Vanessa Hudgens Starts On Sucker Punch

Vanessa Hudgens Starts On Sucker Punch

Hiding behind a newsboy cap, Vanessa Hudgens heads out for her first day of Sucker Punch rehearsals in Vancouver on Tuesday morning (August 11).

The 20-year-old actress stars as Blondie in the upcoming fantasy thriller. Sucker Punch is set in the 1950s and follows a little girl (Emily Browning) who is trying to hide from the pain caused by her evil stepfather and lobotomy. She ends up in mental institution and while there she starts to imagine alternative reality.

The flick also stars Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung. The movie is set to hit theaters in 2011.

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Credit: Whittle/Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Tiptoes

    I can’t wait for this movie….its going to be zwesome!

  • Karen

    Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful face, Vanessa. We love you!

  • Karen

    BTW, anyone thinking she had gained so much weight last week…it would see that is a myth.

  • cindy

    Go get em, Vanessa!

  • Karen

    OK, where are my comments, JJJ? I guess about 50 will appear all at once! LOL

  • heat.

    omg I am so excited for this movie fbfhfsghjdgh

  • Carol

    Gaaaaah I love her!!
    It finally started!!

  • v fan

    YAAAY this movie is gonna be awesome ! Good Lucky V !

  • pink sugar

    Go Vanessa.

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    I’m so excited about her doing this movie. Go BABY V!!!

  • gracemarie

    Off to work I’m so excited for her. THis is going to be great

  • Lee

    omg I wanna see sucker punch *-* Vanessa I love u

  • Em

    I know this movie is an action film but it seems to also really carry a very heavy story line. I must admit I always knew she’d go on to do better and greater things but I’m still impressed. Zack Synder seems to be very passionate about this film in particular more than 300 or Watchmen, since he is also writing the story. I think we can all expect great things.
    I’m so excited for this film.

  • Alyssaaa

    @julia: if you have nothing nicee to say,dont say it.

  • masbonita

    Go V!!! Thanks JJJ

  • Pri

    LOOOOOOVE HER! so exited to sucker punch

  • dots

    Cannot wait for this movie!
    It’s going to be amazing.
    You can’t see her face, she’s wearing sweats,
    and yet she still manages to looks beautiful.

  • dark night

    yes yes that’s just so gr8 i’m so excited

  • kristy

    cant wait for Suckerpunch. it sounds awesome

  • maichi


  • i love vanessa

    YEY! GO V!!
    i so cant wait!
    I saw Bandslam today!
    OMG it is really amazing ! Better than i thought it would be! i saw so excited for it to start!
    My fav movire EVER now haha!
    Also some girls sitting behind me was talking about V and about the photos leaked they was being really mean about V so i turned around and gave them a mouth full and told them to shut up! You should have heard the tings they were saying !
    But anyway the movie was great and i so cant wait till this one :)

  • julia


    I REALLY dont have nothing against her.. I LOVE her work in HSM, but I was just commenting on her nacked pictures..

    I think it was rude for Dani Cook doing that.. but she MUST stop otherwise she ‘ll always be embarassed :(

  • gracemarie


    Th pixs were old how many times does that have to be said.

    Secondly look how close the pap is up in her face that’s just plain annoying

  • gracemarie

    @i love vanessa:

    They were talkng about her but theypaid the $10 to see her.

  • Kaitlin

    I can’t wait for Sucker Punch to start filming. Thanks for posting. She looks good!

  • tan

    maybe she has no makeup on thats why shes not showing her face ! vanessa show your beautiful face dont be ashamed of that dane cook he is a stupid guy and thats what stupid guys do if they want the fame they will never have !!! GO VANESSA LOVE U !!

  • ladysdsandiego

    yay finally!!!

    i can’t wait for this movie!!!

  • mikaela

    so excited :D
    and not just in the movie ;D

  • nadia

    always work is good

    sweet bbv :)

  • Rickii

    GO V <3

  • nicci



  • Rachel

    @gracemarie: Old?? Ya. the first set were. She had atleast 2 more realized on the 5th (right when bandslam came out). That is 2 nude photo scandals! Research a bit first.

