Joe Jonas is a Giant Cupcake

Joe Jonas is a Giant Cupcake

Birthday boy Joe Jonas gets dressed up in a giant cupcake costume to celebrate his day on Saturday (August 15) during a meet and greet in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Joe, along with bros Nick and Kevin, played to a sold-out crowd at the New Orleans Arena. The audience even sang “Happy Birthday” to Joe!

The JoBros also rocked out the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Alabama on Sunday night.

TELL JJJ: What do you think of Joe’s cupcake costume?

Bigger pic inside…

Audience singing “Happy Birthday” to Joe Jonas – 08/15

Jonas Brothers – “Sweet Caroline” – 08/15

Jonas Brothers – “Much Better” – 08/15
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  • sarah

    funny lol FIRST?

  • nathalia

    i love them!

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Why is that fat girl blurred out?

  • annamarie

    wooo!!!! i love joe! we totally baked him a cakee=]

  • Amanda

    Isn’t he 19? Why doesn’t he act like it? I think the costume is stupid.

  • Shannon

    JOE IS 20!

  • Courtney

    Joe is amazing!


  • Sam

    I kinda agree with you Amamda, the costumes are getting kinda old….like..its funny and all but he IS 19 now soo…he can stop doing that for his fans…if thats why hes even doing it…lol

  • Sam

    20!! he is 20! my bad lol! Makes my point even more ..pointful hahah

  • Marie

    haha! aww i love joe! lol I cant believe hes already 20!!! So cute..

  • saudia

    Nick looks hot in that pic! Joe had always been wacky.. it’s a tad annoying considering he’s now 20

  • cc27

    JOE!! (: so adorable!.
    like always xD

  • Bobbie

    Why is everyone making such a big deal about him dressing up in his costumes? He doing it all for fun, and so what if he’s 20 now. He’s his own person and can do whatever he wants. If we are really fans, we wouldn’t judge him and tell him to stop doing something he’s doing. Everyone who is saying that he needs to stop, really isn’t a fan. I love when he dresses up, it makes sound check and meeting them more fun. Plus, the costumes match his personality. He’s just trying to show us all that he is still the same fun loving Joe that we all know and love. So stop saying he should stop, he’s doing it for himself and his fans.

  • swe3t2


  • SJS

    @Sam: Joe is a performer. He isn’t walking around his town dressed like a cake or a pig. And besides, Jim Carey is well past 20 years old and he is extremely goofy. It’s part of what he does for a living.

    I think it’s good that he’s not so prideful and doesn’t take himself too seriously. :)

  • gonnabemrs.josephadamjonas!

    yoyo! wat funny pics and i just adore joe and im in love with joe and i know a lot about the brothers and i just hope i get noticed 1 day 4 it cuz im much better and im burnin up in this heat and when that days comes and joe says when you look me in the eyes i catch a glimps of heaven he will fly with me and i wont be paranoid and or have a world war 3 with my baby happy late birthday i was real busy that day but i want to say all have said to you rite now and i just want to say that you make me just sing head to toe by lisa lisa and the cold cut jam!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo and 4 eva
    mrs.mia lynn jonas!

  • http://N/A annonymous

    Umm Joe is just naturally a big geek :)

    He once auditioned for “The Amanda Show”…but Drake Bell got the part. I think he likes people to feel amused and have a good laugh.

    It’s pretty thoughtful for him to wear those costumes too! It’s original and I haven’t seen anyone do these things for their fans during concerts.

  • Yvonne

    I’m just thinking its high time Kevin and Nick get some darn attention. Joe has had it for a month now. All the hub-bub about Kevins engagement only lasted a week and Nick is getting only Niley related coverage. Time to give those 2 the spotlight for a change

  • efdsdfsdfsdfsdf

    Love you joeeee!!!

  • Guille:)

    joe is 20!! OMG i love heeeeeeeeeeeeeee(L) he’s the love of my life (LL)

  • faelinAianieri[:


  • Lauren

    @ Yvonne

    get a lot of attention

  • Lauren


    I forgot to put the “They” at the beginning

  • manounlovesjb

    woooooooooooooooow guys
    if ther was a world better than luuuuuuuuuv
    id ve said it
    but wats the different
    it dn b enough 2 descripe wats in my heart 4 u

    i luv u 2 much 4 my heart 2 support,
    i luv u 2 much 4 the worlds 2 describe,
    i luv u 2 much 4 me 2 tell,
    and i luv u 2 much 4 u 2 no,
    how much i luv u,

    -ur biggest egyptian luver-

  • aleema

    i have no problem whatsoever with him not acting his age because i’m 7 years younger than him and i’m totallyy in love with him

  • Kaylin

    I was there for this concert!

  • Saam’

    OMG! Jooseeph its BEAUTIFUL!

  • Lauren

    I went to this! Im actually from New Orleans! it was a big day for him! AHHAHA I LOVE YOU JOEEEE


  • Deddirae

    It’s a birthday cake not a cupcake. :) I love Joe he da bomb!

  • TASHAAA.(:

    AWWW ! how cuteeee. this is why i love joseph adam jonas. :D

  • Karina

    I love all of theem , I’m a huuugeeeeee fan of them . speacially joe , I lovee him more than everything and I think that his costumes are so cutee .


  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    omg joe is sooo crazy i love that about him ! he always finds a way 2 make his fans smile ! happy 20 birthday goofy joe !

  • random

    Oh my gosh! That is like so FUNNY!
    Joe is just trying to make everyone laugh! He totally made me LOL!
    So all of you insulting him……………..
    WhY R u EvEn LOOkiNg hiM Up??

  • melisa jonas

    ilove u joe:) u mean everything to me(L) i was in phoenix in your concert and i stillsnot believe that i saw u, loveu jonas bros, JONAS INSPIRES ME! thanks for all

  • shae b. ;)

    I think that costume is hilarious, and he should wear it on halloween. lol Or maybe let me borrow it for my birthday next week. haha ;D

  • flashdrive

    don’t listen to them joe! i love your inmaturity! it makes me feel better about my self since i’m ADHD! love you all!

  • shandiee


    Well maybe if Nick and Kevin do something, they’ll be noticed. Yes kevin is engaged…everyone knows

    I love Joe and i love all the posts of him!! SEXy

  • amber olson

    hi joe I loove it when u look me in the eyes

  • bethany

    @Amanda: Then why did u click on the story then ??

  • shawna


    thank you!!!! why are people on here being so dumb? omg 20 is NOT that old. you pretty much still feel like a teenager when you’re 20 because you don’t just change overnight. what do you want joe to be all boring and old now??? not me ! i love him being goofy and he’s definitely not too old to still act like a kid. let him be..
    but thank you for bringing to people’s attentions that there’s nothing wrong with him acting like that :)

  • shawna


    i think you’re stupid

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