Brenda Song: I Want To Be Like My Mom When I Grow Up

Brenda Song: I Want To Be Like My Mom When I Grow Up

Suite Life sweetie Brenda Song recently sat down with JSYK and dished on her greatest inspiration.

The 21-year-old actress shared, “My inspiration is definitely my mom and grandma. Only because they’ve been through so much. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and even through the whole process — there was never a situation that she hadn’t turned it into a positive. She’s always taught me that all you can do is be a good person and treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s the way I live my life and whether it’s in school or in acting, I just want to be a good person. My mom and my grandma are just two strong-willed women and that’s what I wanna be when I grow up.”

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Brenda Song Interview, 08/12
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  • Emma

    Awww shes really sweet!

  • Dani

    she’s so cute!!

  • tan

    #1 couldnt agree more !

  • http://deleted Hermionexhaibara

    Awwww,God bless her&her family!!

  • liz

    love brenda (:
    my inspirations are my parents.

  • alison

    kinda ironic how she mentions the jonas brothers & flo rida…

  • S

    Finally something about Brenda : )

  • S

    @alison: Why ?

  • alison

    @S: she’s rumored to be dating joe and she dated flo rida.

  • http://none.COM Kristen

    Ha, Brenda & Miley are my inspirations :D

  • Kristen

    @alison: Not Flo Rida, just Joe.

  • liz

    brenda is amazing! she is a really great person
    the vid wont work for me tho! :(

  • alison

    @Kristen: hahah yeah she was. look it up on google, it’s been talked about for a while. they dated back in may i think.

  • Chau

    She’s beautiful and seems like a good person. =)

  • helen

    Omg luv her! she iz adorable

  • Kris

    hahaha my cousin helped her out when she was shopping in Pasadena….i have that same f21 top as her. shes cute

  • Nikki

    She has a true heart.

    I wish her and Joe Jonas dated

  • Anele

    My inspirations are my parents, Brenda and Hilary Duff

  • sooo

    shes amazing!!

  • BB


  • megan

    shes so sweet :)

  • Michelle

    She is just adorable.

  • hanni

    Love Brenda!

  • Kiki

    brenda is truly my inspiration!!!! :))))))))

  • roory

    God bless Brenda and all of her family and friends.

  • Luna

    Jádore Brenda!!

  • Karma Couture

    I admire Brenda and her strength, she is a great actress and has a lot of talent.

  • lolo

    Beautiful young woman!

  • Luna

    I want to be just like Brenda when I grow up!

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  • Amy

    she’s beautiful always!!
    she is my inspiration

  • Amy

    @alison: There are millions of magazines and media publications saying that she is dating Joe Jonas and Flo Rida. It’s not ironic at all.

  • BSongfanatic

    Luvvv Bren !

  • Holly

    Go Brenda&her mom!

  • starry

    love her… simply beautiful.

    Thanks for posting JJJ

  • teenfashionista

    she is just beautiful…:)


    Brenda, my Brenda!

  • sel

    She looks so so good!



  • juu

    i love brenda she is seriously so pretty, prettier than most disney stars :D

  • cassy

    i love herrr :) only one worth loving :) im gonna miss her when suite life ends :[

  • SOS

    @cassy: she won’t be gone anywhere when suite life ends, she will have a lot of theatrical films out by then! like boogie town. HAIL QUEEN B!

  • SOS


  • brendasongfan4eva

    Beautiful & wise.

  • mel

    Looooooooooooove brenda!

  • dance

    aww she is a hot sweetie

  • SLODfanatic


  • SLODfanatic

    @juu: agree

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