Kristen Stewart Covers Dazed & Confused

Kristen Stewart Covers Dazed & Confused

Kristen Stewart becomes a kaleidoscope on the September 2009 cover of Dazed & Confused.

In the upcoming issue, the 19-year-old actress takes a break from playing Joan Jett in the forthcoming film of her life, The Runaways, to talk rock’n'roll, rumours, and waging war on the paparazzi.

Also featured in the mag are unseen 60s photography by Dennis Hopper, forgotten films by the Velvet Underground, and Stanley Kubrick‘s movie masterpiece that never was.

Dazed & Confused hits shelves THIS Thursday, August 20th. Bigger cover inside…

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Photos: David Sherry/Dazed & Confused
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  • hannah

    I just don’t like her…

    follow me on twitter!

  • ctiffanybella

    uhh.. okay. lol
    well, i LOVE HER.
    so damn badass.

  • Liz Valencia

    haha love her!!!

  • Dianaaa

    Kristen is stunnig. Love her!

  • Dianaaa

    Kristen is stunnig. Love her!

  • georgia

    she’s friggen amazing, screw you if you don’t like her.
    she’s so real, doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks of her.
    thats role-model material.

  • moi moi


    U comment like that on a Kristen Stewart post and u ask people to follow u?? Are u stupid?? dont u realize that most people who might be looking at this post are Kristen fans?? BOBO!!

  • http://justjaredjr demi

    this girl is awesome!!!
    shes always herself!!
    she rocks and kicks ass!!

    love her

  • KristenRULES!!

    f-cking Awesome cover!

  • kristenfans

    I love Kristen,she’s so real unlike other celebs!
    check out my youtube,fans :] and join my group okie :p

  • alice

    fuckin awesome cover!
    kristens my role model ;)
    & im 19 and i have another 19yearold rolemodel lol.

  • marychiles

    she is a beautiful creature, never get tired of looking at her face. actually she is currently the most beautiful actress in her time. no wonder rob is so crazy in love with her.

  • mary

    she is a beatiful creature. never get tired looking at her face. no wonder rob is so crazy in love with her

  • Cherie currie

    I’m 30 and I freakin’ lover her. She is the only bona fide rock star of an actress going right now. As for the haters – you can have your Mileys and Brittanys, just go away and file your nails, or whatever brainless twats do on weekday nights.

  • annie

    This is what she seems in the mirror when she’s high. Everyday.

  • florence

    okay i just dont like her as bella, she just doesnt absorb the carachter of how she is.. i think bella should have beign ellen paige! i just dont like how she acts.. so cold.. no emotion.. i hope new moon is better.. but by the looks of it .. it is

  • Vivian

    gorgeous !!!

  • jess

    she is awesome. I cant believe that, go Robsten!!!!

  • Janice

    Ugh…go away KStew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hanya

    I love Kristen! She looks gorgeous on the cover!!!

  • Alison

    I cant say I dislike her, but not exactly a fan either. I find her acting very ‘blah’ and she seems really stoned all the time (and she is what only 19??).

  • jasmine

    Love love love Kristen! such a fan of her acting, especially in into the wild and speak. And just love her real/non-superficial vibe. And she is freaking gorgeous. Naturally gorgeous too, not that made up fake crap.

  • baby girl

    she ia amazing sooooooooo beautiful
    GREAT ACTRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    UGOGIRL LOL LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allie

    why are people so obsessed with kristen?! she acts like she’s stoned 24/7. she has no class at all and can’t even act. i don’t know why people think she and rob have so much chemistry, i thought they looked really awkward and uncomfortable together! the hospital scene where she was begging him not to leave was painful to watch, her acting was so terrible. maybe if she wasn’t stoned all the time she’d be able to put some emotions on her face.

  • baby girl

    @KristenRULES!!: I argree with everything u said

  • Belle

    one thing people can’t contest is her acting prowess for someone as young as her. she’s pretty amazing

  • lindy

    more pics more! love her as an actress

  • mang keps

    i love her!!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!

    I wanna marry her!!!

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    I adore her, I am so excited to se her as Joan and of course New moon :)

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    and here is link for more on this interview

  • duuumm

    why does she always look like shes on crack

  • twilight fan

    yea well i think she rocks she is my idol/role model and she super beautiful and she does not looked stoned she has an amazing voice when she sings in into the wild and i cant not wait ill new moon comes out i am a huge fan of twilight







  • Phillips

    ILOVEKSTEW. I admit she has done better in her other films. like Speak and Adventureland
    But i still love her

  • http://google Celine

    She is BEAUTIFUL w/o trying SO HARD! She is sensous and looks like she wants to have sex all the time – its with her eyes & lips. When she matures she will be AWESOME!!! I love her and I am 55 yrs. old European lady!!!

>>>>>>> staging1