Aly Michalka Has Vanessa Hudgens's Back

Aly Michalka Has Vanessa Hudgens's Back

Vanessa Hudgens has amazing friends.

The 20-year-old’s Bandslam costars Aly Michalka and Charlie Saxton recently chatted with E Online to defend their pal against her many online haters.

Charlie, who plays Bug in the rockin’ flick, shared, “It’s so totally uncool. It’s like, come on. Give me a break. She’s such a sweet person, such a nice girl. She really doesn’t deserve all the negativity that she’s getting.”

Aly added, “I think that it’s about people being hard on people just to be hard on them. It’s hard to avoid that sometimes…I think it really is based on that and I think maybe her being with Zac [Efron].”

What great friends! Bandslam hits theaters TOMORROW, August 14th.

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  • lili

    woohoo 1st!!!

    I love Aly and Charlie!!!!….

    and i so agree with what aly said about V being with Zac!


  • dan

    i love vanessa

  • carol


  • sunni

    she needs it
    that dane guy was soo mean
    bu he is a comdy guy
    i really wanna see bandslaammm
    so much

  • Becca

    I dont even see why its so bad, she doesnt have that younger audience anymore. Her fans have grown up with her and those photos were taken too long ago to cause her grief now.

    I admire Vanessa she holds herself so well and Zac is a great boyfriend for her

  • bekkah

    vanessa really does not deserve people too say mean things…but there just jealous. Lots of love v

  • sara12

    Vanessa is beautiful and talented and successful
    I love her so much

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Charlie & Aly are awesome !! I totally agree with Charlie there. She doesn’t deserve the negativity at ALL. Haters need to lay off her. And just like Vanessa’s friends. Us fans got her back too. :D

  • 00zanessa4life00

    vanessa is just awesome and noone should be that mean 2 her !
    i supported her for like agez and ill ever support her !!
    haters should really get a life…

  • Carol

    That’s right!!
    Charlie is so sweet!!!
    And you are so wise Aly!!!
    70% or more of haters is because she dates Zac…Jealousy is one of the worsts feelings a person could have.

    You go V..!!We love you!!!

  • sharon

    I just want to say it again.Haters hate Vanessa before the scandal because of jeslousy,misunderstanding or whatever reason.So now they are happy to finally find an excuese to bash on Vanessa,even though it’s not the main reason they hate Vanessa.Love Vanessa or hate Vanessa,people are really interested in her.The girl has amazing star power.She will definitely prove all the haters wrong with her talent and great personalty.I am glad she has amazing friends by her side.People near her know clearly what kind of peoson she really is.Don’t let the stupid haters bring you down,nessa!We will support you all the way.
    And thanks jjj for supporting Vanessa.

  • jamie

    they’re so right
    to those who hate her why don’t you just move on with your lives instead of tormenting this INNOCENT you woman who did nothing to you!

  • jazmin

    Support V all the way. Love Aly and Charlie.

    Going to see Bandslam with my daughter tomorrow… yay!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting JJJr.

  • hititquitit

    i love them and vanessa

  • mykamicks

    She has so many friends around her. Not only friends to say, but real good friends…. They are kind of the people who really knows the depth sense character of this girl. Love Vanessa’s friends for loving her that much…

  • Roxana

    that’s so true, but im glad V has great friends. and that thing about being with Z makes it even crazier, so many people are jelaous of the situation. Z chose her to be his gf, he loves her and has stood by her side even thru the hard times. if he didnt want to be w/ her he would have broken up with her a while ago, but he didnt he is in love and some people should realize that ..if he is happy with her, or if she makes him happy,they should be also happy for him..Vanessa is such a sweet girl, a human being who makes mistake slike any other, and still until today thru all the negativities she is my inspiration for many thing,s my role model and only because she is herself, always keeps her head up and has an amazing talent. i support he all the way…Thanks Jared for this posting, you are amazing!

