Zac Efron: 17 Again Deleted Scene

Zac Efron: 17 Again Deleted Scene

Zac Efron bumps fists with on-screen son Sterling Knight after putting Hunter Parrish in his place in this deleted scene from the 17 Again DVD.

The 21-year-old actor just picked up the Teen Choice Award Surfboard for his role as Mike O’Donnell/Mark Gold in the comedy — out on DVD and Blu-ray NOW.

Check out the deleted scene below and don’t forget to enter the 17 Again soundtrack contest!

Zac Efron – “17 Again” Deleted Scene
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  • liz

    i like it (:

  • rckr07

    that scene was boring.. right?

  • nicole

    ZAC <3

  • i love vanessa

    I love all the deleted scenes !! <3

  • musicgirl

    he is sooooo hot, <3;)

  • nathalia

    i LOOOOOOOOVE 17 again!
    it’s so good (:

  • chelsea rose


    lovelovelove it <3

  • katie

    I saw this on the DVD, they should have kept it in :)
    Along with the dance scene at the party!

  • den

    Up until right after the principal gives Stan detention was in the movie that played in the theaters, but not on the dvd. Why was that? I thought that worked well on screen….
    Evil New Line for not putting bonus material on standard dvd….bleh!

  • teamhudgens

    Zac, you’re amazing.. <3

  • Whitney

    Haha, this scene is funny. Zac Efron’s a good actor. (:

  • nikki

    OMG! that last scene with his shirt off!!!!!!! :) KEEP THAT IN THE MOVIE!!
    zac efronn is sssoooo HOOOTTT

  • Sa5m

    love you <3
    you are amazing

  • demiley

    I think this movie wasnt so good.its banal.just like:”Alliens in The Attic” and “Bandslam”.that’s imitations of other movies.
    I saw aliens in the attic cuz i love ashley,but i was very dissapointed cuz this movie is exactly on the same principle of the succesful and incredible movie:”ET”.
    What about Bandslam with Vanessa?I havent see it yet.but this movie is not special.
    And the same thing about 17 again.I dont know.I love zac way more on Hairspray and HSM.
    Thats my opinion guys.

  • nikki

    well i mean on ALL the deleted scenes there is a shirtless one where he takes his shirt off IT IS HHOOTTT! go to
    you will see about 15mins of deleted scenes

  • meagan

    I love his smile at 1:04 :D

  • brad

    WOW! haha! he is such a stud! <33333 HES MY STUD :D

  • love zacc

    i love zac with all my heart! no joke!

  • HMM

    Wish they would have put the deleted scenes on the regular DVD – but glad we still get to see them. Thanks Jared.

  • svenja**

    Love love love love him :) so excited for the dvd

  • Karen

    Let me say I will love it so much if any of you who have the bluray disc could could do a YouTube of all the stuff we who do not have bluray disc players missed. Frankly I don’t know if that is possible since I am so stupid of such things but I’m just saying….if you could. LOL I know there is no way of doing the commentary that Zac does for the movie BUT if there is anything funny or interesting that he says, it would be great for someone to report that. I know some don’t like to listen to actors giving commentary but when it comes to Zac surely someone will be interested. LOL Thanks i advance.

  • Karen

    I almost forgot that some of that scene was shown in the theater like when Maggie is telling Stan it is so unfair he gets blamed for everything like her brother putting himself in the washer or taping himself to the flagpole, etc. Yet more of that IS cut out on the DVD…what’s up with that?

  • the fame

    i love zac, cant wait to buy the dvd

  • http://hhy peace95

    i loved the movie and all the deleted scenes. go zac!:)

  • duuumm

    I cant believe the regular DVD doesnt have these things. As a matter of fact, it has absolutely no features at all, not even the bloopers. i wish these things were part of the DVD

  • jojo

    I don’t really care for his acting, this acting abilities are the same as in HSM, I think he is popular because people like his looks but my true feeling is he’s def NO Brad, George or Tom, he has alot of work to be done in the business but I must admit he is the next young star @ the top. I can’t put my finger on this but he’ll need to work hard to prove himself and not go by his looks.

  • samantha


    i agreed!dance scene in the party is so cool and funny i love zac

  • Katty


    Tom Cruise isn’t the best actor, many people agree with that. I’ve only seen two of his movies, and actually liked one. Cocktails.
    In this movie, Zac was not the popular guy. I think he did a good job on trying to bring some of his younger fans with him as he goes on to bigger and better things like CSC. You may dispute his acting abilities, but maybe when you finally see that movie, you’ll see he is a good actor.

