Vanessa Hudgens: Making The Bandslam Band

Vanessa Hudgens: Making The Bandslam Band

Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell and the rest of the Bandslam cast wave their hands in front of their faces in this new behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming flick in Bandslam: Making The Band.

In the exclusive behind-the-scenes clips, stars Vanessa and Aly Michalka give you a lesson in all things Bandslam.

Director Todd Graff shared about the film, “It’s about his [Will Burton, played by Gaelan] growing up, his rite of passage. During the course of the movie, by managing this band, he learns how to connect.”

Vanessa added in, “This was actually a really cool movie about music that has a lot of heart.”

Bandslam: Making The Band Part 1

Bandslam: Making The Band Part 2

Bandslam: Making The Band Part 3

Bandslam: Making The Band Part 4
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  • abigail

    where are they?

    are they in vancouver?

  • Carol

    I can’t wait for Bandslam!!!

  • Bia

    wooow. i’m LOVING everything i see of bandslam. i think this movie is gonna be great. it’s so cool to see how vanessa has talent. go go vanessa and bandslam.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    HAHA. I love that part where someone drops a water balloon on Gaelan’s Aw..he’s a cutie though. Argh, I’m so pumped for the movie !! It looks SO good. YAY !! Just 4 more days. :D

    And I could care less about Twilight. I was having fun watching the ‘Behind The Scenes’ till they mentioned Twilight.

  • liz

    that still right there in the video ^
    was one of the funniest parts in the movie!

  • nathalia

    can’t wait for Bandslam!!!

  • .::VANESSA::.

    love her !!
    can’t wait for Bandslam !!

  • daniel



  • dani

    BANDLSAM \o/

  • Eugenia

    aww i love you vanessa (;

  • Sevda92Vanessa

    wohoooo BANDSLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i soo can´t wait!!!!!!!!

    love you Vanessa

  • purple

    I can;t wait!!!!!!

    Bandslam Rocks!!

    Ps Love Vanessa

  • z

    Great job !

  • Tree

    I didn’t know the movie takes place in New Jersey. The sign in the video say’s” LODI”. I work in Lodi, New Jersey. This is cool!!!

  • Z&V Fan

    The waiting is almost over!!. Woo hoo!!!!!

  • sharon

    I saw these yesterday.LOL.
    Can’t wait for Bandslam!Vanessa rocks!
    Thanks jjj!

  • LG

    I can’t wait for Bandslam. Everytime I see the trailer I can’t stop smiling.

  • masbonita

    ahhahah, Can’t wait to see it . Love you baby V !

  • Boji

    This movie is definitely a must see. Guess, I have to wait another month before it reaches my country.

  • ladysdsandiego

    ahh i can’t wait!!! 4 more days!!!

  • .::VANESSA::.

    love her
    be strong
    we support u

  • Honest

    People should check it out, it’s been getting positive reviews. Only 4 more days for me! Too bad I have to wait til Monday to check it out.

  • Honest


  • mykamicks

    Would definitely watch it…

  • Honest

    JJJ, also when will you post the interview??? Releasing the interview now will be good Bandslam press!!!

  • Bia

    i agree with “Honest”. post the interview JJJ, pleeease. i have the feeling that bandslam is gonna be a great movie. all the reviews are positive and everybody that saw the movie said is was really really good. i’m super excited about vanessa’s career. she has a beautiful future. and about the soundtrack, i love it.

  • LG

    @Honest: I know! I’ve been waiting to see when they would post it.

  • laura daniela

    Jared, I’m eager to read your interview. I’ll have to wait at least 20 days until Bandslam reaches my country, but it will be worth the wait.

  • Vanessa lover

    can’t wait for bandslam it’s going to be great and i’m glad that they took out dane cook on what he said to vanessa at the tca’s infront of the whole audience

  • Vanessa lover

    when he says will all nonchanlt it’s pretty funny

  • Jody

    ZAnessa at the teen choie award

  • Tata

    Bandslam is gonna be great!!! wait for it soooo much!!!! Vanessa rocks!!!!

  • musicgurl

    didnt hsm3 win best movie ?!


    I think that Vanessa will be awesome in this movie.

  • Holllyy

    yiippy bandslam actual rocks I watch the trailer ever dang day. !!!!!!!!! I love zanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  • lili

    wow….the movie looks so good!!!

    cant wait!


  • suzy

    she is so cute here.

  • Delsy

    TO V FANS: Bandslam is predicted to get 8.5 million the weekend in boxoffice. They are ruff estimates and are bassed on what other movie in that catorgray got and other people in the catorgray got. :) :D

    From me: Love Vanessa i am really sad she didn’t win any TCA don’t worry you WILL win next year

  • Delsy

    ps going to see bandslam tomorrow can’t wait :) i live in england btw

  • http://jjj telma

    Vanessa looks really wao love her

  • Delsy

    i just read rotten tomatoes reveiws of bandslam and it is getting really good reveiws so far. and one called the cast “terrific” congratz V you really desserve i really hope it does well i really want vanessa to do well

  • http://jjj lumi

    J’ai hate de voir bandslam
    surtout pour Vanessa

  • camie

    I’m glad her sandal is dying away, and gone. No all I have to do is wait for Bandslam :)))

  • camie


  • Alyssaaa

    k first off,
    to settle this danee cook thing,
    dane cook dropped the face of the earth a million years ago,& hiss ‘joke’ was just a way to get people to know hes still alivee.vanessa took it very well,unlike other stars who’d start a fight or something,dane cook was never liked by mee,and him saying it at the teen choice awards where kids & teens were was not cool.people who think are funny obviously have no heart and only care about people dumping other peoplee.

  • vanny

    love her soo much

  • istar

    omg…. bandslam looks sooo awesome! gaelen… omg, he’s just awesome! he makes me laugh so much :DDD
    this cast rocks :D

  • lolllly

    Off to see this tomorrow! yay, can’t wait. It looks like a really good film and i love vanessa hudgens too! :)

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    Anybody know answer
    where was zac,
    at the time that the stupid things they talked to vanessa?

  • Katty

    Anyone notice how they didn’t announce how HSM won during the TCA’s?

>>>>>>> staging1