  • bee

    Awwwh Charlie <33

    He just totally made me love him more.
    && gotta love Aly.

  • nikki

    haha that is ssoo true MOST haters just hate her cuz she is with ZAC EFRON!!! i mean i am jelous of her too!!!! she gets my mannn!!!

  • Vanessa

    I just realized that’s true haha main reason I don’t like her is cause she’s with zac XD

  • LG

    everything they said is true. love aly and charlie.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Those two are so right, and I’m so happy they show their support for V!
    We all love and support you Vanessa, and we know you’re a strong girl!
    Keep rockin’ Baby-V, you deserve nothing but great things in your life :)

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    You said it right..I totally agree with you!

  • pop86

    If the haters would spend as more time on their careers and personal relationship then they would be less jealous of Vanessa.

  • qiana

    All of the haters need to stop! Vanessa is an amazing young woman. Where’s Ashley in all of this. Scott is keeping her away from Vanessa.But Aly seems like an amazing friend to have,and she has Vanessa’s back.

  • marissa

    vanessa supporter right here since ’06:)
    shes super sweet and anyone would be crazy to talk crap about her.
    meeting her a year ago was a dream come true:)

  • marisol

    I love zanessa

  • Honest

    I’m happy she has amazing friends now but just wish she had amazing friends then. She really don’t deserve this much hate, nobody does. It’s a shame that small minded people get to hide behind their computers and do this much talking about someone they don’t know. But I know vanessa will get through it. Vanessa always have people talking about her and I’m glad it doesn’t faze her. HATERS WILL ALWAYS FIND THEIR WAY TO HATE VANESSA AND HONESTLY PEOPLE SHOULD MOVE ON, GET A LIFE, AND STOP TALKING ABOUT YESTERDAY’S NEWS. It’s sickening that people hold grudges or old news to destroy someone. MOVING ON: People who already seen Bandslam, tell me what you think of it, vanessa’s acting, and the size of people who were in the theaters.

  • Em

    Yes, it’s very obvious that many people have sort of a jealousy or resentment issue of sorts against Vanessa. So when the pictures came out it was the greatest excuse to start bashing her. When any one with maturity and common sense can tell you it’s pretty stupid that it’s even news. But Vanessa seems like such a nice girl it’s a shame that instead of being happy for her they want to bring her down. But thankfully she does have a very strong and loyal fan base as well as group of friends.

  • sunni


    dont put ashley in this
    tis isnt bout ashley
    so shut up like NOW
    excuse me ashness
    was at tca and took pictures
    while scott waas there
    so get a life
    and dont put ashley in this

  • the fame

    i loved charlie’s face when vanessa was dissed by dane , he was in the back and was like -.- not funny dude! those friends are worth keeping them around and i hope vanessa is surrounded by good people that can support her when losers try to damage her and her career.

  • Bia

    woow, i’m so happy to know that vanessa has real my opinion vanessa is NOT wrong because she does what she wants. i think everybody in this world has something that don’t want to talk,a secret, something PRIVATE, you know. and on her cause is photos, what’s the problem with that?????? i don’t care about what haters say, if they think she ugly or has no talent. this kind of people, who take time to say bad bad things about someone who they DON’T know, don’t deserve my attention. I LOVE VANESSA. we’re here for you. OMG, i wanna see bandslam. it’s gonna be such a good movie.

  • nikki

    go comment on zac efron!!!
    keep his comments high so zanessa can stay 1 and 2 on top celebs

  • Katty


    Vanessa took pix with Ashley at the TCA’s, and sat with her and Scott for some of the show. Scott doesn’t control Ashley, she can do as she wants, they are just together, like Zac and Vanessa, Zac doesn’t control her.
    Can’t wait for Bandslam tomorrow! Going to see it Saturday, hopefully.

  • Caro

    OMG, so sweet *·*

  • rose


  • Honest

    ” No matter what you do, you will always have haters.”
    ” You can’t satisfy everyone”
    ” I do what I want to do and I don’t care what anyone thinks”
    ” I’m living my life”
    :Famous or not famous, everybody has haters.

