Nathan Kress Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Nathan Kress Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

iCarly star Nathan Kress just got back from a vacation on the Nickelodeon Cruise and is getting back to work on his hit Nick show. is chatting with the 16-year-old actor VERY, VERY SOON and we need your questions!

Everything from working with hotties Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy to the upcoming skits on iCarly — ask away!

Most recently, a rumor was circulating that iCarly had been canceled. Nathan wrote on his MySpace that that was not the case. He shared, “I was freaking out, cuz I never, EVER said that. So I tried to investigate, but the alleged vid was taken down. iCarly has not been canceled. Right now, we’re still in production and shooting new episodes which will be airing on Nickelodeon for a long time. At the end of the month, we are taking a hiatus. We have been working on this new season non-stop since last May!”

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  • Jenna

    How do I send u a question?
    Can I leace it here?

  • Rochelle

    Here’s my question:

    What will you be doing when you go on hiatus?

  • Samantha

    I have a question for all three!

    Jennette- When did you start professional acting?
    Miranda- Do you miss playing Megan in Drake & Josh?
    Nathan- Were you excited when you heard you got the role as Freddie in Icarly?

  • Elizabeth

    what is your favorite episode to film?

    what would you do if you weren’t acting?

    are you going to be doing any other movies/shows?

    where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    what are your pet peeves?

    what do you like to do when you’re not acting?

    what type of music do you listen to?

  • cherryy

    how is the bond off screen of the cast of icarly ?

  • faith

    Here’s my question for Nathan:
    What’s it like working with Miranda Cosgrove?

  • princess

    I got one for Nathan ;

    When you started working with the iCarly cast, have you ever had a crush on anyone from the iCarly cast? If not, do you have any celebrity crush? If so, who?

  • Adam

    Are you making more movies like “Gym Teacher”?

  • Liev

    Do you think that at some popint in the show, there’s going to be romance?

  • Ashley

    Ask him what his favorite episode of iCarly is
    And, What type of music do he likes?
    And, What;s his favorite movie and why

  • Jenna

    Here are the questions
    1) Do you have a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?
    2) If you had chances to change the name of the web-show(iCarly), what would you change to?
    3) What did you learn about Janette, Miranda and Jerry while you were working with them?
    4) Who would you like to be gueststar on iCarly?
    5) If you had chance to be guest star on any show, which show would you like to be guest starred?
    6) If you get to film any movie, which movie would it be?
    7) Would you call your character, Fred, a tech geek or nerd?
    8) Do you want to have a episode where Carly(Cosgrove) fell in love with Fred?
    9) Is it iCarly going to end? or continue?
    10) How old were you when you started acting?

  • ady

    ask him who’s his celebrity crush? and ask jennette if she has already pick the guy for her music video , or if she has cosnider nathan for the rol :D

  • John

    Ask if he is friends with Miranda Cosgrove in real life, and also ask why they don’t follow each other on twitter.

  • rachel

    ive got questions!!!

    1. would nathan ever date a fan?
    2. what does he look 4 in a girl?
    3. how old does a girl have 2 be in order 4 u 2 like her? haha
    4. r u ever gunna hav a contest 2 win a chance 2 go see a taping of icarly?
    5. would u ever hang out with a fan?

    nathan ur amazingggg<333 ur incredible<33 i wanna meet u sooo bad<3

  • Brittany

    Here are my questions;;
    -Will you still be acting when you’re older?
    -If not, then what do you think you’ll be doing?


    wow look at all these question 4 him!! (SARCASTIC)

  • Chynna

    Nathan kress : People Rumored That U And Jennette Were Dating Is That True ?

  • kaley

    For Nathan:

    Who are you closest with out of the icarly cast?

    What is Miranda Cosgrove like?

    What is Jennete Mcurdy like?

    What is your favorite icarly episode, why?

  • Hh


    Who do you think is the better actress
    Miranda orJennette?

  • ZainR

    I’ve got one! (This could be weird coming from a guy but hey, I love iCarly) Since production for season 2 is going to end sometime in August, what are your plans in the meantime? What do you plan to do since you won’t be filming iCarly for awhile?

  • eva

    1. Nathan is your Youtube channel NathanKress1992 ?
    2. Who is you best friend ?
    3. What’s it like working with Jennette ?
    4. Who is you inspiration ?
    5. What’s your nickname ?
    6. Can you sing ?
    7. Can you rap ?
    8. Can you beatbox ?

  • JMacFan01

    On iKiss, who would you have rather kissed if it was up to you to choose and the seddie or creddie thing didnt exist?

    Who would you have kissed if it was up to you to choose which girl you liked more?

  • karly

    1.) Who are a few of your favorite singers/bands?
    2.) Who’s your celebrity crush?
    3.) What’s your favorite movie?
    4.) What do you do in your spare time?
    5.) Do you ever look at rumors and gossip about yourself? Do you feel let down?
    6.) Are you still going to act after iCarly is done?
    7.) What’s your favorite pastime?
    8.) Do you like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, etc.? Have you ever met them?

