Miley Cyrus's TCA Performance Sparks Conversations

Miley Cyrus's TCA Performance Sparks Conversations
  • Was Miley Cyrus‘s pole dance a bit too much?
  • Lil’ sis Noah Cyrus pole dances too!
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  • Matt

    No. It was nothing. She was holding on to it so she didn’t fall. People are making too much out of it. As with everything Miley, people criticize her way too much.

  • miley&demibiggestfan

    i don’t think miley dacing too much because she want to do it and she can do whatever she want and if people love her the dance doesnt matter at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalia

    Why is she trying to grow up so fast in a couple of years shes going to wish she still had her youth years everyone does>

  • Lizzie

    I agree with Matt, why is it a crime to hold onto a pole, she could of fell! I think people should stop talking about it in a negative way, her performance was AMAZING!


  • Brti


    Yeah maybe they are making a big deal but the girl is only 16, and to add on to that, look at what she was wearing, shorts all the way up her damn crack, and her bra and suff was showing, and to even add to that there was a pole involved, so duh people are going to flip, definately when thousands of 10 years old are watching, and you are still saying it was nothing?

  • the fame

    damn, the polls show miley is a real sl*t, where are her parents? oh right enjoying the attention..

    btw looks noah learns from her big sis, practicing sessions at home? LMAO

  • liz

    i will now call them the pole dancing family.
    i think it WAS a little too much.
    love miley, but the pole was a little no no.

  • sunni

    she ddi nothing people
    she jus drop down ONCE and just held on pole and saning
    she was doing nothing

  • scarlette

    honestly, i dont think its that much of a big deal! she’s done worse, and the pole really was just there for support.
    it was a performance, and the idea of the performance was supposed to be a fun one, not focused on the pole dancing. i really think the whole thing is becoming too much of a big deal.

  • char

    ellen mentioned buying beer in her speech, kevin got a tattoo.

    those arent good for 10 yr olds either. but wen miley does something even the slightest bit wrong, its a worldwide epidemic. miley doesnt raise the kids, that the parent’s job. and people focus wayy too much on the bad celebrities do and not enough on the good. if you’re old enough to watch the TCAs, u should be old enough to make ur own decisions.

    compared to the girls in my high school, miley’s a saint.

  • taylor

    @Brti: its called the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS not the kids choice awards. meaning it is not meant for kids but for teens 14 and up.

  • TT

    i think that it was too much. before all the other things that has happened, she use to be my idol when hannah montana and everything came out and was a hit show, but now, i don’t look up to her anymore because i don’t wanna be like what she did and my dream is to be an actress, yeah..

  • dayah

    LMAO. people are overreacting bcause of this. come on. this is just lame. she was just holding it and just moving/shaking. she didnt went up and down on it. plus the reason she is holding the pole is because the song is ‘party in the USA’ and one of the lyric said she went to a bar. and to make a scene for it. they gave her a pole. STOP OVER REACTING PEOPLE!

  • ilovenileyjirus

    she wasnt pole dancing.
    it was clearly an icecream stand.
    she was dancing on an ice cream stand.
    shes growwing up.

  • JolynnJenae

    This is just sad. Where are her parents!? Obviously, there just enjoying all the attention that their getting. Her parents stood up when she was done with her performance. That’s not right. I wouldn’t let my daughter walk out of her room like that! She’s trying way to hard to become a “grown-up” She needs to understand that she’s a “grown-up” when she’s 18 not 16! So she’s just going to have to wait untill then.

  • Erinnnnn

    I think it was way too much. I mean, you could see her bra and her shorts are shorter then mine. It was ridiculous. I love Miley, but she’s just growing up too fast.

  • Joan Slade

    she was not pole dancing! have you people ever seen pole dancing? she was def. NOT!

  • gold baybay

    Look. everyone knows it’s there to support her. But she couldv’e easily avoided using it in the first place. Hey, what about Noah, what’s with her and the pole? Posing for pics on it. Every parent buys beer so kids no about it, some even let kids takes sips. Kevins tattoo was fake, stupid. Tons of kids get fake tattoos, sometimes it leads to real tattoos, sometimes it doesn’t. Miley can open a club when she’s like 21 for all I care.

  • fabi

    oh COME ON people. at what century do u live? OMG!!! she was doing a performance, nothing wrong with that. besides she was holding on so she couldn’t fall, and obviously should keep dancing. stop being so damn puritans.

