Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart Cover Entertainment Weekly

Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart Cover Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner get sexy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Kristen tells the mag about why Taylor kept the role of Jacob, in addition to his beefing up over the hiatus. She shared, “It’s completely understandable why they wanted to make sure he was right. He was so young, 16, so I got it. But I knew he had [to do] it. Just because of how I felt around him. We have that relationship. It’s lamely cute.”

The duo, who star in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon, will cover the Fall Movie issue that hits stands TOMORROW, Friday, August 14. Check out the rest of the article at EW.com.

In the vid, Taylor even shows off more of his flipping skills. He showed off on the set of Valentine’s Day a couple weeks back as well. Check out the vid below!

How cute are Kristen and Taylor?

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Launter – EW Cover Shoot Preview

Taylor Lautner Flips Out
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Photos: Ben Watts/Entertainment Weekly
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  • AJ


  • cardboard

    it’s so cute how they have this relationship, sometimes it feels like they ARE jacob and bella, their chemistry is great!

  • cardboard

    it’s so cute how they have this relationship, sometimes it feels like they ARE jacob and bella, their chemistry is great!

  • Jenna

    and where is robert? wtf? kristen is beautiful…taylor is…whatever

  • ariana

    that was hilarious, she said he needs to grow his “cojones,” that means his balls LMAO hahahhahaha, i love them soo much :P

  • 0000000

    no chemistry.
    i can see a brother-sister love. :D

  • Jasmine

    Straight up, Kristen Stewart is just beautiful. Stunning eyes. And Taylor is so cute. As much as i like the hot heat between Rob and Kristen, there is something endearing about KStew and Taylor’s relationship. They act like close siblings, very cute. Great pic of them

  • monica

    umm yeah whatever, I see Summit keeps shoving Taycob down people’s throats, it’s really getting annoying

  • Laura

    Ok, im a hardcore Bella/Edward shipper, but dang if the chemistry between Taylor and Kristen isnt completely adorable. They are too freaking cute together. Kristen is gorgeous in that photo. love it

  • Elle

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful photo but it’s got none of the heat of the Rob and Kristen ones.
    I just don’t see a romantic chemistry between them, it’s more of a friendly one.

  • G

    Hot damn, Stew. Hot Damn.

  • Lucy

    What Kristen was talking about?? LOL She’s funny!
    I miss Kstew’s long messy hair! Taylor is really cute. Well, both look really cute together.

  • tan

    i dont like how taylor looks in the cover of ew

  • julia

    Oh! thats really SO sweet :D

  • deveny

    they’re so cute together.

  • Emily

    is this an old interview or what? cuz Kristen’s hair is back to normal. btw….i want more rob!!

  • sofia

    Aww there so cute, but its like a brother sister bond nothing like her and robert.

  • kr

    Kristen is gorgeous. They both look cute together.

  • vanessa

    hes so cute.

  • the fame

    @cardboard: yeah, and im glad and surprised this is the first time that kristen looks happy and normal instead of stoned.

  • tr

    eh it’s ok, he’s like practically her brother, and she calls him “kid’
    lol ahh why they forcing this, twilight is about bella and edward

    how about a cover of just kristen alone or with robert (now those would sell quickly)

  • rebecca singh

    boooo!! where’s robert and edward??? kristen looks sooo beautiful!

  • KristenRULES!!


  • rebecca singh

    @sofia: ur right! they do have a brother and sister bond. nothing sexy or close to her and robert!

  • Cherrie

    How cute are they? Way too much for my little heart. But seriously, I love that Taylor brings something really special out of Kristen, he is apparently the only one to know how to do that. Kristen is absolutely gorgeous (what a surprise!) and Taylor is the cuteness incarnate.

  • Helen walsh

    they are so cute together. SO cute. it almost makes me want her with him. almost.

    they make a cuter cuple than kristen and rob. sorry. my opinion

  • sweetness

    I like those two as friends..it makes it the series more enjoyable…getting sick of the Kristen and Rob endless dating rumors which takes away the focus on the movie itself.

  • vanessa O.

    AWWWW I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • mimi

    the only reason why i don’t like jacob is because of taylor lautner. he’s hot and he knows it. that bothers me! idk why but it does! robert is so humble and modest, but taylor…he’s not afraid to admit he’s hot. he is so young and immature…..idk…i can’t take him seriously.

  • love zacc

    taylor looks weird? his eyes and nose, and mouth?? idk i dont like it

  • nikki

    he doesnt look good im sorry, his nose and forehead and mouth, just eww SORRY!

  • addison

    aww i love them. so cute. :)

  • http://www.pattinsondaily.com Bee

    Im a hardcore TEAM EDWARD, TEAM ROBERT and TEAM ROBSTEN so what do you wait from me? :D I really dont like Taylor/Jacob so… but ok. lets say, good made photo but nothing special… kristen is really beautiful by the way… no, not beautiful, STUNNING! do you know what would make this photo perfect? ROBERT! :D

  • Mabe

    Wow! Wow! This is a great photo of them together. Very attractive young people. I really enjoyed the Stephanie Meyer books. This is a wonderful story. Some people are so deep… and deep into the actors… it’s scary. But I love Stephanie’s storys and hopes she continues to write more. Hopefully, for all her more mature audience.

  • Mabe

    Oh my goodness! I should have watched the video before I made my comment. It still stands but did she say what I think she said….”You need to grow into your” Shut your mouth. Learn some spanish girls. Is Taylor packing. And Kristen wants him to grow into them. To funny. Or did she have a improper use of words there. I think she did.

  • sophie

    that;s the whole point cause Bella loves him like he’s her brother. he’s the one who loves her more than that .

  • ira

    you all from America ??????

  • Carrie

    Haha you hear a car crash and see Kristen’s reaction at the end if you listen carefully!

    Taylor = AMAZINGGGGG I love him so much!

    I agree Kristen seems happier in this interview. I’m sure she’s a happy person she’s probably just usually nervous or really focused on the job in other interviews. She’s so pretty too! ♥ Them all!!!!!!!!!!

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