Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vancouver Arrival!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vancouver Arrival!

Zac Efron and his on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens arrive in Vancouver, Canada together late Sunday night (August 9).

Earlier in the evening at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Zac picked up three surfboards — Choice Movie Rockstar Moment (17 Again), Choice Movie Actor Comedy (17 Again) and Choice Movie Actor Music/Dance (High School Musical 3: Senior Year).

Vanessa is in town to prepare for Sucker Punch. Zac is currently shooting his new movie, The Death And Life Of Charlie St Cloud.

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Credit: Whittle ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • hajni


  • amy


  • rubyred

    They are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musicgurl

    awww soo cute:D<3

  • nathaliem

    they are good looking! <3 i love them

  • i love vanessa

    together again :D
    they look so cute !
    glad zac won his awards bit gutted vanessa didnt tho, but at least they are together :D

  • Athenais

    so cute ….

    I though Vanessa was alone

    I’m happy to see them together

  • Babiivfanforeva

    love them
    ahhhh zanessa

  • .stars.

    FINALLY! ZANESSA.. WOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!:D i’m just so happy! love them!

  • truth

    Vanessa is in town for fight training. Her movie Sucker Punch will start shooting in September. Oh Jared, or whoever is posting, please change the write up. No offense but its not all about Zac. LOL. Also, HSM3 won best movie/music/dance.

  • lauri

    aaaw they look soooo cute !

  • eeekkk

    EEEEEKKK! They’re together? squeeeeeeeeee

    So Vanessa’s gonna start Sucker Punch training right?

  • Janine

    has she got nude pics of her out again? :(

  • i hate them both.

    jesus, let them hump and get on with your life.
    they’re both fags.
    zefron just wants to be pattz, nuff said.
    and she is just asdfioshdf.
    there isn’t even a word. bleh.

  • Sharkmanatee

    i dont know why, but i find this together with the previous post about vanessa extremely amusing. hahahah.

  • amy

    Ha me too! Its like Zac just randomly appeared!?!

  • karen

    so cute to see them together again! ZANESSA is the cutest couple ever! too bad they did’t score the Screen Kiss surfboard

  • Emazza

    Yay they are together again!
    it’s so sad that nessa didn’t win any awards, i voted for her, but at least she has zac with her now :)

  • Sharkmanatee

    @amy: haha! yeah!! people were discussing on the vanessa’s thread about when zac would join her in vancouver and next thing you know, he appears right next to her! it’s so amusing. haha.

  • omg!!

    i think ppl r going 2 cry when they see this cuz they’ve been waiting a long time 4 this !!!

  • roxana

    this just made my day…love them

  • victorine

    yay!!!!! zanessa
    and i some poeple thought they arent together anymore because theres no sightings..
    im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    zanessa for life!!
    i hope they get married in the near future :)
    and have little zanessa baby lol

    so what if vanessa hasnt won anything in tca… theres always a next time :) even though i voted so many times for them and miley…
    next time ill vote more!!! lol
    zanessa love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy

    Vanessa is in town to begin training for her new film, Sucker Punch. She probably begins work today.

  • Tiffany

    AWWWWW! :D i am so happy they’re finally in the same place together!

  • lO

    I’m so pleased for them! They’ve been waiting months until they could finally see each other again and now they can! Its very sweet of Vanessa to go back to work with him and I’m thrilled for Zac for all his awards. He really deserves them and I hope he continues to win more in the future! Does anyone know whether Ashley won any? I shouldn’t think Vanessa is too sad because now she’s got Zac back! Best award ever!

  • georgia

    meh, they suck.

  • Pit

    Jared – Vanessa could be going to work herself in Vancouver you know and not just there to support Zac.

  • melody

    it’s fabulous to see they are together!

  • Chit Chit

    I thought Vanessa is in Vancouver for training for SUCKER PUNCH!

  • abigail

    zanessa them…

  • aw

    Glad to see them together.

    & while I’m sure she supports him, it’s more likely she’s there for her own movie Sucker Punch.

  • Abi

    @georgia: if you think they suck, why are you even looking at it?

    They looked so cute together at the TCA’s :) Nessa’s dress was amazing!! Looking forward to seeing some footage because apparantly, the camera was on them quite a bit, and they were hugging a lot <3

  • Rickii

    love vanessa <3

    hate zac / sorry

  • teamhudgens

    ı’m so happy to see them together!
    ı miss them so much..
    there so cute..<3

  • winnie

    ahhh i hope their relationship lasts forever :) love them so much

  • jazmin

    don’t really care if they say she’s there to support him…so what they are a couple who support each other.

    So glad to see them together ….

    Love you V

    Thanks for posting JJJr.

  • masbonita

    GREAT! I’m glad ZV are getting sometime together .

  • sharon

    JJJ,Vanessa is going Vancouver for Sucker Punch training.
    Thanks for the pics!!
    Support Baby V all the way!!

  • Starlit


    Love you Nessa so much <3!

  • Lottie

    I wish people would stop speculating about them still being together. If they are that’s great, if there not that’s great too. If you were real fans, you wouldn’t care as long as they were happy.

  • Starlit

    Good Luck Vane! Be strong!
    I’m always with you! Love you <3!

  • Karen

    Apparently the write up was different when this thread first appeared because now it tells how Zac is there for his movie The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud and Vanessa is there for her movie Sucker Punch. It’s nice that they were able to travel together and be with each other like this. Glad to know that the gang won for HSM3. It really deserved it. And I’m glad Zac was recognized for his efforts with 17 Again. It was nice he got lead for HSM3 but I think Vanessa should have gotten it for the same for the movie too. I never once thought they would get the hottie award because Zac won two years ago and Vanessa won last year. There was no way the powers that be were going to name them again this year.

  • misty

    they are great together and vanessa is ther to train for sucker punch en zac for his movie

  • mileynessa

    Wow,I’m so glad to see them together.All the stupid rumors about Zanessa’s breakup was bullshit.
    Yay!They’re moving to Canada together!!!so I hope we’ll see a lot of new pics of them together!!!1

    Zac & V 4 Ever !!!!they’re so beautiful cuple.althought all the evil rumors,zac and v’s love overcome of everything.theyre amazing!

  • abigail

    cant wait a zanessa pics in vancouver..

    zanessa forever

  • Liv

    Zanessa in Vancouver together!


  • gaby


  • .::VANESSA::.

    GO V

  • 108asteri

    Together again! So it’s time to shut some mouths about breaking up and all this crap.

    Zac haven’t change his outfit since teen choice awards. He was definitely the most sports-dressed person of the evening! lol

  • bella

    @i hate them both.:
    Then why take the time to comment on their post? You need to get a life then cos it’s just slack of you. Alot of people obviously care about them, or they wouldn’t number 1 and 2 on the top celeb list for this website. So stop hating on them when others here love them, it’s really pathetic of you