Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: TCA PDA

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: TCA PDA

Ashley Tisdale cuddles up to main squeeze Scott Speer as they arrive at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress was seen out today (August 10) working out her physique at a gym in West Hollywood.

Last night, Ashley and the HSM3 cast won for Choice Movie: Music/Dance. Unfortunately, Ash didn’t win a solo surfboard.

10+ pics inside of Ashley and Scott‘s PDA…

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ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 01
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 02
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 03
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 04
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 05
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 06
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 07
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 08
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 09
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 10
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 11
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 12
ashley tisdale scott speer tca pda 13

Credit: PR; Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, FlynetOnline
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  • heather

    HSM3 WON!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!

  • Kaitlin

    First! She looks so pretty! She def. should have won a solo surfboard! Happy for HSM3 tho! Cant wait to watch!

  • heather

    I’m first!!!!!!
    and Ash looks really pretty here, i loved the ashnessa pics!

  • diego

    ashley is the best

  • Victoria

    @heather: I definately agree with you. The HSM3 cast should have won more awards, they deserved them!

    Ashley & Scott look so cute! So happy& inlove! :D

  • Victoria

    @heather: I definately agree with you. The HSM3 cast should have won more awards, they deserved them!

    Ashley & Scott look so cute! So happy & inlove! :D

  • Kat

    The TCA’s SUCKED big time this year! Ash should of won big time, stupid selena stealing her board haha. They look georgous together!

  • nathalia


  • yes/no

    i know ashley should have won i voted everyday 4 her ;(
    why is she going to the gym shes so skinny <3 lol
    I love her so much so Sweet

    dont like scott 4 some reason

  • Zanessafanx13!!!

    Opps srry kitty kat i meant to say that to victoria, my bad!!!

  • zanessa fan!!!

    I dont like them together, they just seem soooo fake!!! And hes WAY too tall for her, he must b like seven feet tall!!!
    Love Zanessa, all the way!!!

  • amy

    I think he’s using her for fame but whtevs if shes happy!
    the tca’s sucked, hsm should of won more and twilight less!

  • yes/no

    You Guys act like Zanessa is the only couple out there…sick losers

  • Roxana

    cuteness!!! she looked hot last night.

  • heather

    i know right? twilight sucks! (no offense)
    and Megan Fox was the one that stole Ash’s surfboard not Selena, Selena won for best summer TV actress. Megan won for best summer MOVIE actress, that’s the one Ash was nominated for.\
    ANd Vanessa should have one at least one too. TCA’s totally sucked this year. The only good thing was that Zac won 3 surfboards and HSM3 won 1.

  • helen

    hsm is kinda old u guys. people (teens) r startin to move on. good movie but get real…

  • sunni

    vaness ahsould had one something
    ashley should had TOO
    omg like seriously

  • taylor

    I think that if random people sitting behind a computer can tell he’s using her just from pictures, than Ashley and her family/friends, who actually spend time with Scott and talk to him would be able to tell.

    People just need to trust Ashley to be smart enough not to be with someone who’s using her.

  • Emma :)

    does anyone know if TCS will be on any webbsite ? Becaue i want to see it, but i live in sweden. And i really want to see the whole award-show :) PLEASE ANSWER

  • yes/no

    theres only like 1 1/2 hours til TCA!!!

  • aw

    lol he comes off as a creep in photographs.

    Surprised JJr didn’t post all the Van/Ashley pictures that are up in all the galleries, seeing as how half the people here are always whining for pics of them and the other half convinced that they hate each other.

  • sunni


    i gree with u

  • istar

    they’re cute <3

  • Vanessa lover

    this tca sucked vanessa and ashley should’ve one a solo tca and dance cook was stupid for saying what he said to vanessa on stage about her scandal

  • SofiaSreams!

    GOSH! i agree with the people who are saying HSM3 should have one more awards. Its twilight that’s winning more than them now -.- It gets me mad now. And Ashley definately should have won a solo surfboard -.- I voted for her EVERYDAY as much as i can and i get NOTHING out of it. But she looks GAWGEOUS here :]

  • Holllyy

    Scottie the hottie haha !!!! Hsm3 wonnnnnnnnn yippy woohoo woopwoop woopididoadum !!