  • Karen


    No, he’s not Brad. Tom, George, Harry, Dick, Bill, Bob or anyone else…he’s Zac. And for the reference to those other actors: They all were not so great when they started out. Many were not as young as Zac and some aren’t really that great now—-they have just ascended to the A-list category in the roles they get. Some have done so due to their looks and because people have found something in them they like to watch. There are many great actors who nobody really knows and are rather regulated to independent films and never get attention for their superb acting. Much of the time those “superstar” actors have a lot of different things going for them: charm, charisma, talent, likability, and looks. He has a great deal of talent in my book but he’s young and has a lot to learn which he even admits to. But many in the business acknowledge that he has the “it” factor. Not EVERYONE may think that but there is a mass of people—look at his 17 Again premieres and the horde of fans out there screaming—-who do think it and that is something people in this business also take note of.

  • Katie

    I HAVE THE BLU RAYY!! ommmgg so many zac things!!!!

  • nikki

    OK why is zac efron not getting any comments,he usually gets over 100 everyone!?!?! he is gonna go down in ranking now!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!

  • justine

    wow he is so sexy!

    NIKKI is right, he does get a lot now he isn’t hhmm?

  • nikki

    yah i know girl!! isnt that just weird!! like ever ense the tca09 after that!?!?!

  • dayum

    ZAC EFRON! you little sneaky boy :)! lol

  • good will


  • good will

    ZAC ZAC ZAC ZAC ZAC!!!! hes ssooo COOL!

  • Joanne

    LOVE ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LOVE IT!!!!!!! ANYTHING WITH ZAC EFRON WANT IT

  • Karen

    Look, Zac gets a lot of comments. But sometimes if a celebrity gets too many threads coming in too quickly then it is hard to keep up and post on ALL of them to say anything new if there is nothing new about the particular thread. There is nothing wrong with Zac or his popularity.

    If you look at all of Vanessa’s thread that have come in over the past 2-3 weeks you will find the that many of the threads which deal with Bandslam are the ones which have the fewest comments. That doesn’t mean she is losing people’s interest either. There is just so many things a person can say about this particular thread about the release of Zac’s DVD. Some people aren’t going to be buying it and if they did what are they going to say if they have already seen the movie? The only thing to mention is the extras and the majority of us—-unfortunately—do not get to view them since the bonus features are only on the bluray version. What a bite in the butt that is.


    HAHHA i love that scene they should of kept it in there!! hah I LOVE ZAC!!!<3333

  • nikki

    @Karen: yeahh i have blu ray it is amazing!! SSOO MANY FEATURES OF HOT ZACC!<3333

  • brad

    AAAHHH nikki!!!!! we meet again

  • Annie

    hahaha! so funny :) i love you zac!! you’re amazing

  • Bradley Bobst

    17again is one of my favorite Movie.

  • brad

    @Bradley Bobst: MINE TOO!!!!

  • pop86

    I’m getting the dvd tomorrow.

  • nikki

    @pop86: SWEEETT!! get bluray!!!!

  • mykamicks


    In your first sentence you have already closed your mind giving a 21 year old actor a chance on how the way he is working out on his career. Obviously, you dont care and dont appreciate him at all. So what is the point bringing up it here, since this thread is about Zac and his fans..

    In 17 Again, Zac’s showed his versatility that he could not only act as Troy the Basketball player, but has a comedic side to offer his crowd. Telling you, potraying a comedy role is much harder than dribbling a ball. Or dribbling a ball & act a comedic scene to catch your crowd attention..

    Of course undeniably, Zac’s name is not only the ” next young star on top” . since you are not a fan, you dont even know he’s been on top of his game as a YOUNG STAR since 2006 up to present.. Being on top for 4 years its quite a record…hahaha. No need for me to enumerate then Zac’s achievement at 21., but you may search his Biography for your additional knowledge. And not to underestimate his acting prowess.

    Its an additional factor that he is one of the handsome faces of his generation. Acting wise, with his attitude, craft and professionalism he has long way to go and chances are his name & face will not be only like those you have mention. I think also, your comment by lining him up with those senior celebrities is not right. Why not tag him along rob pattinson, chace crawford, shia lebouf …. and will see these guys who among to stay in the business. Its not Zac’s fault if he was too bliss with all his good features and hollywood has focused spotlight on him.

    Well, I think also, that Zac is not just a pretty boy who majority of his younger fans like most in him. But as an older fan of him, I could also forsee that he could also be like TOM HANKS, TOMMY LEE JONES, ROBERT DE NIRO. future iconic when it comes to acting ability…

  • i lov you zacquisha or zefron

    hey this is so great

    I love it it it the best movie ever

    you have to agree with me peoplzz i love the moviiee that much
    zac you are the hottiest person in the whole world

  • oh wow

    ooohh hes a cutie! LOL i love him!<33333333

  • oh wow


>>>>>>> staging1