Selena Gomez Hits The Scene

Selena Gomez Hits The Scene

Selena Gomez, who just announced the name of her band over her Twitter, is providing a bit more information on why it’s called Selena Gomez And The Scene.

The 17-year-old actress/singer tweeted, “I cant wait for my record!!! Just so u know.. My band name is Selena Gomez And The Scene. The title of my record is called Kiss & Tell. I hope you all like it! I named my band The Scene because a lot of people are making fun of me calling me a ‘wanna be scene’ so I thought I would poke fun of that. Can’t beat ‘em join ‘em! Haha.”

Selena added, “Like I’ve said many times before. The people that knock me down only make me stronger. :) have a good day! Love you guys!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel’s new band name?

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  • jane

    lol xD

  • lexi

    you go girl :)
    love her!

  • Shell

    I LOVE it. Selena Gomez is the coolest.

  • faith

    she’s 17, not 16 anymore. I like her band name

  • rebecca singh

    love it!

  • rckr07

    THE SCENE. good name without the selena gomez part though. just call her and her band, the scene. right??

  • :)


  • http://o krixtina

    loovvee it:D

  • meggers

    i agree…just the scene is better than with selena gomez

  • hrh

    It’s odd that her “band’s” name is really her name with some extra words attached. I love Selena but that’s an unnecessarily long band name.

  • voteforselena!!!

    i love the name and selena !

  • naddie.

    i love selena! :)

  • Whitney

    Good for Selena! I’m glad she’s doing whatever she wants and not letting anyone get to her. I’m not the biggest fan of the name, but it’s about the music. I can’t wait! (:

  • Susan2

    I agree with the people who says The Scene only for the band name. It’s short and funky. I like that one! Someone is genious! lol With the name Selena gomez sounds a tiiinsy bit weird. But it’s alright i guess. =)

  • chrissie

    I like selena but I think that’s too much.. we know it’s her band. selena and the scene is even better than that. but the scene would be sufficient.

  • sunni

    get a band like ashley

  • R.a.d

    I think the name is pretty rad. Even with her name at the begining. It has a certain ring to it if you say it out loud. :D

  • BlaireB

    Selena Gomez has to be added to the band name because Disney/Hollwood Records felt that the album won’t sell as much if her name wasn’t attached to it.

  • Helen walsh

    she is so sweet. so so sweet i nearly can’t stand it. i want to put her in my pocket, how strange is that?

  • #1Selenagomezfan

    I LOVE IT!!!! IM HER #1 FAN!!!!!

  • selena

    she should make a band with david henrie and they should make out together

  • shannz

    @BlaireB: thank u finally someone who gets it i dont think selena even wanted 2 be in the front that much i think she wanted 2 form a band and may sing a couple of the songs while someone else was the front cuz she is kinda shy but h records wasn’t having it has why it sg and the scene she wanted to just call it the scene but they weren’t having that so this is y the name

  • kris

    love her so much.i’ll support her no matter what!

  • chuchi

    i agree with all of u guys! and i like her album name kiss and tell!! whoop whoop!!! and selena gomez and the scene has an extra thing to it which i lovee! lol i will support her and i love her and im gonna buy her album!

    just adding on.., but to the haters that might come here in this post i just have to say that selena is a singer in fact every one is if they just practice but people have different voices. some are strong and some are just middle ranged like selena. she can have potential if she practices more and gets use to the singing part since right now she hardly gets to sing. i truly believe that she will go far and well!

  • Daphne

    i’m pretty sure she’s pulling a ‘elvis costello and the attractions’ thing. i like it, it’s unique.


    Selena is the coolest! I’m counting down the days until her album releases!

  • Sa5m

    i love selena
    but the band name is too long ….
    and why it has selena name….

  • macey

    @rckr07: i agree. just “the scene” would be a good name.

  • Chau

    Yes, I agree with the band name being “The Scene.”

  • Magz

    It’s a good name with a certain ring to it. IMO, I think “Selena and the Scene” would but cute though, too. Not that “Selena Gomez and the Scene” is any difference, but just saying. Cute name, though, I like it.