  • sharon

    @Em: I couldn’t agree more!
    @the fame:
    I noticed Charlie’s facial expression too.That’s what a true friend should be.Dane Cook is son of b!tch,so is Perez Hilton. Vanessa definitely doesn’t deserve this sh!t stuff.But Vanessa will be stronger after all this stuff.She has so many true friends by her side.She will survive!!Be strong,nessa!!

  • sharon

    lol.You are dedicated.So funny.

  • Honest

    ^^^^ It’s something everyone has to live with. But I wish vanessa the best because she sure to do have much haters, a normal person can’t handle. She’s a strong girl turning into a strong woman. She’s truly an inspiration.


  • jo

    Bandslam is getting great reviews, So haters can just shove it, basically

  • nicci

    @qiana: i wonder that too.i do not rlly like that guy that Ashley is dating.He is keeping her away from her friends. i do not but i just have a very bad feel about this guy Scott.

    I totally agree with Aly and charlie. i know Vanessa go to become an A-list star. when she become that i would rlly like to see all her hater face , i am sure it going to be priceless


  • birdie

    Charlie and Ali your terrific, most stars are afraid to comment on something like this cuz they’re afraid it will hurt their career, so you
    two are amazing. Everyone support “Bandslam” this weekend it’s
    important to get the numbers on opening weekend.

  • kgg

    Wow! Good to see that Vanessa has Amazing friends and an amazing, supportive boyfriend. She is a strong person, but it seems that someone is always waiting to put her down….hold your head up V and don’t let the naysayers get to you. They’re only jealous and judgemental, and you are the best! Hugs to you!

  • Z&V Fan

    I hope Vanessa heard or see this and realized who are her real friends. Thanks to Charlie and Aly for supporting Vanessa. You are her REAL friends.

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA BRASIL

    the true friends you have in this moment
    lovely, lovely aly and charlie

    starting this moment aly and charlie got a fan “I”

    and very well said aly
    these haters
    are people who would like to be in place for vanessa
    girl, you are talented, beautiful, and has a wonderful boyfriend
    cause you envy in many

    but I’m sure that the fan base but vanessa is very much greater than the “haters”
    vanessa you have people you love the world, it is not denied

    I had been very sad with jj for posting about the incident on Sunday
    but now I have to thank

  • masbonita

    Thank you guys!!! Go nessa . We got your back!

  • Honest

    @nicci: I know right?!? I have a feeling vanessa will have a breakthrough role that she will do excellent in and blow everyone expectations away! And this feeling is very strong. As a hardcore fan, I don’t want anything but the best for vanessa. Like oscars, grammies, and recognition for her talents. I feel one day this will all happens and when it do, I can’t wait to see the haters face. I have a strong feeling, she will be like angie with much scandals and such but still been able to win oscars and blow the haters away and have people stop talking about the negative. To tell the truth, I really want vanessa to move on from all things hsm. Even zac and ashley, I know this looks bad but ever since hsm was over, I’ve always wanted vanessa to break up with zac because people will always see her as zac’s shadow. And I don’t want that for vanessa. As for ashley, idk what to say. I felt like it should of been her hsm costars to stand up for vanessa.But also, I understand their her friends and as long as she’s happy, then I’m happy.

  • ellyne

    see, thats very true, the only reason people are hating on her so much is because shes with Zac, because hes in the spotlight and Loved by everyone, I Love them both, Their both amazing actors, and their adorable together, but thats not a reason to hate on her. I agree with both of them, its wrong. people are cruel for fun

  • Babiivfanforeva

    GO ALY AND CHARLIE :D!!!! Awesome friends :D
    Go Vanesssa!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you always!!!
    Can’t wait to get to see Bandslam again :D!!! Saw it a few days ago but cannot wait to see it again :) just love it !!

  • nadia


    she on ellen ,sure ?