Zac Efron is Spin Sexy

Zac Efron is Spin Sexy

Zac Efron is going from cemetery worker to PR assistant???

Looks like the 21-year-old actor may be trading in his flip flops for loafers in first-time author Robert Rave‘s debut novel, Spin, according to E Online.

The flick, still in talks, is about Taylor Green, a recent college grad from the Midwest who works for one of New York City’s most wretched publicists. Taylor finds himself mixed up in shady dealings involving lots of sex, drugs and lies. The book hits shelves Tuesday, August 18th.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Zac’s possible new project?

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    omg i cant wait

  • Daniyah


    As a movie? Well cool i guess! :)

  • Naomi

    If he takes this role he must be pretty desperate.

  • isi

    GO ZAC!!!!

  • Jasmine

    Yes First to comment!

  • n

    love him

  • svenja**

    Gueess that will be a good one.. :)

  • isi


    I have never actually heard of the book before actually lol
    And soo not gonna read it.

  • Jasmine

    Uh oh i thought i was first, oh well.

  • julia mion

    first? zac <3

  • Meghan

    If he does end up doing this role, I’m sure it’ll be great!
    I probably won’t be able to see it though, because I’m still a bit young to watch movies that have some of the content Jared talked about in them.
    : (

  • Jasmine

    i thought i was first to comment oh well.


    @Meghan: me to but i cant belive zac is doing these kind of movies.

  • nikki

    omg ZAC EFRON IN A SEX SCENE!!! hhhoooottttttttt<3333333

  • Tiffany

    It sounds pretty interestinh.

  • brad

    sounds interesting! well any movie zac efron is in im ssoo seeing it, even if i would have to sneak in! :)

  • http://none jasmine

    o wow i wanna see this! hope he does do it XD god zac in a sex scene (drools)

  • brad

    oh and things are rumors, this is prob a rumor or something dont believe everything haha

  • mrsefron.

    Cooollll I love zac

  • nikki

    @Meghan: pppsshh JUST sneak in girl!! it is zac efronnn

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Yay, go Zachary!
    To people who cant believe he’s doing these kind of movie’s, BELIEVE IT!
    Hes an adult now and content like that is appropriate for him to do in movie’s ifhe has to!
    Plus he’s an amazing actor!

  • Bradley Bobst

    I hope this is true.

  • nikki

    @Bradley Bobst: me too!!<333 aahh zacc

  • nicci

    @Naomi: @brad: Shut up Naomi, if he want to take this role ,he could . I think it will be a great role for him. And plus who care if he do a sex scene , not like it is real or something. I am very happy for zac .

  • i love vanessa

    These is also a rumour that Zac is going to be in a muscial thing, with miley ??
    That seems wrong, But this looks like good movie x

  • i love vanessa

    These is also a rumour that Zac is going to be in a muscial thing, with miley ??
    That seems wrong, But this looks like good movie x

  • zefronq

    ooooohh seeing him half naked would make any movie good! haha :D

  • nikki

    @i love vanessa: i heard that too but that is a rumor.

  • Trina

    This dude is a first time novelist. Did anyone know who he was before today? No. I think this “rumor” is a ploy by St. Martin’s Press to drum up publicity for the book. Nothing more.

    Attach Zac Efron’s name to anything and it will be HOT. OMG, now, all the Zac tweenie fans will run out and buy the book to see if it has a sex scene in it.

  • http://justjaredjr fiona


  • ashlee


    i agree. that is a trashy, sexplotation book. it would be a movie like “sex and the city.” i don’t see zac being desperate enough to do a movie like that. especially after doing quality movies like maow and st. cloud. that would be like taking ten steps backward. or downward.

    sad that people believe every rumor about zac that come around.

  • i love vanessa

    @nikki: Me too. As he said he dosnt want to focus on Musicals.


    @zanessa-for-life-fan: ya but then we cant see it becuese zac efron has young fans

  • rissa

    lolz. i really think this is a rumor. he wouldn’t do something like this, would he?

  • kgg

    I doubt if this is true. E! is not a beacon of truth and will make up stuff just so people will watch their show or read their blog. If Zac does this, it would be a huge mistake in my opinion. Wait for a few years, Zac, then do it. You still have teens as fans and that would not be a good movie for them to see.

  • HMM

    This one may not be rumor only, it’s being reported by some pretty reputable sites. Can’t say much about the book cause it hasn’t come out yet – but at a glance it seems an interesting role for Zac to play. It could be another (much bolder) step towards shaking off some of the images peoplle have of him being a “young Disney actor.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Disney movie fan but If it helps to do that, it’s not a bad thing cause that’s the only way his careers going to continue – you can’t stay young forever. Congrats Zac, I hope it works out for you.

  • justine

    i think it is a rumor, i know zac and i am pretty sure he would not do this. i mean yeah just my opinion, buuuuuttttt
    seeing zac naked isnt such a BAD IDEA!!! :D

  • Katie

    um can you say Devil Wears Prada…not sex and the city, more like a devil-wears-prada-for-a-guy remake

  • HMM

    Hey Jared – can you put this on the main board? Seems Zac’s older fans would have a lot of interest in it – especially since they/we’d be the target audience. Maybe you’re already workin on it but as I’m sure you know us older fans like to see stuff about him on the main board too.

  • Abi

    Whoaa, Efron! It certainly sounds like an interesting role, and is CERTAINLY different to anything he’s played before which is good as he’s trying to broaden his horizons and everything.

    But, this could just be a rumour. I’m not saying it is, but before people get too worked up over it, I think we should wait for a proper announcement.

    But, it’s sounds like a good story line and I’m quite tempted to read the book when it comes out. We’ll see :-)

  • i love vanessa

    Does anyone know if Vanessa on ellen today was a repeat of the last interview or a new one?
    As i have no clue, from UK.

  • nicci

    @i love vanessa: It is a repeat from her last interview.

  • i love vanessa

    @nicci: Okay. Thanks for replying :D

  • kim

    Don’t know enough about this book yet so I don’t have an opinion on if he should do it. If Zac want to do this movie, then he should. Zac makes good choices and knows what he is doing. It does sound interesting!

  • istar

    *drools* a sex scene involving zac efron? im so there.

    i’ll wait until he confirms it, but right now im pretty excited :DD

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    A bad boy Zachary ? CAN’T WAIT !! :D But for right now, I’ll stay calm, I need to know if its true or not. ..If it is, I’ll be so impatient.

    @Naomi: If he takes this role, he’s soaring to new heights.

  • tasie

    i read the death and life of charlie st. cloud and that has a sex scene too! i was shoched i m gonna feel awkward in the movie!! LOL but i love zac and hope he does this!! GO ZAC!! oh and i saw bandslam today it was good! i loved it its not like other movies u guys should watch it!! GO VANESSA!!

  • HMM

    @kgg: You’re right about E not being a beacon of truth and like Trina said this could be a publicity ploy to get a new author some attention – goodness knows Zac’s name attached to anything wil make some one money – definitely won’t believe it until he makes the announcement. But I have to disagree with you on the role itself. I think it could be an interesting one for him to play – something totally new and different. Shake things up some and gain more the the adult audience he needs. He has already done a movie his youngest fans can’t see and depending on the rating CSC goes for he may be doing yet another that cuts out more of his younger audience – This might be a good final leap into where he’s wanting to be. Who knows without having read the book it’s hard to say too much. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • heather


  • samantha


    i agreed! zac can do and choice the role he wants because he´s hav´e so many offerts

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