  • selenafan

    NOTHING !!! i repeat NOTHING!! i wrong ! she bend down 1 time? and u say she was pole dancing? >.<
    u haters geez…

  • nico

    i agree with most of you it wasnt that bad if you saw kingstons performers THERE WERE ACTUALLY STRIPPERS THERE they were on a pole going up and down humping and everything but no nothings wrong with that, but miley touches a pole its world war 3! but yes what she was wearing was a little to much or should i say a little to less1 love you miles but you could have said NO

  • Izabella

    All I have to say about Miley’s performance, is they edited it, no doubt about it esp. when she dropped it beside that poll, they aimed for her HEAD. For all the peopl siding with her on it’s just a poll for her to hand on to. I agree with you that she did need something to hang on to, BUT she did not have to drop it and spread her legs and do all that other crap while up on it. Esp. since this was a TEEN choice awards. There are YOUNG kids there, just not smart on her part. Her outfits were a mess, everybody else looked rather classy, Selena Gomez looked gorgous, but all her’s either seem to be WAY low cut for her age, see-through shirts, or not shirt with the siding that came too close in the front, her BLACK bra was see-through in her performance. And I think what killed me the most was her parents giving her a standing ovation, and her thanking GOD why she was on stage. *Head down in shame*

  • Emily

    Yes, this was the TCA. Teen. Choice Awards. But you have to realize that Miley (and everyone else) has such a wide fan base. Many of Miley’s fans range from age 5 to age 25. If not older. Honestly, her shorts were too short – fine. I wear short shorts, too. Everyone does. Her bra was showing, she danced with a pole, and her nose ring was in. Do you want young kids doing the same thing? Even if her “pole dancing” was barely anything — kids are going to start doing it. That’s how they learn. They LEARN from her. She’s not a good rolemodel to kids. I mean, hey, yeah, some of us teenagers do worst things, but are we broadcast on tv every night? No, I didn’t think so.

    Her performance was something I’d expect to see at the VMAs or something. However, other music award shows can get a bit..more racy? than her bad “pole dancing” and her bra showing.

    I don’t think people are overreacting. It starts with overexposing clothing and a pole, and leads to what? A teenage pregnancy? A Lindsay Lohan path? I don’t know. I love Britney Spears, her music is great. But I will be the first to admit she went through a bad patch. A really bad patch. And that started when she was a teen. If Miley’s going that way, I don’t think she belongs as a rolemodel. That’s the wrong way to lead kids.

    Oh, and I didn’t enjoy her song much, either. Not a fan of her voice, to say the least.

  • Elena

    @char: I agree with this!!!

  • cgdomz

    if she didn’t hold the pole she would have fallen down. people need to focus their attention on better things and stop making this a big deal!

  • listen to mayday parade

    the outfit was trashy but whatever i still love her.
    Also I didnt watch.. does anyone know if they ended up cutting out dane cooks part when he calls out vanessa hudgson? He told her to keep her clothes on, and that cell phones are for talking not naked picture taking… I have a feeling they didnt air that but can someone confirm?

  • Matt

    The thing is people are trying to turn Miley into the Hollywood Pariah. Everything she does is made way bigger than it is. It’s not uncommon for popstars to dress in sexy outfits and while I can see where the pole may not have been the best choice to use, I doubt anyone involved even gave it a second thought.

  • JolynnJenae

    @taylor: I’m 14 and I watched the The Kids Choice Awards. So what makes you think a kid (let’s say a 10 year old) wouldn’t watch the The Teen Choice Awards.

  • Emily

    @listen to mayday parade: They cut it out, yup.

  • DemiFan

    some world we live in. Now we all act like we have neveer seen a God Damn ice cream cart in our lives. Seriously, do you people live under rocks or WHAT? If Selena did this, no one would give a shit! Just like no one gave a shit when she boo hooed at the TCA’s last night but BLASTED Miley when she cried at the Kids Choice Awards. For GODSAKES let the girl LIVE HER DAMN LIFE

  • crystalclear4eva

    shes not pole dancing its called a performance why cant people accept the fact that its a performance wats the whole point in hatin someone u dont knw im 18yrs old and i luv selena miley and demi i get that they hve lil kids who look up to them but miley wants to show us that she can have a older audience 18 and i watch theyre shows.i hope people will understand that not only miley but selena and demi will make mistakes when theyre time comes and ill be there to support them no matter what. – mercedes

  • DemiFan

    @Emily: I hate how people belive just because Miley dose stuff other people will do it when in the end, they were already doing it WAY BEFORE she came along.

  • Jenny

    Miley’s AWESOME. I think this was just her way of saying “up yours, I’m over it. Move on, cause I have!”
    can you honestly say that if you saw a pole you wouldnt feel an urge to spin around it ? spinning around poles is fun :D

  • Bad… NOTTT

    after watching the tca’s i seen that miley is indeed copying brittney on every thing she does from her dancing to her dressing,but you fail miley your no brittney and you will never BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • DemiFan

    @the fame: unlike your hooker Miss Hudgens who can’t keep her damn clothes on?

  • crystalclear4eva

    @the fame do u even knw the definition of slut? I think not!!! Therefore u made ur self look like a complete idiot, where are ur parents? They must be ashamed to raise someone like u.@bad…..not what makes u think she would want to be britney u dont even deserve to put britney in the same sentence as miley so gtfo the post u freakk!!!

  • miley fan #1

    Gosh her preformance was really good u people need to chill let her be geese she is alsome love you miley

  • Clarissa

    people are just making a big deal out of it. she gave a great performance and one little thing has got everyone saying stuff about her.
    Come on all you haters out there, just shut up.
    it wasn’t pole dancing…not even close.

  • rock_chic_chick

    WTF one if the lines in the song is she went to a bar, she isnt even legal to go to bars she is only 16 for god sake. vile f*cking skank should just f*ck off with her trampy family!