  • qwerty

    My Questions:

    1. Would you ever consider going on a date with a fan?

    2. If you weren’t an actor, and could have any career, which would you choose?

    3. What aspects of your life do you find most similar to a typical high school student’s?


  • nunya

    why is your twitter user name “bruindude92″? are you attending UCLA in the near future?

  • Marihannah

    Here is my Q:
    If you could be ANY character of ANY program which program and which character would you like to be?

    OMG! i’m your biggest fan!! Please follow me on twitter i’m Nathankressteam

  • mara

    Do you see working as an actor in 10 years?
    Are you planning going to collage?

  • Lobster

    Hey, Nathan! I was just wondering what it’s like being an actor and teen idol and also a Christian. :)

  • Pauline

    1. When you found out that you had to kiss Jennette McCurdy again in the episode iTwins, what was your and Jennette’s reaction?

    2. Since iCarly is NOT cancelled, how many more seasons do you think iCarly will last?

    3. How do you feel about the “Seddie” and “Creddie” wars that are going on?

    4. How did you find out about “Seddie” and “Creddie”?

    5. What is your favorite episode of iCarly so far?

  • Hannah

    hi nathan. ok i have three questions.

    1. do u have a facebook? if so what is it?

    2.Do u have a youtube account? there’s a person named nathankress123 (or something like that) claims that he is u. if nathankress123 is ur account idkwhat to say. if the account is not urs but u have one what is it? confussing i know forgive me

    3.since ur going to on a hituas will u be tweeting more? i mean i know ur now getting into tweeting but…yeah

  • bittersweet273

    If you could be the star of any film, what would it be about?

    What would your dream episode of iCarly be about?

    If you could do something on the production side of a project (e.g. producing, directing) what would you want to do and what would the project be?

  • tovika

    Do you have a gf? Would you date a fan?

  • Lemzz12

    When you found out that you had to kiss Jennette McCurdy again in the episode iTwins, what was your and Jennette’s reaction?

  • MIchaela

    i was always thinking how amazing it would be if i were ever to meet all of you,or at least see your studio. Do you guys actually take fans to be on your show during the taping of the icarly within icarly?

    Do you think you will ever branch out from nickeloden?

    Will Freddie and Carly ever have a “thing”?

  • Nick

    1. When you found out that you had to kiss Jennette McCurdy again in the episode iTwins, what was your and Jennette’s reaction?

    2. You and Jennette truly seem like BFF’s. It doesnt seem like it’s just playing it up for press. How did you gey’s get so close?

  • Omfgseddierox

    Which is more likely to happen, Seddie or Creddie?

  • Tambra

    1. Do you think you and Sam’s relationship on iCarly will ever grow into a relationship?
    2. Had you seen Miranda on Drake and Josh before you were on iCarly with her?

    -thanks :)

  • lindzor

    @Hh: There is no way he is going to answer that and it is actually a pretty rude/ opinionated question

  • lauren

    what music are u into? =]

  • hannah

    would you ever date/be attracted to an asian girl?

  • Jennifer

    Pretty simple question that all girls want to know…

    Is Nathan currently dating someone???
    What is he planning on doing, other then school, during his hiatus?

  • mareen

    Awesome! Nathan rocks (:

    My question:
    What’s the meaning of his Twittername?

  • micah

    Your a great actor, and get quite alot of fun for ICarly dont you?

    How long did It take till you we’re into acting? Do you still hang out with your previous friends?

    And just a last comment. I think its cool you get to hang out with two beautiful Distinguished young ladies like Jaennette and Miranda, how fun is it to hang out with them?

  • Allison

    Questions for Nathan:

    I know you love to act, but, what is the hardest thing about it?

    If there was something you could tell an upcoming actor/actress who asked you for advice, what would that be?

    If you were to create a band, what would you name it? (random, I know, haha)

    That’s all. Good luck with iCarly and anything else you do. Keep rockin’! Can’t wait for the interview. : )

  • Sarah

    If I were to meet Nathan, I would ask him…..

    Q: Have you noticed yourself being noticed more when you’re out walking on the streets.?

    Q2: What is it like working with Miranda and Jennette.?

    Q3: When you’re not working on iCarly what is your favorite thing to do.?

    Q4: If you weren’t acting what would you be doing.?

    Q5: Who has been your guide through all of your iCarly success.?

  • Remy

    My Question :

    Do u still like to play videogames? ( Cause on twitter you are following Infinity Ward )


    How do you deal with all the rumors.. ?

    whats the best thing about working on icarly ?

  • SH

    Roughly how many takes do you need before you finish a scene?
    (I heard jerry trainor makes them laugh a lot)

  • whitney

    do you think you were cuter before or after u started going through adolsensnce? i think u were cuter before. are you related to the boy from the wonder years?

  • Dees

    In iCarly, Freddie hates Sam, But in real life, Are you guys good friends?

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