78Violet Premieres The Next Worst Thing

78Violet Premieres The Next Worst Thing

78violet sisters Aly and Aj Michalka premiered one of their new songs from their upcoming album, “The Next Worst Thing.”

Aly, 20, was the guest on KROQ 106.7 FM’s Loveline on Sunday night (August 16) and surprised the host with the song.

78violet‘s new album is expected to hit shelves this fall. Aly also just premiered her new flick, Bandslam, at the box office.

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78violet – “The Next Worst Thing”
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  • Faith

    I don’t really like the song. Plus it’s hard to hear since someone recorded it. I bet if I heard it not recorded on a camera I’d like it better.

  • annie

    I’m undecided. I don’t like the name 78violet thought. What was wrong with their other name?

  • lauren

    I really like it!

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer listen to mayday parade

    First off: the girl in the rest has lost a ton of weight, whoa shes pushing anorexic soon.

    Second, I dont get why they have a name 78violet? Like is that instead of calling them just ALy and Aj?

    Third, or they even THAT important that they need a powerhouse name? Ive never heard them on anything other than disney…

  • Michael

    love the song! can’t wait to hear a better (more audibly clear) version!

  • ella

    funny hwo jared just says she premiered bandslam on the box office, btu fails to mention that it was like the biggest flop of 2009.

  • istar

    bandslam was awesome and had really awesome critical reviews.
    i really like the song. and 78violet sounds like a name that really suits them.

  • Anna

    Bandslam may have had good reviews but it did HORRIBLE at the Box office :/
    Not sure about the song yet.. Give me some time:)

  • http://www.youtube.com/claireandhazel hazel

    i like it and im sure i will like it more when i here it in high quality! Its different but in a good way! they are very talented song writers!!!! woohoo they rock!

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Hahahaha at Bandslam bombing at the box office this weekend

  • Mewnaru

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooove this song !

  • Karen

    okay. wow. these comments are.. interesting.
    here’s my opinion, and no, don’t just judge me
    as a huge aly & aj fan, i’m just a huge fan of
    music who happens to think that both aly & aj
    are extremely talented.

    first, i love the name 78violet. they just want to be respected.
    for some reason, disney musicians/actors seem to be dissed
    a lot just because there with disney.

    second, the new sound rocks, can’t wait to here better quality!

    there just wasn’t enough promotion to get a big box office amount.
    an overused plot, maybe, but the acting was much better than movies
    that do hit big at the box office. i saw GI Joe, talk about stupidddd.

  • Gibby

    The youtube song link is dead, here’s another one: http://www.divshare.com/download/8215325-fbd (thanks to http://www.alyandajreaction.net)

  • annie

    I just read this: That sucks balls.

    Vanessa Hudgens’ latest film ‘Bandslam’ flops

    The latest film from High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has flopped at the US Box Office on its first week of release.

    Bandslam grossed just over $2 million to land outside the top ten.

    The movie, about a Battle Of The Bands competition, also stars former Friends actress Lisa Kudrow.

    Many are seeing the film’s performance as a major disappointment considering how popular Vanessa is. She rocketed to fame playing Gabriella in the High School Musical series.

    Sci-fi epic District 19 entered the North American movie chart at number one, taking roughly $37 million.

  • Mariah

    I have one thing…since when do they call themselves 78Violet…

  • Robert

    Karen I agree with you 100%
    Like GI Joe was terible all action so dumb people think it’s good. Really sad actually. But that’s the U.S. For you.
    And I love 78 violet .

  • lauen


    what do you mean there wasnt enough promotion?!?! ummm there was TONS of promotion for bandslam! tons! plus the new moon trailer. the fact that it failed so miserably had nothing to do with lack of promotion, but the fact that Vanessa Hudgens really isint an audience draw. Sure, people like to sit on Just Jared and comment about her over and over and over again, but when it comes time for her to release an album or star in a movie where are these people? Obviously not out buying her movie tickets or cds, because so far she is flopping at virtually everything she does.

  • http://alyajthebestintheworld.forumcommunity.net/ PEPPEmichalka
  • mona

    vanessa in bandslam she didn’t hase the lead role aly hase the leade role so aly floped not vanessa lauene and vanessa identified tour was very very very good and her album floped cause sneaknight so shut up and leave vanessa alone
    and sorry 4 my bad english

  • gugi

    78violet huh?? wat the feak?? thats like their name…so weird.

  • Lol

    First of all regarding band slam movie, Vanessa did have lead role obviously so dont blame it on Aly, And it doesn’t matter who’s got lead role it matters who acts the best and who is not.

    Aly was a great acter i didn’t see anything wrong with her on the movie but vanessa on the other hand wth was with her, her bad atitude failed and i knew she didn’t have any acting talent when i saw her on high school musical i mean come on all she’s got is a simple boring voice that nobody is listening to, Aly has a fun unique voice and she can act unlike vanessa.

    Also i love 78Violet it doesn’t remind me of Disney like Aly & Aj and their new rockish music is awesome i love the song it’s just great it’s stuck in my head it’s so catchy :D

  • F@V

    First of all i like the name nd don’t see why everybody is complaining bout nd i havent heard the song but i bet its rely good! =) nd i loved the Bandslam movie can’t wait to get it on DVD. Thanx to 78violet i support you guys all the way! peace!

  • http://mikehla mike

    love the song