Vanessa Hudgens Jams To Janis Joplin

Vanessa Hudgens Jams To Janis Joplin

Check out one of the five new Vanessa Hudgens print ads for Ecko Red!

The 20-year-old actress recently chatted with Moviefone about her upcoming role in Bandslam. Vanessa shared about her music loves, hobbies that no one knows about and working with Mary-Kate Olsen in the upcoming Beastly. Check it:

On her closet hobby of photography: “I think it’s a lot of fun … savoring the moment. I get to go to all these beautiful places, so it’s nice being able to take pictures of it.”

On picking an Oscar over a Grammy: “I feel like acting is something I’ve been working towards longer. And it would be great to win a Grammy, of course, but for some reason, an Oscar speaks more to me.”

On listening to classic rockers: “Janis Joplin [Big Brother and the Holding Company]. I just love her, I think she was so talented, and she was just phenomenal. She had a great sound, and her band was great. I think that she was awesome.”

On working with fashion icon Mary-Kate Olsen: “We had a great time. She’s a really cool girl. We went vintage shopping, we hung out and went grocery shopping [laughs]. I mean it was mostly work, but we hung out on set. She always has [influenced my style]. She takes these crazy risks and she has her own style and doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks … she’s awesome.”

Stay tuned to JJJ for our exclusive interview with Vanessa!

Bandslam hits theaters THIS Friday, August 14th.

Behind-The-Scenes of Vanessa Hudgens’ Ecko Red Commercial
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    FIRST!! Beautiful young woman!

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    i think we all saw her love of photography on the internet

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    Go Vanessa! we will be always on your side! cant’ wait for Bandslam!!!!!!!!!

  • birdie

    She’s so beautiful in that video ans she’s a perfect spokesperson
    for Ecko Red. I really loved the interview, she’s very realistic about what she has chosen to do. I love the focus and maturity in such a young person. Most 20 year olds are still in the party, I don’t know what I want to do mode. Congratulations Vanessa your a perfect example of someone who can overcome adversity and move foward in a positive direction.

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    #2 & # 4 r talking about her n*d* pics !!

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    So damn beautiful *-* love her

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    i love those shoots, looks like ecko really love her and are making a lot of money with her face

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    banslam your have too see it it,s really great (not only for kids)

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    Can’t wait for your interview Jared.

    Thanks for posting JJJr.

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    @Anna: @becky: Please people you have loudly expressed your dislike for her and the subject of your discussion, what good does it do you to keep bringing it up? Is your mind so consumed by it that you are so bitter? Let It Go and move on she has for she has done nothing wrong, it’s people like you that do wrong but just don’t see it or refuse to. Let It Go it’s not worth talking about it’s old news.

  • nicci

    i can not wait for bandslam . she look so beauitful in the video. WE LOVE YOU BABY V

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    Even though I think she’s a slut, I have to admit, she is quite pretty and actually talented, she’s not that bad of a singer. But seriously, she should not be allowed to have a cell phone.
    *no i am not a hater*

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    *btw nice pik

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    She’s so gr8 i love her and i hop she win the oscar in some day

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    She always has class…Haters hate because she has style, class, beauty and talent…..All the best celebrities have tons of haters

    Jealousy and a poor upbringing makes haters hate

    And chasing there 15 minutes makes them post

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    People lets stop with the picture incident. We all know that those pics were not recent, that was last weeks news.
    Anywho, Vanessa looks stunning! Can’t wait for Bandslam this weekend!

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    goo see bandslammm !

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    Vanessa chica linda
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    Vanessa Hudgens is one of the Hottest Women in the world!and she was on the Maxim list.she always 20!!!
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