Taylor Swift's VMA Side Story

Taylor Swift's VMA Side Story

Taylor Swift puts her hand to her heart as she sings MTV’s rendition of West Side Story’s “Tonight, Tonight,” in the official promo for the 2009 MTV VMAs.

The 19-year-old Fearless female dished to MTV recently about her version of the Broadway classic song. She shared, “My version of ‘Tonight’ was pretty theatrical, because I listened to the song and I heard the song and I’m just like, ‘There’s no way to do this and not play it up.’”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s VMA Side Story?

Taylor Swift – VMA Side Story
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  • Therese

    She actually has a good voice!
    & its sort of powerful too.

  • Minime

    WOW… she has an amazing voice, and I love her expression.

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    I’m so excited! She sounds ah-mazing here!! :D She’s so great, and lots of emotions are totally in this.

    She looks great, too. I’m loving her dress + her curls + the makeup looks perfect and ties everything together. I can’t wait for her VMA performance. Best. Commercial/Promo. Ever. <3

  • jenna

    i didn’t like it.. her voice just sounds flat.

  • Elsa

    She kinda looks like Marlyn Monroe!! Her haair *thud*

  • melissa.*

    wow! I never knew she had such a powerful voice! YOU GO GIRL! ;D

  • Alaezel

    I rlove taylor swift

  • Lila

    She’s so pretty. i loved it!

  • me

    She’s officially the ONLY teen musician who can actually sing. The rest of them (you know who I mean) seriously need to go away already.

  • kaitlyn

    don’t get me wrong, i love taylor swift, but in all honesty, she isn’t a great singer. she’s okay, and her songs are really catchy but it’s especially clear in this song- her voice just sounds so flat :/
    i think the appeal with taylor swift is that since her voice isn’t anything extraordinary it’s easy to sing along to, and she’s a great songwriter.

    i major in musical theatre and i am completely obsessed with west side story- i like her rendition of it, but compared to the original, it’s nothing.

  • Katie

    Oh my gosh, I got chills! :D I am a huge WSS fan, I’m so excited to see all the different artists’ clips put together :) Taylor sounds really good here, I love how theatrical it all is :)

  • tara

    Wow, that was awful.

  • kiwi

    @me: I know, she is the only one with a big future.

  • tlautnerlover

    i love taylor! but im not a huge fan of broadway…. but its still good

  • SJS

    @me: I don’t hate Taylor, but it’s ridiculous to say she’s the only one who can really sing. Just cause you’re biased against others doesn’t mean they don’t have great abilities.

  • youknowit

    that was definitely majorly edited. no way does she sound like that.
    don’t get me wrong. i like taylor swift but that wasn’t her real voice at all

  • Tory

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE taylor and i LOVE LOVE LOVE west side story. im just not sure im reading for the 2 to mix.

  • Tory

    typo, meant “ready” for the 2 to mix.

  • duhhhh

    WTF she doesn’t sound good……….. you better stay as a songwritter honey… be a perfomance is hard

  • aw

    She has a talent in song writing but not in singing. Especially songs that require a certain type of vocals.

    I really wish MTV would stop trying to ruin classic things.

  • sam

    ugh i didn’t really like it…

  • shandiee

    Sorry not good at all. I don’t get what the whole hype is about her

  • jjr

    I had no idea her voice was so powerful shes amazing and other teens can sing :/ have you not heard demi lovato ?

  • brittany

    Her voice is amazing!
    Can’t wait to see her and Britney!

  • me


    Okay. Name me another teen musician who isn’t Disney related who can sing? I know they exist, but I sure can’t think of any who get the same exposure as the disney bunch and Taylor Swift.

  • WorldOfLaura

    i think it’s kinda weird that everyone takes it that serious cuz i think it’s actually a little joke and i like it even if it wasn’t a joke i think her singing was great here and it mostly is i’m not a big fan of her but now i listen to country and i like it because of her taylor swift is great :)

  • iskoiskoisko

    omg!aweeesome! i love u soo much taylor!

  • =)=)=)

    this is a joke right ?

  • mette

    yhhh, i didn’t liked it ! ;o it was awull !

  • tan

    just jared jr why dont u put something new on demi any more we miss her ! and miley put miley 2 please !!!!!!

  • [:

    I love Taylor and this looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Haylie


    i love taylor, but gosh darn it that was horrible. she is a great songwriter & and is good at singing her own songs (they have like no range)……really mtv……..thanks for ruining that song.

  • adfglkjjh

    i didnt really like it. she sounded flat

  • Tata

    I love it!!! all her songs are so touching, love them :)

  • Deja

    ugh. i love love love taylor swift, but this was..awful.

  • miss m

    Oh gosh, She beautiful, her songs and CD’s are awesome, but!!! She’s not that good live.. And not here.. Definately not here! I thought her voice was gonna break like, 11 times or something… Good video, though..

  • jessica


  • :S

    off key. she has a really limited range so this just sounded bad..

  • -V-

    @me: What about Demi Lovato? Or David Archuleta? They could sing.

  • camille

    im the ONLY ONE who thinks she CANNOT sing?, im not a hater so dont start to yell at me im just saying – i didnt like it at all

  • mimi

    @camille: i agree with you, she can’t sing

  • nelson

    sorry taylor fans, but it definitely sounds bad.

  • Cindy

    she should do broadway!

  • Cindy

    she should do broadway!

  • brooke

    i think that was amazing!! it might have been edited a lil bt so what? everybody is edited…just sm less or sm more. taylor looked really good!. cant wait to her at the actual thing. ;D

  • Joslyn

    My friend keeps saying her voice is edited and its not!


    She’s so pretty. i loved it! I like too ………………………………….

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