Alex Pettyfer is Kyle Kingson

Alex Pettyfer is Kyle Kingson

A bare-chested Alex Pettyfer looks nothing like the Beast in this new still from his upcoming movie Beastly.

In the modern-day tale of Beauty and The Beast, the 19-year-old plays lead Kyle Kingson, a popular kid with a mean streak who ditches a date. His date, Kendra, turns out to be a witch who curses him to become everything he hates. The grotesque transformation leaves him with the seemingly impossible task of finding true love to break the ugly spell.

The flick also stars Vanessa Hudgens as Kyle’s true love, Mary-Kate Olsen as witch Kendra and Neil Patrick Harris as tutor Will.

Beastly is expected to hit theaters in July 2010.

10+ stills and behind-the-scenes pics inside…

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Photos: CBS Films
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  • nikki

    no that good looking, he looks weird

  • brazillovesvanessa

    he’s hot

  • alicia

    he look ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot vanessa and alex cutest couple on-secreen not of-secreen cause zanessa forever

  • Carol

    He is hot!!!

  • Caro


  • brazillovesvanessa

    he’s really hot and handsome

  • LOL

    can’t wait for the movie !

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    HE’S HOT!! VANESSA’S HOT!!! What a great movie this is going to be.

  • daniel

    VANESSA and alex =)

    the book is awesome and vanessa is perfect for the rol

    BEASTLY ROCKS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • daniel

    i can’t wait 4 the sneak peek

  • sunni

    vanessa has lots of movies

    beaslty, bandslam, sucker punch
    hope ashley can do the same

  • jessss

    Nessa’s on a role

  • istar

    ahhh… omg! more beastly stuff!! im sooo excited 4 this movie :DDD i love vanessa and alex!!!

  • the fame

    HOOT! vanessa and alex make a great couple, cant wait to see the movie

  • i love vanessa

    I love all the Beastly news !
    I so cant wait till this movie :D

  • daniel

    #13 agree V&A =perfect

  • Karen

    Alex is the hottest most gorgeous guy ever.

  • Gre

    Come on, Alex.
    Every time I see you I can’t breath.


    You make me feel like this.

  • svenja**

    I love the book but Vanessa Hudgenas just don’t fit the part of Lindy.. Anyways, Alex looks hot :)

  • misty

    cant wait till the movie comes out vanessa and alex are great forthis movie
    (for the dutch people it,s comes 24 november 2010 in theater)
    cant wait for the sneak peeks
    but first bandslam it,s a great movie for all age,s

  • teamhudgens

    vanessa is amazing..
    i can’t wait for this movie!

  • Marce

    Alex!!! OMG!!!
    This man can’t be more sexy and hot!!
    Love u!
    U are perfect for this movie… simply
    Vanessa!! I love so much girl!
    i love this couple in the movie =)

  • masbonita

    OH MY GO…rgeus ALEX!!!!! Perfection … to much . YOu have no idea how much I want to see this movie .
    and yes alicia they are the cutes couple on screen … because off screen HE IS MINE!!!!

  • bbv

    All Vanessa’s haters that says she’s not pretty-there is a proof-if she was ugly,so why she roled to LINDA?linda supposed to be pretty,sweet and nice and thats the reason that Vanessa is Linda.Because she is pretty.
    I’m saying that cuz people saying shes ugly on some forum.they hate her for nothing.


  • Leslie

    Alex is the best looking guy on the planet. I can’t wait to see him as the beast!

  • Helen walsh

    vanessa is only in this movie because it needed a big, recent name to give it attention. she’s NOTHING like the character in the book. what an excuse to make money

  • rachel

    I CANT WAITTT!!! :)
    the booook is soo awesome and i love vanessa <333

  • lizzy

    AHHH!! I seriously can NOT wait for this movie! It’s going to be amazing! I love Alex, he’s so great and perfect for this role so is vanessa! Love the casting! please send more movie details and pics!!

  • masbonita

    I don’t care if she is not like Lindy in the book . ( I love the book ) SHE IS THE PERFECT CAST ANYWAY . I got the book after I knew V was going to be linda and Alex as Kile and I could picture them all the way in the story ……. of course I was picturing Alex more ……but I can see they will have the perfect on-screen chemistry!!!!!

