Vanessa Hudgens: Post-TCAs Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens: Post-TCAs Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens gets hounded by autograph seekers as she catches a departing flight to Vancouver via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday night (August 9).

The 20-year-old actress unfortunately lost out in all of the three categories she was nominated in at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards — Choice Movie Actress Music/Dance (High School Musical 3: Senior Year), Choice Movie Liplock (with Zac Efron – High School Musical 3: Senior Year), and Choice Female Hottie.

Watch out TCAs. Vanessa‘ll be back next year!

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  • nuria.

    she’s my winner! IloveuVanessa <3

  • star

    Gosh she looks so good all the time! Soooo jealous :-)

  • zanessaholic

    she will always be the best for us!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reenuh

    so so pretty! woooooooooooooooo!!! go V

  • zanessaholic

    and yet she was still the most gorgeous ans most stunning person at TCA last night!!!

  • ryanEFRON

    it just proves shes above and beyond teens :]
    love you girl. and your boyfriend xD

  • zanessaholic

    she’s soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

  • Katiee

    can’t believe she didnt win liplock :( x

  • lauri

    OMG she din’t won anything ? and her dog then ?
    I really can’t believe it.
    i voted everyday with 60 account and still vanessa nothing
    zac only 1 thing hsm like NOTHING.
    omg whats wrong geakkk.

    but she was the most beautiful girl from the whole TCA
    that for sure !

  • suzy

    love her and she looked fab.

  • star

    She looked amazing yesterday. Is she going to film Sucker Punch now?

  • lai

    where are you going Vanessa?
    pls JJr i just want to know pls.

  • lili

    I LOVE HER!!!…

    I dont care that she didnt win!….she still amazing!!

    She going Vancouver???

  • mhay

    i voted for her everyday!!!!!!!

  • omg!!

    go to selena gomez summer star sizzlin! and you’ll see who won i just wrote ie down !!!! it right in the 25 newest posts!!!!!!!

  • yets

    we keep on supporting you vanessa.
    just focus on your career, we love you.

  • star
  • star

    HSM3 won best movie in it’s category!!!! YAY! :-) :-)

  • istar

    she looked the best yesterday. its still shocking that she didn’t win anything :(((
    ur right JJjr…. vanessa is back next year!!

  • istar

    shocked that she didn’t win anything yesterday. she looked the best… her dress was stunning.

  • carmen

    i still cant believe she didnt won anything neither her dog or hsm… only zac….but v! we r u long-time supporters!!!! u r the champion in our heart and u r the most amazing actress/dancer/singer in 2009 teen choice awards! are they blind or what? they should at least giver her two of her nominations!

  • mac

    Supporting you all the way V!

  • georgia

    shame you little twat, nobody voted for you.
    learn a lesson, huh? stop taking naked pictures.
    you’re not hot, nobody wants to see your abnormal rack.
    and your boyfriend is disgusting.
    rant over :)

  • omg!!

    thats not nice what u said u know !!!
    and just 4 saying that we now know that your no better than she is !!

  • jessica


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh yeah, its great to know that she didn’t win anything at all. This is ridiculous. She should have at least won something. I’m freaking pissed right now. But whatever, she’ll be back next year with plenty of surfboards. You won all those categories in my book Vanessa. Hopefully she’s on her way over here in Vancouver. Can’t wait to see her.

    @georgia: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Your the twat when you write bad stuff about someone you don’t even know. And don’t start saying that people have they’re own right to say what they want, I know they do, but really, people prefer if you DON’T talk trash about a person.

  • teamhudgens

    oh guys =(
    ı’m so unhappy!!
    she didn’t fin?
    ı can’t believe..
    but we love she so much..

  • bep

    if u ask me… Ashley Tisdale was best dressed, also Brenda Song’s dress was so pretty. Vanessa’s was ok, but I’ve seen her A LOT better… <3
    too bad she didn’t win anything… same goes to Ashley :(
    but HSM3 won in its category which is good :D haha

  • Athenais

    Zac is come back to LA and Nessa go back out …

    She go to Vancouver or to promote ” Bandslam” ?

  • Tiffany

    she didn’t win??? D: i feel really bad. it would’ve been nice if she won at least won award. i feel really bad. she’s really working on her career this year with bandslam, beastly, and suckerpunch. i expect that 2010 will be her year. i hope so. don’t hate on her. keep your hate to yourself. i, and many others, support her.

    *sigh* :[

    but justjared’s right, vanessa will be back next year with lots of other movies and supporters behind her.

  • abigail

    cant believe she didn’t win…

  • amy

    she should of won!
    She also looked amazing XD as did zac!

  • satoo

    what the hell !!! I spent a lot of time just voting for vanessa !!!!

  • fromturkey

    yes you always win you are so talented and young you have a long long way and dane cook it’S so rude

  • i love vanessa

    Vanessa looks amazing at the tcas, best there :D
    She will always be a winner to me
    and glad she is with zac in vancouver now :D

  • omg!!

    SHE SHOULD!!!!!!!!!

  • purple

    Vanessa ingnore the haters for they have sooo much hate in their life they have no where else to release it but here.

    No matter what happen, with or without awards you are the STAR in my heart.
    Support you all the way.
    Keep strong and focus on your carreer for it has just started.

    Go Go Baby V!!!

  • Boji

    Georgia, look in the mirror and what do you see, another t w a t, so it takes one to call another by the same name. If you don’t like Vanessa go to some other thread where you’ll feel the love. Amen

  • Rickii

    GO V

    The Best <3

  • sharon

    Love you nessa!!!Be strong!!!We are always here for you!!!
    Can’t wait for Bandslam,Beastly and Sucker Punch!!!
    Thanks jjj!!!

  • masbonita

    She is a winner to me !!!

  • sharon

    She’s the winner in our hearts no matter what!!!
    Thanks Just Jill!!!You are great!!!

  • jazmin

    Still love her and can’t wait to see Bandslam this Friday. So excited for her with Beastly and now going to train then film Sucker Punch.

    She will be always a winner in my heart…..

    Thanks JJJr for posting

  • Starlit

    Be strong V! I’m always with you!
    Beautiful!! Love you so much <3!

  • brazillovesvanessa

    we’ll always be here for her *–*

  • .::VANESSA::.

    She’s really beautiful !!
    love her so much !!

  • Kami

    yeah she will be back next year and she is going to take ALL the awards she is nominated for just watch=)

  • Malee

    i can’t belevie she didn’t win ANYTHING!
    She deserved ALL of those awards!
    i hate twilight soooo much!
    i loved the book but thw movie sucked!
    and zac only won like 2 awards!
    i’m so pissed right now!
    i voted for them like 5 times a day!
    she may not have won this year but she’s still a winner to me!
    and technically she won an award…!
    she finally gets to be with zac again!
    so cute and she WAS the most prettiest person at the TCA’s!

  • zane

    you can see in her eyes the sadness but still pretty though!

  • kristy

    TCA 09 sucked. love u V