Miley Cyrus Brings A Party To Teen Choice

Miley Cyrus Brings A Party To Teen Choice

Miley Cyrus tips her hat to the rowdy crowd at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday night (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet performed her new hit single, “Party In The USA.”

Miley also tweeted, “Gave a hug to Rob Pattinson today. Ok girls I get it now. So cute. Sorry ‘Robby’ bout all my bashing in my past.”

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus having a “Party”…

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Photos: Ray Mickshaw/FOX, Kevin Winter/TCA 2009/WireImage
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  • Dione santos

    oy my gooooooooooooooooooddd

  • fan1234

    wowwwwwwwwwwww HOT, HOT, HOT!
    she looks like a whore though

  • Dione santos

    oy my gooodd

  • amy

    ahhh this doesnt look good really1?!
    and rob is not cute!

  • fan1234


  • lisa

    lightenup she is kidding about rob a girl can say someone is cute doesn’t mean they want them. her outfit is fine she is growing up

  • sam

    omg she looks hot! she single i wish i could meet her!

  • Bruno

    Guys, let’s just stop being such prudes and grow de fcuk up!
    She’s sexy, she’s hot, she’s Miley Christ! She can do ANYTHING!!!!!!!

  • mileyfan

    omg what it doesnt look bad at all its a dance routine set up for her even before she was in LA and shes on an icecream truck no big deal

  • kiara

    do her parents have no shame….. letitng there 16yr old daughter pole dance on tv

    some christians….

  • kiara

    do her parents have no shame….. letiting thier 16yr old daughter pole dance on tv

    some christians….

  • anonymously

    Love,love miley performance are always so good!!! with her no award is never boring love her!! so i heard she gave the award to britney who was being honored good at least they know who the queens are. from one queen to the other queen.

  • Maddison

    Future stripper

    PLEASE Miley]when you know you have rolls
    wear a legit shirt
    NO ONE
    not even Nick Jonas wants to see that nasty shit

  • kenz

    i can’t wait to see it

  • rachel

    parents don’t care???!!!! for god sake….she’s pole dancing

  • LC

    she’s just dancing. no big deal. and the pole is probably more for her to hold on to and not lose her balance..she is standing on an ice cream cart..that has wheels

  • Alyssa

    seriously, you can see her bra!
    she is a very good and accomplished singer
    I’m just like the shirt is a little revealing

  • kiara

    i like miley…… but just cuz she’s on an ice cream cart that makes it so much better

    lol thx 4 the laugh girl, but really do her parents have no shame

  • Disney Dude

    OMG SHE LOOKS SOOOO HOT,I HOpe She Wins Awards! & I Love The Single Party In The USA! & B4 The Haters Hate,Its Just A Costume & A Performance!

  • Katie

    I LOVE that song, and I’m excited to see her perform it. i gotta admit though, it looks a little… *ahem*… mature? Who cares, Miley rocks :p

  • jena

    parents watching TCA with their kids tomorrow are soo gonna bash miley!

  • jessica

    she’s growing up. she’s beautiful. she’s being a true teenager. <3

  • jjjreader

    i was there..
    they were moving her on an ice cream cart and the pole was there so she didnt fall!!

    its not even a big deal..leave her alone


  • jena

    @mileyfan: she was dancin on a pole, dear….are you that blind??? oh, ofcourse, ur a miley fan! i’m sorry, but come on…thats something britney spears would do!

  • crystalclear4eva

    oh shut the fuck up she isnt pole dancing for gods sake its called a dance routine ur probably 11yr old kids that dont knw what a dance routine is.anyway im so can watch tcas 2morrow.

