Joe Jonas To Join Valentine's Day

Joe Jonas To Join Valentine's Day

Joe Jonas is breaking into the movie business slowly but surely.

Sources confirm to E Online that the 19-year-old musician is set to join Garry Marshall‘s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

He won’t be playing himself, but he will be in the same movie as ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift!

The flick also stars Hollywood legend Julia Roberts, Taylor Lautner and Emma Roberts.

The two Taylor‘s were recently seen filming a track and field scene late last month.

TELL JJJ: Are you excited to see Joe in a new movie?

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  • vanessa

    not really…

  • marissa

    i would love to see my boyfriend in a movie:):):)
    especailly about loveeee.

  • liz

    not exactly excited to see joe in particular but i want to see this movie ’cause there are SOO many actors/actresses in it:D that i know of

  • heather

    @vanessa: lol, me neither. lol but it would be funny to see joe and taylor in the same movie.

  • emily:]

    yay i hope its trueeee:]
    but thatd be so awkward! him and tay…not goooddd.

  • penelope

    No i am not excited to see joe….but i am excited to see taylor L. and Taylor S. and julia and emma roberts:)

  • erin

    how could he be in a movie. hes on tour right now

  • Truthful

    That’s gonna be really awkward at the premiere…REALLY AWKWARD.

  • ashley

    yes but nooo cuse i HATE taylor swift

  • Monika

    Lol. Taylor and Joe? In the same movie?? That;s going to be interesting..

  • selenafan

    he is gonna improve soo much now <3 i cant wait to see this movie :)
    i was excited for this, but now hearing joe in it :O im even more excited !

  • liz

    i can’t wait for itt!!!!!!

    it’s gonna be awkward seeing taylor & joe in the same movie.. een though they don’t shoot together.

  • kara

    joe and taylor swift in the same movie….about love…..and she kisses taylor lautner…..uhm i have to say AWKWARD!

  • angela

    That would be so cool to c how joe and tay coop 2gether

  • Courtney

    Joe is AMAZING in singing and acting!


  • tatum

    Excited. No doubt about it. :) Thats too suttle. I’m ecstatic!!!! Great for Joe. Good job you deserve it!

  • yenny

    wtf… this can not being true.. i hate taylor squared more taylor swift obviously.. if this is true this will be THE WORLD WAR |||

  • Sara

    YES!! but yea thats gonna be kinda awkward

  • Emily

    AHHHHHHH! joe cant be in a movie without kevin and joe! its just not natural!

  • Jessica

    umm, can anyone say AWKWARD??? haha i cant wait!!! lets see how good he is without his brothers:)

  • nerd


  • soFiiaa*leal


  • Cujo22

    Joe Jonas is utterly bland. He can’t sing or act. And even more so, he has nothing worthwhile to say. He will soon be a has been (even tho he never was).

  • cassie

    joe and taylor in the same movie= DRAMAAAAAAA

  • cam

    Yes I’d like to see Joe in a movie w/out the brothers. Joe is the only one that can act. I don’t think he & Taylor will actually see each other in the movie because I think she filmed her part already. Looking forward to the movie to see both Emma Roberts & her aunt Julia Roberts in the same movie & both Taylor S. & Taylor L. & now Joe – this should be good.

  • taylor

    Well this movie just lost all it’s credibility.
    He is such a terrible actor.

  • yay!!!!

    nope not at all. Joe is my least favorite.
    but I love that you used my new motto slowly but surely!!

  • Jess

    yay! very excited!

  • HAHA

    HAhahaha, Joe & Taylor in the SAME MOVIE!


  • the fame

    @liz: same here

  • madeleine

    im actually kinda excited to see him away from the disney channel and his brothers. don’t get me wrong, i love all those boys, but it’s cool to see joe branching out! im a little worried about his actual acting SKILLS, but we’ll see :):):):) good luck, joe!!!!! xoxoxox

  • Lauren

    I am excited

    Don’t listen to the haters

    He is awesome at singing & acting

  • zefron

    whaatt!!! hes joining the cast?? wtfff i really wanted to see it cus of emma and taylor plus taylor but with hiim hes gunna ruin the movie with his bad actingg ughhh !!

  • tori

    joe jonas sucks at acting. you can’t even attempt to defend that teenies.

  • Natasha

    i support joe in all that he is truly passionate about, and he has said repeatedly that he has wanted to go into acting. i am proud of him if he chooses to do so starting with this movie.

    i was already quite excited about this film as it is star-packed and my fave genre of movies, but Joe gives me more reason to go and see it.
    i hope he does well to prove himself a creditable actor. =)

  • anonymous

    ugh no why?

  • Liz

    I would see Joe in anything! Not sure this will be a great movie…but he’s worth sitting through anything for. :)

  • SJS

    I’d love to see him in this, especially if he’s not playing himself. He’d be my only reason for seeing this movie though, cause I’m not really into chick flicks. I hope he does get the chance to do this, cause the more acting he does-the better he’ll get.

    And considering that tswift already shot her part =, I doubt Joe would actually have to work with her. And I think the premiere would be fine cause they’ve been on the same red carpet together for award shows. They just aren’t gonna hang out together & i’m sure their people will make sure they don’t bump into each other.

  • BriANNA S

    Thats really cool, and really akward at the same time. Oh, well. Im happy for them!

  • Ummm

    Are all you people who think Joe’s bad at singing and acting obsessed with Taylor Swift or something? And you’re girls? You’re creepy!

    Anyway, they are both professionals and it’s been a long time now. Water under the bridge of life, no reason anything should be awkward. Stop swallowing what publicists feed you, ew.

    I’ll see this, for Joe! Even if it looks terrible. I think he has great potential as an actor, as in everything.


  • m?

    Joe is the best actor out of nick and kevin and I think taylor and joe have moved on

  • M

    Well this movie’s casting has gone down the drain. Some accomplished actors with people who barely can act, or never have at all.

  • sarah

    Hopefully Joe can get through the movie without singing a song that disses Taylor. Even though HE cheated on her.


    ya im exited his going to be in a movie hitting the theaters!

  • applepie

    hopefully he does well. its gunna be different seeing joe without his brothers! its gunna be weird seeing taylor (swift) and joe in the same movie…. awkward. i hope this movie is gunna be good! soo many famous teen actors in the same movie!

  • Adrienne


    haha… i would really not like to see him in it!
    acting… not that GRAND

    but w/e

    love tay! && the other one!

  • lovexlove

    so excited
    xojoejonas i love that boy

  • Ummm

    @M: That’s called an “ensemble” film…it’s not a new or unusual thing. Let’s pretend we’re not 8 years old for a moment, okay?

  • ann

    SO EXCITED!! :) the haters f** off!!

  • SJS

    @sarah: Taylor said he left her for Camilla. She never said he cheated on her. Grow up and pull the stick out your ass. You can not like the guy without having to rely on bullshit as an excuse.