


    Why is her skirt spiky!!!! its got like daggers coming out of it! Im scared!

  • katie

    she looks loads better than what she looked like at Comic Con!!!

    I hope her and Rob are together, they would make a good couple!

  • Jannii

    So sry… I like her so much.. but the hair and the dress isn’t good.. don’t like that.. she looks not that good.. =(

  • Eve


  • me

    Not cute at all. I think only Kristen Stewart could make this dress Boring. *yawn*