  • liz

    i’m sorry but is that a stripper pole?
    and dont tell me its the pole connected to an ‘iceream stand’. i know that!
    but really..i’m the same age as her and i even think thats a bit out there

  • kaitlyn

    gosh, what a slut. the song is catchy but is she seriously pole dancing? this is the TEEN choice awards, kids are gonna be watching! not to mention the fact that the girl is a kid herself, she’s only 16. she’s trying way too hard to grow up too fast. i love how she talks like she’s some good little christian girl but then she does performances like this and takes inappropriate pictures. those shorts are wayyy too short and you can definitely see her bra and fat rolls, eww :/ miley needs to get back in shape! the face isn’t lookin too hot either. tsk tsk. nick likes girls with class, miley :) so stop trying!

  • lola

    @jjjreader: its a pole!!!! whether be an ice cream thing or whatever….she was dancing on a pole!!!! and i find it annoying, that she’s showing her bra!!! (in the side!!)

  • kiara

    guys… THERE IS A POLE + SHE IS DANCING= POLE DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    woop woop

  • nath


    I love her But …!!


    namo oque é isso…?

  • kiara

    i willing to defend miley on her pictures (those were no bid deal) but this lol

    at least i like the song

  • athena

    What is she doing onstage with a strippers’ pole….c’mon, she’s only 16…this is sad and ridiculous.

  • tammy

    @crystalclear4eva: i’m 18…and i don’t think that was appropriate…i’m sure pre-teens and younger kids are going to watch this since their favorite stars are going to be there….ITS A POLE!!! she’s pole dancing, ur in denial cause your a fan and YOU too don’t want her dancing on a pole!!!!


    SHE IS HOT! :)

    Ella es FENOMENAL!
    no metan a cristo en esto OK?
    Ella es la mejor duela a quien le duela,,


    LOVE IT!



  • jen

    kiara shut up you prude hypocrite! if u go to any neighborhood in this country you’ll find kids much younger than miley wearing much innapropiate stuff…and their behavior..well lets just say at the age of 13 many girls start behaving like sluts, not mention danicing like ones. Miley is a way better girl than most of them, her life is permanently under a microscope and everythng she does is criticized. but what people dont realize is how hard she works…and she is 16 years old!!
    so all of you cut the crap. i can’t wait to watch this tomorrow! team miley.

  • nath

    HEY I love her BUT, @3$@$%#$% OMGGGGG…!

    sorry Miley ( pole dance? )

  • alkaaa

    HAHAHA what a fucking whore.
    seriously. and i like how miley lovers always have something to defend her with. i.g. “dUdE lYKE she NeEds SometHing to Hold Onto for Her BalancE”


    dane cook should have said “vanessa keep your clothes on and miley, you’re not as sexy as you think”

    and your rolls are showing”


  • cyruslovatohudgens.

    leave the girl alone.
    she’s dancing &
    having a good time.
    she looks great,
    & she’s not fat.
    her side was bent,
    that’s why it looks like
    that. it happens to
    anyone. love ya
    miley. [: <3

    ps, she presented the
    “ultimate choice award”
    to britney spears. <3

  • lori

    shes a stripper!

  • Lindsey

    nick might be attracted to her but prob doesnt want to go out with her acting like that anymore

  • kiara


    shut the fuck upp…. i said nothing about her outfit

    who lets a 16yr dance with a pole on tv

  • crystalclear4eva

    @kiara she isnt dancin on the pole there movin the ice cream cart to the stage and she needed the pole to balance on duhhh!!! I swear some of yall dont even hve brains ugghhh.

  • queen bee


  • alexis

    She showing Britney Spears that she’s gonna be like her.

  • jazmin

    i like her and all, but seriously?
    you can see her bra. does she not realize that 12 year olds look up to her, and want to dress like her.
    if the pole is only there for ‘safety’ then why was she dancing on it.
    but, whatever, shes knows what shes doing…

  • kiara

    lets c will she is in 10 years

  • Leaad

    So when did she become a Pussycat Doll?

  • J

    she looks like a SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!11 OMG she only has 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liz


  • kiara

    pole there for balance but she is bending down on it hmmmmm…..

>>>>>>> staging1