  • Anna

    I feel sooo bad for her. She knows that she has so many haters and what they say about her. That’s horrible, I can’t believe she even reads haters comments. She must be feeling soooo bad, but at least she’s staying strong and poking fun at them. But the sad part is, the band name caused her to get even more haters cause in chat rooms and on oceanUP, people are making fun of her A LOT and a bunch of people lost respect for her. I really hope this album does well so she can prove them wrong. I love Selena! She rocks and haters can go and suck it!

  • Lauren

    i don’t get why anyone can hate on this girl….shes adorable and so nice, shes such a nice person – shes a great actress, and a good singer even though people say she isn’t so i don’t know why people are hating on her (not on here but how shes said about people poking fun at her)
    i agree with anna – lets hope she does better than anyone else…and rises above it all!!
    oh && i agree ‘The Scene’ would have been much better but its still nice with the selena bit at the front

  • cc27

    on twitter she said shes changing it to “the scene”

  • disneyfied

    @Anna: I think people should just get over it! This is just something that Selena wants to do, if she refused the record deal, she would have spent the rest of her life having regrets and thinking “what if?..”

    They really need to give her a break. The band name isn’t even that bad, there are worst band names out there. Besides, it’s the songs, music and lyrics that counts.

    Why do people have to be so harsh and hateful? No one is pointing a gun in their heads and forcing them to listen to her songs! They don’t have to listen to her songs!

    Honestly, I think Selena has a good voice and all she’s asking for is a CHANCE.

  • sunnydee

    i agree i like just The Scene instead of Selena Gomez and the Scene, cause its kinda a long name for a band. or maybe Selena and the Scene. and i think her album name Kiss and Tell is a cute name for her first album

  • angelie.

    @disneyfied: I totally agree with you… All she wanted is people giving her chance and I like the fact that Selena gave her a name to the band instead of just being “Selena Gomez”. It’s so different from the other disney stars/singers.

  • tralala

    it’ll be better if its just “the scene”the selena part just makes it stupid.does she have a band as in like paramore or she just have ppl who play for her like taylor and demi’s band

  • joana

    how can a 17 year old young woman be so down to earth and humble AND talented?? from wat we’ve seen recently i thought it was just a myth! thank u selena for being such a wonderful person. I support u all the way, watever u’ll decide to do cuz u’re so true to yourself n your fan! :)

  • Minime

    “kiss and tell” is a song by Alexander Rybak ( I think the album´s name is a kind of plagiarism…

  • Flyaway

    @tralala: It’s not a stupid band name. What about Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments? Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band? Juliette and the Licks? Elvis Costello and the Attractions? Selena Gomez and the Scene? lol :D

  • Anna

    @Minime: Well, the guy doesn’t own the title… Plus, a bunch of songs have the same title as albums and other songs. It’s not plagiarism, cause kiss and tell is a pretty common phrase.

  • DemiFan

    @Minime: so you telling me Christina Millian plagiarized The Jonas Brothers cause she has an album called “It’s About Time”?? That’s not how it works.

    Anyways< I think the band name is kind of cheesy but the album title is cute. Still undecided if I am buying a copy or not. May not, maybe so. She really should stick to acting though after her many attempts of singing that I have herd from her.


  • Minime

    @Anna: OK, I kind of agree… but I still think the title is a little too used and very unorginal. Of course: she is a realy sweet and tallented girl, but I´m afraid Disney makes her album too commercial

  • bea

    Hating her is impossible, she’s the best, and I love the name and what it means :)

  • madeline

    no offense that isnt the best name it should just be called the scene

  • lol

    ahhhhh so excitedd !!! :)

  • Lauren

    @Flyaway:…great point..i know what you mean…selena gomez and the scene isn’t too bad…

  • pa

    she never said Selena gomez and the scene… here is what sje tweeted —”I named my band The Scene because a lot of people are making fun of me calling me a “wanna be scene” so I thought I would poke fun of that.”—-

  • jessica

    huh? wanna be scene. I have never ever heard that used. WTF is she talking about? How come Demi, Miley and Taylor don’t name their bands lol? JJJ why aren’t you posting about Selena taking Nick back? Is it cute for them or what..awwwwwwww

  • MILEYYstephii s.

    eww thats a horrible band and album name!

    sorry selly but is the true!