Zac Efron is Very Vancouver

Zac Efron is Very Vancouver

We already have pictures of Zac Efron returning to Vancouver but these are the pics of the 21-year-old actor departing for Los Angeles via Vancouver International Airport on Saturday (August 8) in Canada.

Last night, Zac picked up three surfboards at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. He said, “I’m gonna put them with all of the rest of the surfboards. I hang them in my garage above my car.”

Zac Efron – Press Room At 2009 Teen Choice Awards
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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • teamhudgens

    she’s so hot..
    but where’s the vanessa?

  • germangirl

    those are 3 days old or so?

    and lol at zac he looked so tired but in a good mood…

  • Jollykt

    Conratulations!!!!!! But Vanessa doesn’t win…I feel sad…
    Zan still together…I love Zanessa…

  • omg!!!!

    omg in 0:04 i thought it was a monkey lookin at zac and i said 2 myself wtf !!!!!! but it came out 2 be some girls hair !! ( lol )

  • abigail

    where’s vanessa?

  • amy

    This is from before the TCA’s! He looks gorgeous, i lve the green shirt!

  • Lily

    He´s so cute..

  • latifah

    he does look tired, but still good tho

  • zane

    thanks JJJ for the post award video. I can see Zac cannot express full happiness for winning knowing that V didnt win. i am really sad

  • nuria.

    I really really love u Efronnn! <3

  • lilly

    I am so glad that Zac won. I know that RPatt won the hottie award, but does anyone know who won the red carpet award? I can’t wait to watch the show.

  • mrsefron.

    Zac is my everything congrats babe!!!!

  • i love vanessa

    these are before the TCA’s but anyway he looks hot !
    I am so glad he won his awards, love him so much :D
    And also zac and vanessa are in the same place now !

  • ryanefron

    wow zac is so amazing. i seriously dont think this guy could get any cooler. i love you zac :]

  • nikki

    AAHH zac efron is my LOVE!! he is ssooo HOT :D

  • Wacky

    @zane: WTF?? Gosh, people get over their relationship, you are wacked out of your mind trying to interpret how he feels.. Its probably fake happiness because no one gives a shitt about a big ass surfboard Teen Choice Award. Get your own bf to care about stop obsessing over OTHER peoples lives.

  • brad

    sssseeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy ahhh

  • Paulina Graham

    @lilly: Poor Vanessa yeah its true he connot express his full hapiness… still about Rob Patt winning choice hottie, i dont get it zac is so much hotter than that dracula looking guy! Im not saying he is horrible cause he is cute but zac is so much hotter!
    Jonas brothers won red carpet icon (they are so cute)!

  • bdff

    wheres my comment?

  • Hmmstrange

    @zane: WTF? Stop being wacked out of your mind and try to interpret his feelings, he’s probably not showing genuine happiness because no one cares about a big ass surfboard teen choice award. Go get your own BF and life and stop trying to be apart of theirs.

  • wassup


    Lmao, i know, me too!!!
    wow, these are old, but zac looks hott anyway.

  • wen

    omgosh hes georgous.hes…

  • Georgie

    @omg!!!!: HAHAHAH so did I!

  • tina.

    aww, i love him (: such a sweetheart <3

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I still don’t get why Vanessa didn’t win anything…ARGH. But besides that, Zachary is such a gentlemen in the video. He’s so CUTE !! ..Lol, you can’t see his hair from the beanie, but still hot. :D

  • omg!!!!

    if u mean the fashion icon jonas b won not zac !

  • gold baybay

    I just noticed he became second on the “Top Celeb” list. Makes much more sense.

  • Vanessa lover

    i don’t get it is he leaving canada because the other pics when van and him are going back he is wearing the same shirt as he wore to the awards

  • Jody

    ZAnessa at the teen choie award

  • Eleanore

    his face is perfection as always

  • mcssebn

    @amy: could you tell me what brand it is???

  • aw

    @Vanessa lover:

    These pictures are from Saturday when he came back to LA. JJ just posted them late.

    The pics of Zac & Vanessa arriving in Vancouver are from Sunday after the Tcas.

  • nikki

    wow why is there soooo little comments, he usually gets like over 100 no matter what?!?!?!!

  • nikki

    wow why is there soo little commments on a ZAC EFRON post?!?!?!?!

  • brad


    yeah why is there so little comments zac efron always gets a LOT!

  • HMM

    he’s got the best eyes on the planet!! Glad he won – especially for the categories he did because with his dedication to his work I’m sure those are the ones that mean the most to him. Congrats Zac.