Miley Cyrus's MacBook Mayhem

Miley Cyrus's MacBook Mayhem

Miley Cyrus isn’t loving her MacBook at the moment.

The 16-year-old starlet just tweeted from her road trip to Atlanta, “Trying to figure out ‘Bluetooth’ on my Macbook with (The Last Song costar) Liam [Hemsworth]. My computer would be pretty cool if half of the crap on it worked!”

But Miley was also excited that she could tweet from it earlier, saying, “OMG. I am tweeting on my computer in the car! Holy Moly! Technology these days whoo wee!”

Also be sure to check out Miley‘s new glasses below!

TELL JJJ: Do you ever have computer problems like Miley?

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  • shamilah

    kewl :)
    luv the glasses yeh Technology these days woo hoo :]

  • delsy

    Pretty Miley. I don’t like Mac book they ARE annoying

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Why post these worthless news?
    But I like her glasses.

  • Faith

    Cool glasses Miley ;) I have some black square ones

  • Emmy

    I get her! My old laptop had Bluetooth that didn’t work! Handed in my new laptop today cause it was broken! This I’d the third time since MAY! thank god we get laptops from school!

  • PaulinhoO

    OMG! *-*
    She’s amazing with her new glasses :D

    … and I always have problems with my computer! ¬¬’

    Love Miley 4ever <3

  • ashytisdalefan

    love her glasses
    shes so adorable! :D

    and yes!
    my computer freezes on me sometimes

    @zanessa-for-life-fan I agree. This news is kinda useless but i love miley :P

  • sally

    maybe it wasn’t the computer and she is just an idiot, i have an apple laptop and everything works just fine, why doesn’t jared actually post news instead of this crap no one cares about… WOOOAAAHH miley got internet on her computer!!!…big deal…POST REAL NEWS!

  • val

    luv ya! ^^

  • Alejandra

    No, I don’t have that kind of problems.

  • flashmob

    Huh? worthless news? Omg, Fly on the Wall, says it all. With Twitter, we get to read constant real-time Miley. Her followers keep, keep, keep, increasing. She ‘s my favorite writer.

  • rock_chic_chick

    someone really needs to teach her how to pout properly she always looks like a fish

  • =)=)=)

    heh sweet ! and miley looks beautiful here very beautiful ! love u miley !
    but do u know what bothers me the most !! its when my cell phone freezes ( not that u care ) and ya miley is my fav writer ! i luv it when she writes something new ! keep writing miley ! luv u

  • camilla

    aw she’s so cute!! i love her eyes.. and mac books ARE really annoying haha

  • naomi

    i always had problems with my old macbook so now i have a sony vaio and is awesome

  • Lisa

    @rock_chic_chick: ha totally agree with you! Her pout looks like young girl trying to play sexy look but failed and failed big time!!

  • adam

    uh, whoa. macs don’t have problems, haha. she was probably just trying to figure out how it all worked. that is pretty awesome how she was online in the car though. i liked how she was tweeting what songs she was listening to. fun!

  • Bradley

    yea i have problems with my laptop it’s a piece of junk at times lol! i know what she means all my stuff does not work either! will trade for a mac anyday miley i wanna trade i want bluetooth:) she’s not the only one who deals with laptop problems! technology just keeps getting better & crazier but i love it! who doesn’t?

  • Selina

    Miley looks great in those glasses! Anyways, Macbooks suck. I don’t blame her for being so frustrated.

  • alee

    omg O: she knows how to use a computer 8-)

  • caitlynnnn

    LOOOLLLLLL i now heeeyyyyyyyyyyy
    miley got internet woot woot

  • Ali(:

    I do have Macbook & it works just fine. but yea, my bluetooth doesn’t work either, but eh actually not even my phone’s bluetooth works so it’s my fault. Only thing is how to change computer’s name?

  • Hollly

    Arrr She looks awesome, but no need to swear !!! :O:O

    -Only joking :L
    hah !

  • azalea

    my notebook is sooo lame
    and have bluetooth problem too
    love her glasses =D

  • bella

    Miley would look good wearing any kind of glasses. She is just so adorable.

  • jimmy

    WTF!! Is this a news now?!! Miley use laptop in car. Big deal.
    While you writing this, why not post list of song Miley listens to in the car? Those pictures also not the latest pics. Lame..
    But I don’t blame you, I’m also obsess with Miley

    ps: Please don’t bar me from this site. JJJ is awesome actually :)

  • Sa5m

    she looks so beutiful…
    love u miley …..

  • Erika

    @Sa5m: Hey I see you saw Bandslam “Sa5m the five is silent” haha just wanted to say that,

    Anyways Miley looks beautiful and she looks really good with glasses!

  • bibi

    i am typing this on a macbook right now

  • Gameplaya

    sure she luks kwl but face it u cn love her al u want u cant get her

  • morgggg
  • cbfads

    @sally: thankyou!! finally someone understandss and why does she always twitpic herself she must love herself

  • MileyBrazilFan

    Sometimes I have problems with my computer, is so irritant!
    Miley is amazing with the glasses … so cute, elegant and fashion!

  • =)=)=)

    i think miley looks so cute in the glasses !!! and i love her !!! jjj put more about miley please !!

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    yay something about miley !! u look amazing in glasses !! and u r getting more beautiful everyday !! luv u !

  • cry no more

    i love pic #4 i think she looks beautiful !! and and i just love her eyes !!!
    luv u miley !! and put more on miley !!! we want more !!

  • cry no more

    i bet u love this hat alot cuz u wear it alot these days ! and i think its realy cool i love the colours !! luv u peace !

  • 1# Zanessa’s Biggest fan

    nice glasses :D x

  • Charmaine Rawson

    There have been three separate designs of the MacBook: the original model used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing that was modeled after the iBook G4. The second type, introduced in October 2008 alongside the 15-inch MacBook Pro, used a similar unibody aluminum casing to the 15-inch Pro, and was updated and rebranded as the 13-inch MacBook Pro at the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2009.-:..^

    Have a good weekend

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