Ashley Tisdale is a Workout Woman

Ashley Tisdale is a Workout Woman

Holding onto a cool smoothie, Ashley Tisdale heads out of Equinox gym in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (August 11).

The 24-year-old singer/actress was spotted heading to rehearsals yesterday afternoon for her concert tomorrow night. Ashley and The Beach Girl5 (Mandy Jiroux‘s group) will be hitting the stage at Americana Mall in Glendale @ 8PM.

Also pictured below: Ashley with BFF Vanessa Hudgens and 78violet’s Aly and AJ Michalka at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held on Sunday (August 9).

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Photos: MOE/FamePictures, Kevin Mazur/TCA 2009/WireImage
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  • Emma :)

    ASH!! :D Love herr :]

  • vanfan

    Vanessa looks cute at this pictures.

  • liz

    her & vanessa look gorgeouss! <3

  • grace

    love her shoes.
    she and vanessa looked amazing at the TCA’s :)

  • crystalclear4eva

    i luv this girl shes forever workin out anyways she looked amazing at the tcas so did babyv and78violet sistas cant wait for ashley an the beachgirls performance im def gonna be there.

  • sunni


  • Daniel

    If she’s gonna have dancers maybe she’ll sing some of the songs of headstrong and she will sing from guilty pleasure crank it up and blame it on the beat :)

  • DemiFan

    There;s my idol! The Lovely Tisdale!

  • Whitney

    she looked really pretty at the teen choice awards!

  • istar

    ashnessa!! aww! i love ashleys workout outfit!!

  • rissa

    yay! ashnessa!

  • lucia

    ashley looked gorgerous at tca !!
    I love her so much

  • oth! (: (L)

    love them <33 they looked really good at the tca ;P
    omg, this annoys me so much !
    wtf dane cook ? ;S that was so disrespectful and unnecessary

    u can see that it made her a sad. just watch her face expression

  • oth! (: (L)

    a little sad*

  • ladysdsandiego

    @oth! (: (L):

    not really necessary to post.

  • oth! (: (L)

    ladysdsandiego: okey whatever..

  • crystalclear4eva

    @oth!she really did seem sad i mean wtf was he thinking he embarassed her i would so die if i were her comediennes and there stupid jokes they think making fun out of other celebs is cool.


    jared why did you delete my comment?! Ugh

    I SAID: ASH LOOKS GORGEOUS! & Vanessa, you should lay off the fast food—too much cottage cheese showing.. cellulite! too young for that girl! take after ur BFF and hit the gym!!! I know I have to or I’d have the same problem.. Sucks but you could fix it!

  • sunni

    ashlye looks so pretty& fit
    she working out
    is vanessa???????

  • aw

    @READ ME:

    Because you are a sick and ignorant little moron.


    Vanessa’s in the middle of fight training for her new movie. So she’ll be more healthy and fit that than a twig will ever be.

  • sunni


    ooo ok thnxs for telling me

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Yay !! Ashnessa is LOVE. ♥ I like Ashley’s sunglasses too. Rock em’ Ash !!

    About the Dane Cook thing, he was clearly not thinking about Vanessa’s feelings. …Douche. Comedians never do..

  • cassie
  • kim

    Ashley and Vanessa both look beautiful. Glad to see they got to catch up with eachother in person at the TCA.

  • Katie G!

    ASHNESSA!!!!!!!!!!!! freaking finally, this post made my day.

    seriously people they’re picture together no reason to compare them, don’t bash one or the other leave it at the fact that they’re best friends and they look different. They both are goregous =) and im so psyched that i get to see them together

  • ashleytfan

    and these pictures are old JJ, I think.

  • heather

    @READ ME:

    and ashley looked really pretty at the TCAs and Vanessa too of course.
    and about the Dane Cook thing, he’s an a$$hole, but the one supposed to be embarrassed is him, cause he got booed out of the stage.

    and ASHNESSA!! YES!!


  • gold baybay


    Well said Heather, well said, :). And “Read Me” is a complete idiot for thinking she has cellulite. Well actually, she/he must be blind.

  • ZJ

    Ashley is always so fit! I love her to death!
    And her and vanessa are so cute <3 :D

    wish them the best :)

  • masquerading

    love her!!! she’s so cuteeee

    Who cares if Vanessa has cellulites??! please this post is about Ashley!!

  • babygirl23

    @READ ME: Ashley is going all the time to thw gym.and Vanessa loves her body and maby shes not going a lot to the gym like ashley.Vanessa has a great body.You dont need to be super skinny for called:”pretty girl”.
    And I’ll tell u more:Vanessa is precticing for a new movie,and thats maybe the reason that she have more muscles on legs/hands.OK?

  • Alfredo

    Ashley is so pretty

  • ashleytisdaleb!tches

    i wanna go to her show!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashleytisdaleb!tches

    @READ ME:

    what the hell you talking about
    ur an idiot LMFAO

  • Clive S

    both Gorgeous! You can actually see Selena at the back in on of the photos!


    glad to see them together!!!!!!!! :D
    they are both sooo cuteeeeeeeeeee

  • bep

    Finally, we get to see them together again! They need to hang again soon! haha Even though Ash is busy promoting GP <3 and Van has started rehearsals for Sucker Punch!
    I really hope when they’re done, they will get together again! Ashley always says that they are always in touch. <3

    ANYWAYS can’t wait for pictures and videos from Ashley’s concert tonight!

  • jamie

    vanessa’s legs are muscly and ashley’s legs are thin
    is there something wrong with that?
    why do you need to compare these two?
    they’re TWO completely DIFFERENT people!

  • Imo

    Beutiful!!*-* I love Ashley (L) :) ♥ <3333333
    & i HATE vanessa hudgens = LochNessa :@

  • Divine Goddess

    Ashnessa is sooo cute! It’s great how they try to make time to hang out. They are both so busy. Both looked awesome at the TCAs. Vanessa is gorgeous!