    Jared, Also why are you avoiding the second scandal? Hers and Ashley Greene’s? Both have had nudes released recently. Don’t believe me? Google it.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    She even looks cute in sweats ;)
    Cant wait for this movie!
    Love ya Baby-V!

  • sara12

    I am so excited for SP

  • sweetnessa

    i can’t wait for sucker punch !!! i’m so excited .

  • misty

    vanessa is beautiful even without make-up
    cant wait for bandslam,beastly and def. sucker punch i love you vanessa
    this movie is going to be great

  • kristy

    @julia: she has stopped. the recent pics were old. already proven. tired of pointing it out

  • gracemarie


    I did the research when you run the pixs through a computer program they predate the last pixs – they are from 2006 and the websites then took the pixs down when they realized her lawyers were right and she was still a minor. If the computers had given a date when she was over 18 no website would have been legally bound to take them down.

    It seem you need to do some research and learn how to be more computer literate.

  • gracemarie


    As for JJ he possesses some scruples ( thank you JJ’s mother and dad) something you sorely lack. For you information JJ didn’t carry the pixs from the last picture story either. He doesn’t show questionable underage pixs and btw he posses the same progam that can date any picture you give it so he already knew she was underage.

    Go peddle your sick, scandal loving mind somewhere else.

  • eil


    i think she´s feel bad for all in tca awards

  • Jess!

    she is not hiding!
    why you hate her?
    she is gorgeous and strong woman!!! DONT HATE!!!

  • Alyssaaa


  • hannahh

    hehe beautiful.

    i bet her and zac spent all of yesterday together alone ;)

    cant wait for beastly and SP. xx

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    Can’t wait for Bandslam, Beastly,and now Sucker Punch.Then what comes next?this young woman is soaring and flying to the stars.

  • Jess!

    Dead @ 17!!!

  • Lauren

    i kinda agree with you…its a shame that she did this and for it to be displayed to the whole world….an she is only human after im a huge fan i absoloutely adore her and everything shes doing…and ive commented on her an how much of a fan i actually am…but im glad dane cook said it…shes done this twice now or once but released twice an no ones said anything except perhaps, perez, but lets face it she can’t just expect everyone to feel sorry for her…shes done something not very nice && an i support her in getting over it, i do, its just im glad someone finally said something to her an stopped being all nice towards her, cos lets face it…its not nice

    however, i do feel sorry for her, and hopefully this can get all blown over an it’ll never repeat again, because it could damage her career…hopefully it won’t and shell carry on to have a long great career

  • peggy


    I wonder what we would find on your computer and V has never tried to be anything but herself.

    Anyway enough talk with people who are all about trouble and are so deranged they can’t tell a movie character from a real person

    She going to work how wonderful

  • Jordan

    @Rachel: Do the letters KMA mean anything to you.

    Vanessa always looks good Make-Up or not. I think Her and Ashley look so hot in sweats. :) She must be going to Sucker Punch Combat School :)

  • HsmZanessafansite

    Ok, lets get the facts straight as gracemarie already said..the pics are old..they are NOT new..She learned her lesson, so its over..Done, thats it..
    You do realize, the only reason why everyone is talking about this is, is because of what Dane Cook said at the TCAs…If he never said anything, would you ppl be talking about her now?
    We already forgave her for the first time, so why not now? they were all taken around the same time..
    Watch, when someone else comes into headline, you are all gonna start talking about them and forget about this..
    So, its over and you are giving what Dane Cook wanted..he wanted publicity and you are all giving it to him when you are talking about this..
    If Neutrogena, EckoRed, and others thought she wasn’t a rolemodel, why would they use her for promotions..

    ANYWAY, can’t wait for this movie..can’t wait for all of her other movies..
    <3 you Nessa!!
    and also ever thought, she might just be hiding from the papz because they’ve been getting extra annoying..

  • i love vanessa

    Bandslam interview :D
    Why do haters come on here?
    Go find celebs you like?
    WE LOVE YOU V !!!

>>>>>>> staging1