Selena Gomez: Summer Star Sizzlin!

Selena Gomez: Summer Star Sizzlin!

Selena Gomez accepts her green surfboard with a smile on stage at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 17-year-old actress tweeted her excitement, saying, “Omg!!!! I won summer T.V star!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m still shaking! You are all so amazing to me! THANK YOU!!!!!!”

Selena continued, “My first Teen Choice Award would not have been possible if it weren’t for you guys!! I can’t say thank you enough! Ok Im sorry, I’m done.”

Congrats, Selena!

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Photos: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
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  • sammy

    congrats i voted her….

  • kiara


  • Karina


  • Whitney

    yay! that’s awesome! congrats selena!

  • Karina


  • karlee


  • Carol

    Congrats Selena! This is sooo cool! She deserves it, she works so hard.
    Love her

  • chuchi

    1stt?? yippiee!!! yay selena!! she’s awesome and she totally desevered it i hope she wins all her nominations!!

    ps lovee the dress and hairr!! ahh she’s pretty!! lovee her

  • emily

    YAY!!!! LOVE HER !!!!! shes always sooo genuine and sweet!!!!! shes my favorite and i hope she won more than one!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

  • chuchi


    shut up.., sorry butt if u dont like it then why bother???

    ps mann im totally wrong i thought i was first but mann i was seven! ahh oh well! (:

  • cry no more

    i looooooooooove and congrats !

  • taylena never :*

    Selena vadia, interesseira, vaca, você sabe onde enfiar essa prancha, então vá em frente .. G_G
    I love u so much lautner <3
    xoxo :*

  • crystalclear4eva

    congrats!!!!sel im glad she won. hey jared did miley win anthing??????

  • DemiFan

    Congrats Sel! So far she wore the best dress on the carpet!

  • justme

    Miley won 5 awards so far.
    Choice TV actress
    Choice Singer
    Choice Style Icon
    other two I don’t know

  • patricia

    Wow congrats to selena., I myself think she really deserves it!
    She’s has a good show which me and my family totally loves! She’s really down to earth, she’s pretty, she looks like someone who really just thinks about her fans, and she’s a pretty talented girl! I mean she’s not that great as a singer but she’s definetly trying which i adore and respects! I will lovee her forever and I hope she wins more awards tonight! Once again good job!

  • liz

    she deserved an award <3

  • fabi

    Happy 4 u baby girl! u deserve that and so muuuuch mooore. Luv y so.

  • fabi

    Happy 4 u baby girl! u deserve that and so muuuuch mooore. Luv u so much.

  • kristahamelin


  • Anonymous

    Before the Storm won!!!!

  • diana

    leighton meester won choice tv actress.

    but anywhoo, im so glad Selena won. She is a very talented actress, and she deserves it. (:

  • nerd

    dress your age.

  • reginna

    wow. she totally deserves it! shes so beautifull <33<3<3

  • jasmine

    love her! glad she won!


    woohooo GIRL!! I think she only won 1 award. :-( but hey she won something! thats a start!

  • bambi

    his dress is awful

  • hititquitit

    i know this isn’t her thread
    but demi won her first one too.

    congrats selena

  • carie

    congrats for getting the award sel :))
    but i hate the outfit
    she looks like a yoga instructor

  • jena

    @justme: yeah, right! Anyway….congrats selena!

  • leah

    Congrats Sel!!! Jared can you post the whole full list of winners please? Like last year?:)

  • Anonymous

    congratulations selena you totally deserved it she a great actress, shes beauiful and she a sweetheart.i love her she works really hard(:

  • Mary!!!

    Wow!°! YAy!! She is amazing!! She is my IDol!! Love her outfit!! :D

  • Lucy

    PPP won one too! :)

  • Adrienne

    SEL is sooo classy and mature for her age.
    && she is down to earth, and very talented!


  • tammy

    @Lucy: yeah??? yipeee! can someone tell me who else won….i won’t be able to see the show on tv and i can’t wait until tomorrow for people to say who won!

  • omy

    omggg i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Melissa

    Aweh, congrats. She really deserved it.
    She looks beautiful.

  • ellen

    Aw, i love Selena

  • Helen walsh

    she SO deserved it

  • Elizabeth

    YeAH!!! She totally deserved it :)

  • rita

    i love her!! she deserves it!!!!

  • leah she won them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Selena! Your fans are truely greatful that you ACTUALLY care about us unlike others:) Love you!!

  • morgan

    big whoop, go on a MILEY post and post about her. that’s M-I-L-E-Y C-Y-R-U-S not Selena Gomez! gosh this is about selena not miley

  • jena

    @leah: oh thanks sooo much!!! selena deserved ALL!

  • omg!!

    she won all 4 im realy happy 4 her but i wanted so u think u can dance 2 win not ppp demi won best tour and breakout actriss im happy 4 them all even miley !!!!!!! and please dont say anything about her please !

  • diana

    yay! im so glad she won all the awards she was nominated for!
    she definitely deserves them.

  • omg!!

    and no miley won 6 selena won 4 or 3 if u want 2 add ppp then its 4 and demi won 3 !!!! befor the storm won !!!!!!! your wish became true guys !!

  • eLLE

    I’m so happy for her! So modest and classy.. she totally deserved to win all the awards she won! Congratulation Selena.. I’m glad all of your hard work has paid off somewhat! :) Let’s hope for more to come.

    Continue to shine!



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