Selena Gomez Is Gonna Arrive

Selena Gomez Is Gonna Arrive

Selena Gomez bobs her head up and down with four talented dancers in the new full music video, “I’m Gonna Arrive.”

A part of the Sears Arrive campaign, the 16-year-old Teen Choice Celebrity Dancer winner, walks and dances through at least five different types of dance sequences. Keep checking to see how you can be part of the ultimate air band with Selena.

According to Amazon, Sel will also be going by Selena and The Scene for her first official record. What do you think of that name?

“I’m Gonna Arrive” Music Video feat. Selena Gomez
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  • Paris H

    vanessa’s sears music video Commercial was so much better

  • grace

    all she does is walk in it,
    at least shes gorgeous…
    although i prefer the vanessa hudgens one….. shes dancing in it.
    hopefully if they do another ad selena will do more.

  • Paris H

    but that one was so gr8

  • josie

    why sears?
    & i dont really like the name.
    but i like her.

  • Naomi

    well, that was err.. um. uhhh.. int..eresting

  • jkm

    its not bad at all but I prefer nessa´s video

  • kiara

    Yes Selena stand and look pretty….

    Am the only one who didn’t understand the celeb dancer thing no one in the caterogy really was dancer

    she looks cute though

  • cassie


  • fernanda

    awww, so cute my baby selena *———* i love you so much (L) i need selena in Brazil now!

  • tabia

    vanessa’s was better

  • LOL

    I love you selena :) and the record name is awesome !! so catchy,

  • Talyta

    I love Sel but Vanessa´s comercia was alot better no offense

  • Talyta

    @fernanda: your from brazil awesome im from there too (i am there) watever

  • iluvrobpattz

    its nice but i like vanessa’s better

  • Sammie Broflovski

    ahh she’s so lame :)

  • Anna

    For those saying all she did was stand there, that’s kind of the point! The point of the video was to show off the airband, so that’s why they had those complicated dances! Selena was there to get people to watch it, not to show off what I’m sure is her awesome dance skills.

  • leah

    The video isn’t about Selena it’s about the AIRBAND. Stop coming and here and saying Vanessa’s was better. That’s rude I think Vanessa did a very good job and so did Selena so stop comparing them. They are obviously friends because they took picture at the TCA’s and Vanessa was clapping for her so STOP. I don’t get it.. Selena and the Scene? I would prefer just Selena Gomez, but I guess it’s just about the music… I’m excited for the cd though! When is the single being released though?

  • leah

    Oh gosh can somebody please please tell Selena to change her name that is a fail. This is coming from a fan. I’m trying to put it in the nicest way i can. Come on Selena and The Scene Gomez? That sounds very off….

  • Anna

    By “the scene”, I think they mean her band. It’s a kinda stupid name, but then again, amazon isn’t that reliable so calm down.
    But her CD title is awesome! Kiss and Tell. Pretty much the coolest album title ever!

  • Whitney

    She rocks their clothes.

  • nikki

    @leah: amazon got it wrong it isnt that

  • Tiffany

    Selena just tweeted her band name.
    It is officially “Selena Gomez and The Scene”

  • molleydean

    The scene? What is that? They r cool, not the band name!
    Sears video: cool, but nessa’s way cooler!

  • josie

    @nikki: no, she said on her twitter her band is selena gomez & the scene. i don’t like that name, but its the music that counts..
    and i’m excited for her album!

  • lalalove

    Wow, those are some talented kids.

  • angelie.

    I like the fact that Selena gave her a name to the band instead of just being “Selena Gomez”. It’s so different from the other disney stars/singers.

  • sheeemmyy

    Okaay, my opinion on this vid is that she didnt really do anything, and if she’s coming out with an album, why couldnt they make her sing in the commercial ? instead, they had these little kids lip sync instead. so corny. plus, she tried dancing, but the little kids were better than her. in my opinion, the commercial would’ve been the same with or without her, bcuz she didnt really contribute to it, except show off clothes and her pretty face. I dont know about it, but vanessa’s was way better last year. they have some really cute clothes though

    = ) <3

  • Alex

    I wish selena had sung the song. I think the kids are talented dancers but I dont like that they were lip synching to the song. I liked vanessa’s better

  • anooda

    i love you selena you rock!!

  • Samantha

    The name.. tbh; childish.. very

  • Nicole

    She’s seventeen!

  • tan

    why doesnt she dance ? i mean she did win female dancer then why didnt she dance ?

  • voteforselena!!!

    selena is the best!

  • jimmy

    That’s so Great I Love It, Vanessa’s sears arrive is not much better.
    Selena’s sears arrive is so good, i love it

  • kyralovesgosling182




  • Charlii (zanessa Supporter)

    @leah: i have it would you like it?

  • farah


  • tan

    but she is still amazing

  • Divine Goddess

    Vanessa Hudgens ROCKED the Sears commericals last year. Selena? Not so much

>>>>>>> staging1