  • 17GarySpurs17

    Face it u twats she poll danced… All u losers whi say she hasnt are just idiots!!

    But Miley is so sexy so she can do whatever she wants!!

  • Brti

    @taylor: yeah it is the TCA but do you think that is going to stop younger kids from watching? NO, just like how teenager watched the KCA, same damn things, that whole ice-cream cart pole thing was not needed, she could have chosen not to get on it, that is why people are blowing, and also what are you going to say about her clothes, i know you arent going to say”well that is how all teenager dress” because that is a lie, point blank, miley is a minor and she made some bad decisions last night, she should of thought of what was going to happen the next day, and now she is getting shit for it, she brought it on herself

  • Brti


    selena would get blasted for the same damn thing so dont even pull that crap, and i would be saying the same thing that i am saying about miley to selena. And second of all selena didnt cry last time, she was shaking but she didnt cry i didnt give shit about miley crying, i thought that was sweet, so stop trying to act like selena wouldnt get bashed, because she would. maybe not at much because it would be her first slip up, but this is what? like miley 3rd slip up now, and people are tired of it, i know i am, i supported her during the pictures, during vanity fair and during the slanted eyes pictures, but with me having a 7 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter, and while we were watching and waiting for her preformance and she came out in such revealing clothes i was disappointed, and so was my daughters, if selena did the same thing this would be coming at her, so dont even try to pull that

  • melissa.*

    in my opinion, people are over-reacting. Of course everyone would know, this would turn into a “big deal” because it’s MILEY CYRUS, and she has a young fan-base, but c’mon do you expect her to sing “I-love-you-let’s-hug” songs in a barney costume forever? she’s GROWING UP. Just like every other teenage girl out there. Just like Brittney Spears, she had her share of mistakes. But still manages to have the biggest sell-out tour of 09′, and a number one album.

    That’s what drives me crazy. People expect her to be perfect, when she isn’t. Nobody is. And wheather you like it or not, she WILL make mistakes. But because she is so popular, the media makes the situatuion ALOT WORSE then it acrually is. Yes, there was a pole involved, so what? It’s not like she’s grinding or humping on it. She slides down the pole for a brief second, what do you expect her to just stand there like a stick? She’s gonna move around. The pole was there to maintain her balance so she wouldn’t fall.

    And her outfit? very cute. Nothing to revealing. Heck, I wear similar outfts when I head to the mall with my friends. It’s an AWARD SHOW. And it is called, TEEN CHOICE AWARDS. Most teens are watching, and with the exception of some kids. But seriously people? I’ll admit it was a little more edgy then usual, but nothing to kill her for. I’m 15, and I watched the TCA’s last night, my POV, being a teen and all, nothing special or to argue for. She maybe 16 and all, but she’s gonna go through phases, and it just makes it harder for her to stay grounded, when there are 4757615294 people watching and critizing your every move, and hating and bashing you every split second. Just give her a break.

    Please don’t hate on me. I’m not trying to offend anyone, just saying what I feel.

  • gigi0326

    OK, 1st I see girls on the streets wearing the same things if not less than that and yes at 16 & 17. Its a performance, that’s it people, she is no longer a teeny bop, she is turning 17 and then 18. That was not a pole dance, if you have ever been to one of those pole exercise classes and seen a strip show you would know that. I thought she was doing the dukes thing for the south. Also, I think she stood on the truck so that everyone could see her, its difficult to reach your entire audience on the ground. Leave that young lady alone…its a lot worse going on in the streets. AND as for Disney, they should distance themselves, their age group is 6-14, she’s 17 in my book…GET A LIFE!!! And on her little sister, DAMN how many kids swing on poles?? Again, lets really clarify pole dancing!!

  • ally

    I personally dont think it was a big deal because she was just holding onto it so she wouldnt fall. However, they knew what it would look like, so i think the should have just ditched the whole dancing on top of an ice cream cart idea. But, people are just making a big deal about it because its Miley Cyrus and little girls look up to her.

  • danna

    That was not bad she was just simply holding on to the pole for support and dropped down once!I say it was one of her best performance.

  • naomi

    she done nothing wrong and every1 ays ppl look up 2 her yeah they do but they shouldnt copy what she does what she does is up 2 her and no one else seriously no one would copy there best friend would they so just because miley is famous why should ppl copy her miley rocks keep th good work up girl!!! oh and i thought it was amazing performance =) ppl seriously need 2 lay off miley and get something better 2 do nd plz get ove this whole pole thing it was nothing

  • Stingrayvette1975


  • KMAC

    Miley held a pole and dropped once and the world stopped,Mike Tyson a convicted sex offender cut Joe Jonas hair and thats fine, Kim Kardashian known for her Youtube sex tape hug and squeeze Nick and everyone clapped,so tell me why focus on one when there were more

  • Em&ems

    Ok…theres a pole and its not pole dancing and I have seen alot of girls wear short shorts and her shirt is called a cut off and once again alot of people where I am from wear them…its blowing out of portion just drop it.