Zac Efron Wins The Gold

Zac Efron Wins The Gold

Zac Efron is all smiles as he continues filming his new movie The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud in Vancouver on Tuesday morning (August 11).

The 21-year-old actor arrived on set with a cup of tea in hand and was almost knocked over by a prop cart. Zac quickly laughed it off and finished filming a few scenes on a yacht out at sea.

Zac and costar Charlie Tahan seem to be receiving some sort of award on the docks.

FYI: If you look hard, you can even see Zac‘s younger brother Dylan and dad David in the pics!

WHAT DO YOU THINK the award is for?

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zac efron smiling st cloud 03
zac efron smiling st cloud 04
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Credit: Whittle/Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • tan

    yay zac u r gold !

  • Naomi

    hottest man i have ever seen!
    his arm are just…!!!

  • Angie!

    I can’t wait to see this!
    maybe the medal is for a race.

  • nicci

    he look so hot, i love you zac efron

  • teamhudgens

    he looks handsome everytime <3
    can’t wait for this movie..!

  • the fame

    ew i dont like that hair,but he is hot

  • http://hhy peace95

    he looks so cute.can’t wait for the movie and me and orson welles…go zac!!:)

  • ashlee

    obviously the medalis for sailing since that’s what he seems to be doing in all the pics we get. charlie must be a top notch sailing guy.

  • ashlee

    obviously the medal is for sailing since that’s what he seems to be doing in all the pics we get. charlie must be a top notch sailing guy.

  • Katty

    I like the hair, it makes him look more sophisticated. He’s so cute. Movie looks interesting. Love you, Zac!

  • ashlee

    @the fame:

    honey this is not about him being “hot” it’s about a role he’s playing. he is playing charlie st. cloud not zac efron. so why don’t you be realistic and say you don’t like the look of the character he’s playing. no wonder there are so many nut case fan forums on the internet. people can’t separate the real people from their movie characters. crazy.

  • diana

    hello hottie. (;

  • fersken22
  • Athenais

    Zac is a gold boy …

  • nadia

    Cutie ^^

  • mrsefron.

    for being the most amazing thing on this planettttt.<333

  • Kay

    wonder what the gold was for…

    he looks so hot, love him!

  • bettybaby

    simply unbelievably delicious *Yum….

    its way too early to be excited, but i am LOL

  • lilly

    he looks good! I spy Mr Efron and Dylan too!!

    In the script, Charlie and Sam are members of the schools sailing club, hence the medals!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing.

  • pink sugar

    Zac’s arms are amazing. Love the hair.

  • maichi

    For being born.

  • cindy

    Looking good, Zac! Can’t wait for this movie to come out.

  • Karen

    I cannot wait to see MAOW. On the 17 Again DVD there is the trailer for it and he looks soooo wonderful in that movie. His facial expressions just in the trailer is priceless. However, the 17 Again DVD has me very angry since thee are not bonus features on the standard version. You must get a Bluray disc to get all those extras which is a crock! Too bad if you don’t have a bluray disc player. Plus, hasn’t anyone heard about the budget crunch. I don’t mind buying the DVD for $30 but I really don’t have $200-$300 for a disc player!

  • rg

    Ohhh sooo goood ….!!!!
    he looks sooooo hooot ….!!!!
    i love him soo much ….!!!
    hottest guy ever …..!!!

  • rg

    cant wait to see the movie…!!!!

  • i love vanessa

    i so cant wait till this movie comes out and me and MAOW!
    He looks great :)

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Yummy ;)
    He looks so cute!
    I wanna read the book now only cause Zac stars in the movie!
    GO ZAC!

  • http://myspace dreamer

    he looks so cute
    Can’t wait 2 see the movie

  • tan

    i like zac in every haircut but esp. spikie !!!!!!!!!!! like i said zac u r gold !

  • rose

    wow his hair is growing so fast, btw dylan and david are in vancouver with him aww <3

  • nikki

    ooommggg what a hottie!!!<33 aaahhh!
    the medal is for being the hottest guy on this planet!! :)

  • Molly

    In the book, Charlie (Zac) and Tink save Tess’ life. My guess is that’s what the medals are for.

  • marie


  • brad

    wow! im speechless :) he is the hottest guy in the world

  • brad

    ok i just can not help but look at his ARMS!!!!!! :D

  • nikki

    i know what u mean girl! his arms are huge i wanna cudle with him

  • cindy

    is it just me or does it look like Zac ‘s dad with a blue shirt on in picture #1 and Dylan in a whit tee shirt in pic #4?

  • Skylar

    I just got 17 Again yesterday! I loved how the cover said: Packed with 30 minutes & more of Zac! =) I have a blu ray dvd player so I can see Zac in blu ray. :D 4th time seeing the movie
    Anyway, he looks so amazing in the pictures (like he always does) I love him so much & just want to meet him & Vanessa!
    Speaking of Vanessa, I’m soooo glad they are filming their movies in the same place, =D
    Also, it’s sad that they didn’t win best kiss, that’s the thing I wanted them to win the most, also sad vanessa didn’t win any awards. =(
    It would’ve been really cool too, for them to walk up to the stage as male & female hotie together. :-/
    But love the pics!

  • http://none jasmine

    his arms are the size of my thighs! god he is so freaken sexyyy!!!

  • dina

    Yes Zac certainly does look Yummy like always, but in these pics omg!!! ;-)

    And that is real sweet that he has his dad, brother Dylan there with him while he’s filiming. And also don’t forget Vanessa is in Vancouver as well getting ready for Sucker Punch, he must be really happy to have her closer to him ;-)

  • den


    I was so pissed that here were no bonus features too!! What a total crock! It just smacks of a ploy to get everybody to buy bluray players.
    It really is a slap in the face to fans of the movie!

  • brad

    yah that is his bro and dad!

    but doesnt zac usually get over like 100 comments on ever thing, he is only getting like 40

  • nikki

    yah i got a blu ray, U NEED IT! there is ssoo many zac efron things on it so many specail features!! aaahhh

  • zANTO

    I love you zac!!!you are gorgeous!!!

  • no LOL

    ummmm no there not over, they flew to vancouver together, and were holding hands and hugging at tca09! get ur facts straight women

  • nikki

    uummm no there not over, they flew to vancouver together and were holding hands and hugging and stuff at tca09
    get ur facts straight women

  • kim

    He looks great! I am really looking forward to this movie. I have read the book and it is a beautiful story.

  • aw

    Looks good, I wonder what they changed from book to movie.

    Nice of his family to visit him, you can see them in some pics.

  • Justin

    WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not wait for this movie now! :)

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