Demi Lovato is Nashville Nice

Demi Lovato is Nashville Nice

Demi Lovato shows off her pearly whites as she poses with super fan Greg backstage at her Nashville concert last week.

JJJ reader Greg writes to us, saying, “I recently went to Demi Lovato‘s concert in Nashville. Me and my best friend got the VIP package which included going to her sound check, floor seats and even meeting her! Demi was soooo nice and a really down to earth person! Taylor Swift and Kevin Jonas Sr. were also at the concert. I didn’t get the chance to see them though.”

TELL JJJ: What kind of tickets did you get to Demi’s concerts?

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  • Althea

    She look really cute in the photos.

  • Taylor

    i got front row seats and i also met her!! she was really nice and seemed really cool! and her concert was awesome! she sounds amazing live :]

  • tan

    yay miss u demi !!! havent seen u in a very very long time !! realy miss ! and jjjr ! just finaly something new about demi !

  • vanessa

    If u wanna kno why mr. jonas was there is because hes her manager.

  • demiley

    DEMIIII !!

  • VanFan

    @Althea: TRUE.
    Love Miss LOVATO.

  • xoxo

    ya we want miley and vanessa please post more and more and more !! my fav three miley vanessa and demi !!

  • jayneene

    I love Demi so much! She looks really pretty in the pic like always! I miss her! :(

  • tan

    see jjjr people agree with me and i do with them !! put more demi !!!
    dont u guys agree ?

  • jaquline

    DEMI <3 she is so beautiful.

    Demi can sing, act, play guitar and piano. She is so talented!

  • alexis.

    I had front row seats. (:
    The concert was really, really fun.
    But I didn’t get the chance to meet Demi, David, or Taylor.

  • maichi

    I got side tickets, oh well.

    Houston, Texas.

  • amanda

    i got 1st level seats.
    i may not of had floor seats but the concert was still amazing

  • Andrea

    i love demi !! she´s so AMAZING, beyond talented and down to earth


  • kathrin

    DEMI <3 she is so beautiful!

    my IDOL!!!

  • nathalia

    love you demi (:

  • kelsey

    i got the cheapest tickets they had so my seat was at the back of the arena, but i dont care, at least i got to see demi in concert!
    i went to the St. Louis concert on August 13th!
    it was AMAZING! Demi is the absolute best! :)
    by the way when will anyone put up photos from the St.Louis concert?
    i took pictures, but there really bad pictures!

  • Yomoma

    The kind of tickets I got to the Demi Lovato Concert where I live were free tickets. I wasn’t going to go but her tickets were not selling here and they were only 15 dollars so me and my friend went. We ended up getting the tickets for free. I Hate Demi, I only went for David Archuleta.

  • Faith

    I went to that concert!!!! I had NO idea that Taylor Swift and Mr. Jonas were watching!!!!! So cool!!!!!
    Demi was awesome! I got floor seats but in the back more. She sounds wayyyyy cooler in concert then on her albums. My camera sucks though so I barely got any good pics :( The little boy that she sang “This is Me” to was SOOOOO cute!!!!!!
    Did anybody else go to the Nashville concert?

  • Faith

    Ok, well I forgot Mr. Jonas was one of her managers, so I guess he goes to a lot of her concerts. Except I didn’t think he would because his boys are on tour too and he’s their manager also.

  • Wilnette
  • Courtney

    Ahh her concert was amazing! and also me and greg davis are best friends!!! :)

  • tan

    jjjr put more miley selena and vanessa please

  • xoxo

    yeah put more selena and miley we miss them

  • xoxo

    who agrees

  • xoxo

    some people are saying they went to the concert for david

  • jenna

    my rolemodel<3 :D
    she is so pretty!!

  • Mary

    She wore that same outfit with the neon tee & white vest when she performed in Indy last Monday.


  • LIndzy

    DEMI lovao= numberonehero!

    she can sing/act/ take ammazing pictures,

    i sware she writes her songs for me. ive gone through alot that shes been through. lol

    but anyways i just missed the concert near me, so i hope you do a tour with selena that would be amazinng<– my fav. word. lol

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    so ? still love her !

  • xoxo

    omg i love demi lovato !!!!!!!!

  • Valeria


  • Steph

    Demi way way better than miley shes got a great voice and is prettier tha country hoe miley

  • lovelovelove

    i have that dresss! its from forever 21!

  • http://mozilfirefox Jennifer

    Miley Cyrus is so so so Cool.She is awesome.If i was her I would have stage frights.I love her She is so great and fabulous. :)

  • http://mozilfirefox Jennifer

    i love demi she is so fun and i know her she is my cousin and we talk about every thing she has a wonderful personality and is awesome if i was her i would b going out every Saturday she is so great and cool.I go to all of her concerts and all of them are so fun i love her songs.i DON6T HAVE A FAVORITISM SONG BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL fun!!!!!!!!! :)i AM HER NUMBER ONE FAN

>>>>>>> staging1