Ashley Tisdale is an Americana Girl

Ashley Tisdale is an Americana Girl

Ashley Tisdale takes a breath and shows off her pearly whites as she performs at the Americana Mall on Wednesday night (August 12) in Glendale, Calif.

Spotted at the 24-year-old’s concert were her Aliens in the Attic co-stars Austin Butler and Ashley Boettcher, who played Hannah.

Ashley‘s concert even caused a riot! There were over 25,000 people packed in the outdoor mall and a few instances of security being called in to help out with some rowdy people. Check out the video!

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Credit: GVK, FayesVision/WENN; Photos: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Justyna

    Noooooooo… i hate her!

  • tan

    i dont like the tan job its 2 dark 4 her she wasnt like that at all what happened ? but i still love u !!

  • sunni


    then dont commet
    u dummy

  • tan

    @justyna: its not like she likes u !!

  • yes/no

    ^^ Lmao right ;)
    she looks Gorg..
    Wish i went……

  • http://deleted Hermionexhaibara

    She lookes sooo beautiful!!
    We love you Ashley!

  • kae

    aww i love her ,, always so cute, oh it’s so beautiful, she’s the best,, byeee

  • billythekid

    Only 300 people were on the mall? I dont believe that. I saw a picture of the crowd and it was easily more than that. Besides it was free! Plus Mandy Jiroux and her girl group were there and that had to add at least a couple dozen. But I guess it was a pretty sparse crowd for such a well known celeb, and her album only sold 25k? I found it really strange that someone with nearly 1.5 million twitter followers was only able to sell 25k albums.

  • nina caplan

    @billythekid: 300 people in the outdoor mall! not inside the concert!

    anyways, i loooved her performance there, i want there, but i saw the videos, and she did a great job! i love her sop much

    oh, and by the way, i’, going to see aliens in the attic on saturday, i’m so excited =)

  • Andreia

    @billythekid: I think it was 300 people in the outside of the mall trying to get in, because inside of the mall was more people. At least, this was what i understand of the text. I just give my opinion, I can be wrong.
    P.S. Sorry my english, I´m portuguese. I hope you understand what i wrote.

    - Ashley looks so gorgeous. LOve her outfit and hair.

  • tan

    lucky u take me with u heh !!!!

  • Solange

    There were easyly 2000+ people solely for her performance. She wowed the crowd, the concert was amazing and this is one of the most amazing concerts that Ashley has ever done.

    @ billythekid: the twitter followers have nothing do with her album sales because not every followers are from USA, they’re from different countries. The followers just show that Ashley has a very international and strong fanbase.

  • vee!


  • musicismylife

    i watched videos.People had so much fun ! And ashley sounded great ! She improves herself every single day.I mean she was great on AOL too.You can see difference of between KISS concert performance and this performance.
    Here is a video =)

  • Alliec

    I actually did go…

    Beach Girlz 5 didn’t go on at the right time, and people were shoving and getting crabby so security backed off. Bad Idea.

    Ashley did a fantastic job, though she could’ve spoken to the crowd a bit more.

    I spotted Austin right afterwards, he was taking photos with fans, really sweet guy.

    Varsity Fanclub was also there and taking photos/signing stuff and people. ahaha

  • alicia

    new ashnessa pic at tca 2009

  • yes/no

    yea i agree her followers are from all over the world

  • DemiFan

    I love me some Tisdale!

  • Just Jill

    The Americana in Glendale is an OUTDOOR MALL. That means you walk outside and shop, the shops are not enclosed in a building

  • taylor

    300?no. a dj from the radio station that hosted it said there was 35k. i think that might be a little much though but there was definitely thousands. she sounds great, she keeps getting better with every performance

  • lol


    Ummm actually the concert is OUT not IN the mall, you can see here:

    So… yeah 300 ppl came to see her.

  • gold baybay

    I would’ve gone because it was FREE! no offence, but I doubt I’d go if I had to pay.

  • Blake messier

    the concert was crazy many many disrespectful bratty kids. i met mandy jiroux after her performance she is really sweet. but you couldn’t really see ashley so we just left.

  • bep

    Ashley looked amazing! I watched the videos and she was amazing! I’m really happy she improved and from the pics i saw, there was at least 1000+ people there!

  • ZJ

    Ashley did an AMAZING job! And about the number of people there, Sarah (from WBR) said there was around 3500 people!! :O XD
    so happy for her! <33

    She’s amazing!!!!!!

  • ella

    Hey, Ashley. The 90′s called-they want that outfit back.

  • masquerading

    @ella: Hey ella, the aliens called. They said you were missing. They want you back dear. :)

    Ashley’s performances has been getting better and better! I love how she looked at the concert <3 It’s amazing how she never wear anything wrong! she’s a fashion iconnn xD love her sfm


    THE CONCERT WAS AMAZINGGGG… i got there a little early, but still i couldn’t get a good place so i couldn’t see Ashley very clearly but I enjoyed every single second of it!!!!! :D
    @ZJ: 3500?! woww i know it was crowded but didn’t know it was THAT many people! :D

  • salpi

    I went to the Grove free concert on June 27, 2009 and I got there about two hours before and it was not that huge crowd, and yesterday free concert when I arrived around 2 hours before. I just got to say WOOOOWWWW. There were more people then I would have expected.

  • em

    I went to this! I couldn’t get in the front but i saw her exiting Americana! She’s so much smaller in person!

  • Molly

    I went!
    People must have gotten there at like 3. When I got there at 5, the place was already super crowded! It was so much fun, and Ashley rocked!

  • iliana

    firs ella if you want to talk stupid think about ashley the best is that you go to otker page because here is so much people that love ashley ok.ashley is the best and her dress too.sorry for my english because i am from curacao a sted of the carbean but whatever ashley is the .she did e great perfomnce and her voice was good , very good.xoxo

  • lucia

    she is amazing!!!

  • laurenlautner


  • ZJ

    JJJ corrected the number of people there! :D so now i’m def sure there was 25000 person xD yayyyy!

  • Diyyinah

    Ashley looks so pretty! I love her outfit. I wish I could’ve gone! I’m sure she did amazinggg. :) Come to Vancouver, Ashley! Zac and Vanessa are here! :) LOL

  • Imo

    Beutiful!!*-* I love Ashley (L) :) ♥ <3333333
    & i hate vanessa :@