  • the fame

    wow fake much? they want attention, oh and their poses are like speidi

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @heather: I totally agree with you. The TCA is just another stupid TWILIGHT award. …I don’t get what people see in that movie !!! GAWD, I don’t want to offend anyone who likes but it SUCKED. ..And uhm, Ashnessa pictures !? WHERE !? I haven’t seen any. :(

    I don’t know why..but I feel like the TCA was rigged. Seriously. But besides that. AWWW !! Picture #8 is totally my ideal of love. :D Scott is so smitten with her…gawd, they’re adorable. They are so cute.

  • michelle

    Your all just mad because you can’t find a guy.
    Get over it.
    She’s so pretty.

  • LG

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: Don’t the producers chose the winners.

    While I bet everyone here thinks Twilight sucks it’s nothing we can do about it cause apparently girls these days think the vampires that sneak in your room to watch you while your sleeping is super romantic and sweet.

  • marief

    @aw: That’s true ! There are cute pics of Ashnessa posing backstage during the TCA !

  • sdsss

    im glad she didnt won anything…because v haters will say…no body vote for v…wakakkaa….seee…this is how u feel if ur idol didnt win anything

  • Avril

    YES! she def should have won!!!!!
    she’s so cute!!!!!
    I love her dress!!!!!

    PS: I miss Jashley :(

  • lucia

    she looks stuning!!!
    love her

  • julia


    They are SOOOOOOOOO cute! and i dont know why but i think they’re cuter than Zanessa!

  • Zanessafanx13!!!

    Naaaahhh, u totally lost it!!! Zanessa all the way!!!

  • so what !

    im mad cuz so u think u can dance didnt win !!! not mad but sad ! i dont know why but every time zanessa come 2 the tca and people start talking about the i feel like there talkng about brad pit and angelina jolie coming 2 the oscars!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @LG: BAHAHA !! Oh yeah..its so romantic when a vampire is watching you sleep. *shivers* ..Well, people should be about which celeb. people want to win. Apparently, everyone forgot about the show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ which is exactly like Twlight.

    …I still can’t get over that ADORABLE picture of Ashley & Scott. Sweet. :D

  • humble

    I guess we can’t do anything about the winners but let’s be real, HSM3 is old, nobody made movies except Zac so it’s obvious that he would win although I don’t think the counting results were all true, bottom line is the producers choice it just looks interesting that the teens get to have a little say in results. I love both Vanessa and Ashley and I am kinda upset that they didn’t win anything individually but they both look pretty, it was good to see them together.
    My question though, Ashely is a twitter if that true then why is it that whenever pics are taken of her she hides her face, it doesn’t make any sense to me, if you are going to notify someone about your whereabouts wouldn’t you be happy to get your pic taken? Just an observation don’t get upset.

  • OneTreeHillFan

    omg god so they hardly won anything not everything revolves around the hsm cast i prefer transformer to hsm anyway

  • tanya

    teen choice awards 2009 sucks

  • Laura

    Zanessa are best couple and can never be beaten but Ashley and Scott do look cute and in love :D:D

  • nina caplan

    this years TCA sucked! ashley deserves to win

  • bep

    omg! They are so cute <3 :)

  • jonasfreak

    so cute!! I would’ve said they have beaten Zanessa, but Zanessa were never cute to me

  • vee!

    ash look cute..nd i lov her…but i hate scott!

  • ash rockz

    Oh Woow, they look suuuper cute!
    Thez are reallz in love (:
    But damn it, Ashley should have won the 2 solo awards!
    That is not fair ):

  • ximenaa

    awwww they look so lovely

    and one photo sooo sexy
    tey’re an amazing couple

  • mac

    Idunno..seemed weird.all dat PDA.maybe it waz genuine maybe not.I’m on the fence.

  • masquerading

    awwwwwwww <3 they are the best :D :D

    and people need to get over it. They are together, in love and happy… why would they fake it??!