Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Not Engaged!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Not Engaged!


Earlier this morning, a British tabloid reported that Zac Efron and his longtime love Vanessa Hudgens are engaged. FALSE!

Both Zac and Vanessa‘s reps tell that the rumors are “not true.”

The darling duo, while not engaged, are still very much together. The twosome took Zac‘s younger brother Dylan to a Kings of Leon concert on Saturday night — the same one that the Eclipse cast attended.

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  • LULA

    luv zac

  • istar

    LOL…. it sounded untrue anyways! zac and v rock <33

  • becky

    HA HA HA
    bandslam only made 2.3 millions

    Zac im glad u still a smart boy, dont get engaged!

  • tan

    i know there not engaged now but i bet that they will marry each other !
    agree or not agree ?

  • Mari

    I know i have no place in this, but my advice to them would be to take it s.l.o.w.l.y. they are still very young and have all the time in the world!

  • svenja**

    I knew it! He told he wasn’t get married till 40. And I don’t think they should marry anyway. No offense but he can have like every girl (including mee)

  • maichi


  • maichi

    Even if it only made that much, Bandslam got amazing reviews.

  • sallyjo

    I bet they just up and get married some day and don’t tell anyone until afterward.

  • vanna

    aren’t they a little too young to be engaged????

  • maichi

    You’re right about 1 thing.
    They shouldn’t ge5t married, I mean, I’d be happy, but they’re too young.
    Plus, sure Zac can have anyone, but he’s been with Vanessa since 2006. Plus, I think he knows it.

  • Katty

    You can know they are not engaged because it was a British Tabloid that claimed Vanessa spoke to them about it. It’s not hard to spot a rumor like that.
    I read that they had a lot of fun at the concert last night, and were very coupley and cute.
    I went to a concert myself on Friday. Blink 182 is AWESOME.

  • maichi

    @tan: Agreed.

  • tan

    2.3 millions is alot !! cuz of the word millions !

  • maichi

    No, 2.3 million isn’t alot.
    It may be to you, but in box office.. ouch.

  • suzy

    zan have all the time in the world to get married they are still young.

  • Zanessa=love

    It will happen one day we will just have to wait a while!

  • maichi

    Well, scratch that.
    2.3 million is alot in general.

  • ZV lover

    Damn! Just cause I wanted them to get married! Ugh!!
    Why can’t zac just propose already? I know they’re still young, but they’re so meant to be. Anyways… I live you both!


  • istar

    @maichi: exactly. ur right. bandslam had amazing critical reviews but didn’t do as well commercially. 17 again was the other way around.

  • Kimi xx

    When i saw eyes popped out. But I re-read the title again. They are still young..why would they be engage this early in their career and lives?

    But I hope their love last forever! They make the cutest/hottest couple ever!

  • ZV lover


  • Susie

    yeah 2.3 is really bad, #1 did 30 millions
    aliens in the attic made 7.8 and was #5
    bandslam is like #12

  • meme!!

    i know…that’s true!!

  • Katty


    2.3 Mil is bad in box office, but it is good, I guess. The movie didn’t have the biggest budget, or anything like that, so 2.3 for this movie, is actually alright, I think. It’ll go up as time goes on. Disctict 9 was bound to win for the weekend.
    Plus, Bandslam had limited screens, it didn’t come to any towns near me, which is why I haven’t seen it yet.

  • dots

    Glad that it’s publically announced it’s not true, not that I believed it, reading peoples happy comments annoyed me.
    And stop with the “Zac can have anyone he wants” Did you ever think Vanessa is the one he wants? They’ve been together almost four years, nobody stays with somebody that long unless they want to.
    And $2.3 million isn’t a lot, but it did get really amazing reviews, and I’d rather it not be a huge blockbuster hit and get fantastic reviews than be a huge thing, and get awful reviews.

  • maichi

    Oh, well, Vanessa can kill those ox offices with Beastly and Suckerpunch, so, I’m not so down. lol

  • maria

    at least they r still together.
    love vanessa :)
    well its better than nun. so good job :)!

  • maichi

    That’s true. (:
    If they broke up, I would die.

  • Katty

    Did anyone find pix from that concert they went to???? I want to see some!

  • maichi

    ME TOO!

  • teamhudgens

    zanessa is the best!
    if you jealous shut up please (:

  • Katty


    I’m with you. Why are people always saying Zac can have anyone he wants? I love Z and V together, but it’s not like Vanessa is some ugly toad and Zac is the only man who will ever be attracted to her. If (knock on wood) they ever broke up, it’s not like Zac would the only one with other options.
    Obviously Zac does want her, or they wouldn’t have been together so long, or be all cutesy and coupley at that concert last night. Zac and Vanessa are doing fine, guys. To all those haters, get over it/.

  • maichi

    Ugh, I can only find pictures of the stupid Twilight cast at the concert..

  • rv

    bummer, but hey: they’re young and in love, who knows what’s gonna come in the future. are there pictures from the concert, or are they coming soon or so?

  • sophie.x

    You know…. with all the rumours goin around..i still dont know what to think…

    they denied their relationship for over a year…and so what? for all we know they could do it privately…

    either way none of us know the truth except ZAC & VANESSA!! n sure id love them to be…i really would.. but they’re young and end up married anyways.

  • nikki

    oohhh they went to a concert together HOOOWWWW CCUUUUTTTEEE<!!!!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    I never believe this rumor in the first place. But gold that they are together.

  • aw

    Breaking up, pregnancy or getting married, what an irritating cycle of rumors.


    The twilight cast sat in the VIP box so they got pictured. Zac/Vanessa & friends were near the crowd up front fully taking in show, maybe some fan pics will turn up.

    Cool that his little brother came and it’s also pretty cool that Zac has known the Kings of Leon members personally for awhile that Zac & Vanessa are friends with them.

  • blairr

    i don’t care about the box office .. because, i personally loved bandslam. it was different from all the teen movies that are so generic. i loved the songs in the movie too… plus it got great reviews. i can’t wait to buy it on dvd! :)

  • Bradley Bobst


    I know Nikki it is adorable.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Geeeeez give them time, they are young and in love!

    They will get married when the time is right.

    For now——-their careers are on fire !

  • nicci

    @tan: bandslam made about 11.3 million this weekened i think , that what i heard.

  • kami

    oh my, the rumors that go around about these two. and they keep recycling the some ones over and over and over. and they even quote things as if zac and vanessa say it. scary. the legitimate sites will contact either zac or vanessa rep before printing that kind of stuff.

  • tan

    in the movie dramas ya 2.3 million isnt that alot and yes many movies made more but 2.3 million isnt that bad ! I mean nobody said the movie sucked ! from what i see they said it was awesome !! but we’ll just have 2 wait and see what happens ! and vanessa can have any guy she wants and zac can have any girl he wants and thats 2 us but 2 them they want eachother and thats what they will get !! 4 the rest of there lives if they want 2 !



    No, it made 2,3 million as said before.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I am gold that Zac and Vanessa are not Engaged. I love both Zac and Vanessa but they are still to young.

    Also Gold that Zac and Vanessa are still very much together.

  • maichi

    Oh, dang it. Oh well. But it is really sweet and cool. Nice to know Dylan gets along well with Vanessa.

  • gaby

    i knew it wasnt true. it sounded sooooo untrue and unrealistic. i was laughing at the fact that people actually believed it.
    i mean dont get me wrong, im dying to hear the day they do get engaged, im a die-hard zanessa fan but i just think its funny when people believe rumors.

  • Zanessafanx13!!!

    Darn it!! I wish it was true!! But i hope someday they will get married!!
    GO Zanessa!!<33333

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