Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Send It On

Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Send It On

Nick Jonas plays a soft melody as on-and-off-girlfriend Miley Cyrus sings the first bar in the official music video for Disney’s Friends For Change’s “Send It On.”

Joe and Kevin Jonas plus BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez also take part in the video.

Disney’s Friends for Change: Project Green unites 29 Disney stars and invite viewers to join together a make a difference to protect planet Earth. Check out the vid below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the “Send It On” video?

Disney’s Friends For Change – “Send It On” Music Video
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  • kasia

    adorablee :]

  • kasia

    i loved the niley and demi parts :)

    selena doesnt compare…

  • jillrose

    sooo cute!! Niley♥ and Jemi♥
    but ugh not selena

  • anna

    Nick and Miley were amazing(:
    as were Demi and Joe.
    Love the music video.

  • kasia



  • larissa


  • SJS

    I hate it when people, especially the media, turn everything into a “Niley” thing. This isn’t about them, it’s about giving back and doing good things. If you’re gonna show the artists, then show ALL OF THEM. I love Nick and Miley, but it really takes away from the message and the others involved when the media does this.

  • Witch

    I Love NiLey……
    I hope the best 4 them :)


    OMG!!! How cute is that video!!!

    Niley takes all the atention.. and Jemi is beautiful too

    Selena and Kevin almost don’t appear.. but Kevin is cute and Selena is adorable with Demi on the sofa scene!!!


  • jazmin

    i liked it, it was super cute, dont get me wrong,
    but they really did focus to much on nick and miley.
    i know they are the ‘main’ singers but still.
    oh well, and dont say im jealous, cause im not. i think they all sang beautifully.
    my opinion.

  • vanessa

    ok whats up with selena part… she really not that great people

  • Sum

    i love this i love miley’s voice but in 2:23 DEMI SING IT and MILEY FACE WAS RIGHT THERE! is REALLY unfair.
    Still love Miles,Jobros,Demi and Sel

  • Bad… NOTTT

    selena has an awesome voice i love it,cant wait to hear her music

  • Camilla

    Disney got right. She used all its power (its biggest stars) to send a message to everybody to save our planet!

    Beautiful video!

  • mE

    omg selenas voice is amazing,mileys sounds like a box of chipmunks on speed

  • Megan

    i love it. i think its a good way to show how the stars give back and how they do care about going green! nick and miley are so friggen adorable!! selena cant sing though…thats why she has like 2 parts…haha…i loved it<33

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    this video was soo cutee and it did state a very good point to help the planet and i also like they partnered all of them up and they all sang it beautifully :D

  • Donia

    Love Niley’s part….
    This MV and the SONG will be the best without Selena…
    She can’t sing…
    I even cannot hear her voice from the song…
    And she acts weird in the MV…
    Destroy it totally…

  • Megan

    @mE: uhmm….selena cant sing. she sang like two parts. miley sounded amazing. her and demi sang like half of the song…amazingly…nick and joe sounded great too, but uhhh selena cant sing for her life….im not hating….im just sayingg

  • Jon


  • Whitney

    Great video! All of their voices together sound amazing! I do agree that not everything has to be turned into a “Niley” thing. It does take away from the actual meaning of the vid, because a lot of the camera shots were of both of them. But whatever. Great video! Great singers! Amazing song!

  • tikky

    @jazmin: @cAROLINE: @Witch: @SJS: @larissa: @kasia: @anna: @jillrose: @kasia: @kasia: Hey guys, since ur all into these stars (admit it, u wudnt be refreshing JJJ that often if not (: ), does sumone maybe have a twitter account? Mine goes #rihrih78666
    tnx in advance

  • Megan

    @jazmin: lol obviously your not jealous. haha…but yeah nick and miley are the main people….but they focused on demi and joe a lot….i actually think it was all equal.

  • kc

    Eww. Demi looked all sweaty and dirty.

  • Musicfan

    Yeah… They did focus only on Nick and Miley, maybe cuz they’re very cute together, but still it’s not a reason. Selena almost doesn’t appear!

    The video is really great so its the message

    love everything about it

  • lisa

    These two have great chemistry its amazing and if anyone says differently than they are just jealous. i love this video and i love them i hope they work it out between them one day because what they have might be hard to replace.