  • jo

    dAYM! is all i gotta say. Can’t wait for this movie

  • Rickii

    V&A = HOT


  • heather

    they put her as Linda cause they thought she fit the role, and she does.
    Actors doesn’t always have to be like the character, just look at twilight
    Edward is supposed to be this gorgeous, beautiful man, yet they put Robert Pattinson as the actor, and trust me Robert is everything but beautiful.

    i cannot wait for Beastly!
    and Alex is hot!!!

  • marief

    @Helen walsh: Lol^^ Now I don’t wanna misunderstand anyone and correct me if i’m wrong but you wrote ” vanessa is only in this movie because it needed a big, recent name to give it attention. she’s NOTHING like the character in the book. what an excuse to make money. ” ?
    Ok , excuse me but how can you admit she is a big name then say she is nothing ? You’re a litte confused…
    Vanessa is making it clear she plans on staying with movies for a while, as in forever. She performed at the oscars and has already two movies on the making ! So get used to it !
    I can’t wait for Beastly !!!

  • Leslie

    Alex is beautiful.

  • marief

    i mean nothing like the character on the book..she got the role and there is nothing else to say. Trust me the producers are not stupid !

  • danielle


  • istar

    @heather: OMG…HAHAHAH… i completel agree with ur perception of Rpatz LOL.

    also, V does rock. and thats the reason she got the role. :DD

  • birdie

    I am so excited for this movie. He’s perfect for the part and I love
    Vanessa they’re going to make quite a romantic pair in the film.

  • Katy

    I read the book ‘Beatly’ by Alex Flinn and in the novel, the character’s name is Kyle Kingsbury. I wonder why they are changing it to Kingson…

  • masbonita

    Yes, I think they change everyones last name lindy too. More info in Wikipedia

  • Lia

    Alex is so stunning – I have never seen any guy look that hot.

  • masbonita

    From wikipedia:
    The filmmakers began with altering the surnames. Instead of having Kingsbury as Kyle’s last name, it was changed to Kingson. Same with Linda’s, her last name, Owens was replaced to Taylor. In the novel, Linda was suppose to have red hair and green eyes, but Hudgens maintained her black hair and blue eyes for the film.[9][7] Kendra Hilferty’s appearance in the film is not the same with what was said in the book. She was supposed to be “fat, gothic with green hair”, but instead, she appeared to only have a gothic style, minus the green hair and the fat body attributes. In the book, Kyle has only met Linda briefly at a dance, and later, after being turned into a beast, becomes obsessed with spying on her through a magic mirror. In the film adaptation, screenwriter Barnz added a background story of them, and making them have met each other before but not often.[10] Some changes in the plot were done, as well. In the book, Linda’s father is a drug dealer who trespassed Kyle’s garden (as the merchant trespassed in the Beast’s garden in classic versions of the tale, including le Prince de Beaumont’s famous adaptation), but in the film adaptation, they revised it so that Linda’s father is a drug addict who runs into Kyle as he tries to kill his threatening dealer. Instead of having a prom, in the film, they are having an “environmental bash”. In the novel, “Magda” was Latina, but in the film, she was revised to “Zola”, someone Jamaican.[7] One major difference from the novel is that the maid isn’t Kendra in disguise, trying to keep tabs on Kyle.[11]

  • sharon

    He looks hot!Cab’t wait for Beastly!Love you,Alex and Vanessa!

  • Jess!

    can’t wait

  • Jess!

    he´s HOT!!!

  • humble

    I can’t understand what the difference of how the characters are in the book and what is cast in the movies, since when do directors follow exactly what is in the book, even the story line changes. What on earth are you young people thinking, why do you hate Vanessa so much, are you all in the same group of haters that constantly contaminate the threads of anything pertaining to Vanessa. Whatever you problems are that you hate Vanessa, Please keep them to yourselves, you’re getting uglier and uglier each time you post. Leave the girl alone, she enjoys being a movie actress, is living life her own way and it’s none of our business to judge her and more than the media tends to playoff more than the truth so—–Leave Vanessa alone with all your hate comments and vulagr language, SHE DID NOTHING TO YOU!!!!!

  • love

    Vanessa is GEORGOUS in that picture with the scarf. She is flawless and amazing, i amdire her soo much! :)

  • Boji

    He will be the next Hottie, I can guarantee you that. He’s got the looks, the height, the body, the voice and the personality. I hope he’ll do well in Hollywood and gets snapped up soon, otherwise we’ll lose him to dreary old Britain.

  • Rachael

    He actually makes me dizzy with his hotness.

  • yets

    i love vanessa
    so for her i will watch this movie.

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