  • natalie

    disney is so smart!
    they would give ‘niley’ the most camera time.
    i love them both, but seriously,
    they kinda showed joe and demi, and bearly showed selena and kevin!
    yeah, so they didnt have the biggest part, but stills, they were part of the video.
    eh, whatever. it was a good song/video.

  • Keke

    I am getting so SICK of this “niley” crap, i might not even bother to watch the video!!

  • Megan

    @cAROLINE: selena and kevin arent shown that much cuz neither of them sing….well selena caant sing but yea….disney just has to make everyone believe she can sing for more money. they should appriciate the natural voices of people like miley and jb

  • Kiera w.

    To Tell the truth..
    Omg Miley and Nicks Part Was really cute..
    And The part where miley jumped and then joe copyed her and jumped and almost fell was HILARIOUS..
    Omg I wonder if someone fell during the taping of this movie! LOL.. SOO FUNNY!

  • jo

    Miley sounds amazing!!

  • Bam 1 2 3

    Ok some of you are saying “To many niley parts”… I think its equal between jemi and niley but w.e…
    And it makes since with the niley stuff because they said nick AND miley wrote the song… So yea.. But ok I thought the whole thing was cute

  • mej1031

    this video was GREAT!! i love it..and really intruly nick and miley dont really take over the video, i think we are just noticing them more b/c we are looking for them more..if you get what i mean…but if you just check the connection between miley and nick its unbelievable!! haha..but anyways, selena can sing..she’s just not as noticable b/c she doesnt really focus on singing as much! buttt shes not better than miley nor demi! really intruly demi and miley are equal they both are talented..selena is good just not as good! haha. Jonas brothers are just AMAZING! they did a good job on the music video..really god job.

  • yarimar

    me encanto esta bellisiimo ese video felicidades a todos! los amo nick salistes beiia , miley como una diva como lo que es ella te quiero miley eres tremenda actrists

    selena la mejorrrrrrrrrr

    demi cm siempre de beiia unikaa

  • Ruby

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it it is so inspiring amd touching with a great melodie loved their voices they all combined in a perfect way!!!!! loved it i was soooooooooo moved i almost cried lol anyways good job!!!!

  • tikky

    @Kiera w.: yea it was real fun (: i also cought that part

  • Vanessa

    and I think selena can sing, I mean she’s not that bad
    And I like jemi soooooooooo much they should tottaly get together Btw age ain’t nothin’ but a number
    anyways I love the song/video

  • cynthia

    love ittt! :D
    kevin sings :]]]

  • jemma

    OMG! They are all so gorgeous! This campaign rocks! And Disney really has a way of making money i must admit (:

  • brit

    oh jeeeee
    miley nick joe and demi, amazing.
    kevin, haha awe!
    selena, get outta town :)
    i love ya buuuuut nothing compares to them
    i think its so cool that they all came together though :)

  • http://justjaredjr Marisa

    wow!!!! that was amazing!! i loved miley and nicks part alsooooo JOE AND DEMI’S PART THAT WAS SOOO ADORABLE!! THAT WAS SOOO SWEET AND I HAD CHILLS!!!! LOVE U DEMI AND JOE!!!!

  • Carter

    I like the transition of voices from Demi’s powerful voice to Selena’s mellow husky voice. They’re both great.

    Off topic but I think Miley looks too old for Nick.

  • katelynn

    omg amazing!! this video was soo touching idk why! i loved it! it really made me think! awesome and outstanding job!

  • lisa

    @Megan: You’re lying. Because you say that she can’t sing like it’s a fact. You can say ‘I don’t think she can sing’ but you can’t say what you said. Almost everybody can sing but some have an stronger voice and some have an better voice.

    I though it was to much nick&miley in this video. i would have loved to see selena and mostly kevin more! it’s a really good message though :)

  • Jenn

    cute song…
    but notice theres absolutely NO miley/selena interaction? haha, that made me laugh.. i like it though

  • Lili

    Nick J and Miley sound really, really good together. I’m surprised. And Joe J made me laugh throughout the whole thing, I love him. (: Selena and Kevin were sort of weak compared to the rest but nice to include them anyway.

  • AJ

    Demi has the best voice.

  • mirna

    @lisa: i agree with you in every word you said

  • Sammie Broflovski

    @kasia: o god. selena should even be on the disney channel. or any channel..

  • katie

    lol SO cheesy. but i love it. nick and miley sound great and so do demi and joe. that weird airplane thing nick did made me laugh. and the ending was cute.

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