Selena Gomez Films Falling Down Music Video!

Selena Gomez Films Falling Down Music Video!

Selena Gomez poses with her brand-new band — The Scene — behind the scenes of their new music video, “Falling Down.”

The 17-year-old singer recently tweeted a pic from the set, quickly introducing her new band to the world. She shared, “Ethan is brushing his teeth. Joey is tired of me taking pictures. Greg is just happy. Good day so far. Dinner with the guys to celebrate our first video!”

Sel‘s single will premiere on THIS FRIDAY August 21st on Radio Disney and her debut album, Kiss & Tell, will hit shelves September 29th!

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  • voteforselena!!!


  • delsy

    No offense to selena fans but i can’t wait to see this album bomb just like the WOWP album :)

  • voteforselena!!!


  • Iria

    She looks beautiful, i really want to see her video.
    He is so talented and seems such a nice girl

  • Maddison

    She is an insult to all scene kids everywhere
    I do take great offence having Selena be called SCENE.
    Shes a goody two shoes

  • PavlusQa

    She look awesome!! I love it…

  • PavlusQa
  • PavlusQa
  • tara

    @Maddison: i don’t see how scene kids can take it has an insult especially when ‘the scene’ doesn’t even mean what you think it means. fake scene kid much? the scene was all about the music scene. not how a person dressed or did their hair.

    and “scene” kids are an insult to scene kids everywhere.


  • Adam

    I’m excited for her album! Like I said in the last Selena post, I hope the rest of her songs are more Demi Lovato-like and less Lady Gaga-type.

  • Lauren

    I’m not excited for this album. Selena sucks.

  • Karen

    @Maddison: she KNOWS she’s not scene. she never said she was scene. the band name is for anyone who ever called her scene. plus, when did you become the owner of the entire scene style?

  • SElenafan


    she not saying shes scene..the vands NAME is “the scene”

  • Bronagh

    Prefer selenas acting to singing but can’t wait!! The guy in the black and White shirt is cute!!

  • linnyb

    i thought she cut her hair?

  • its me

    Selena is the numember one! *-*
    GO girl,GO! You are the best <3 (:

  • saudia

    Selena is gorgeous .. love her


    wow shes bloody stunnin @linnyb there hair extensions :D x ive got a clip preview on my channel

  • katherin

    seriously shes a fake as my knock off gucci purse.

    you can see right threw her extensions, and seriously? this album is going to bomb. her song is so edited, i dont even want to hear the rest of it. shes an insult so all musicians. just because she can act, defanitly doesnt mean she can sing.


  • Lauren

    shes gonna kick ass….all the people saying different your gonna be eating your words once her album does good…plus; i dont get why she cut her hair just to put extensions back in…or is it just for the video?

  • BlaireB

    @katherin: What’s your problem? Yes, she’s wearing hair extensions, so freakin’ what?? Selena CAN sing, she may not have a strong, powerful voice, but she CAN sing in her own right. This is a pop/rock/TECHNO song, so of course there’s gonna be some synthesizing involved, just like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. But her OTHER songs might be different from “Falling Down”, so we still are not sure how this album is going to be. And quite frankly, you don’t know whether her album will be a success or not. So STFU, it’s pretty you’re just a HATER who WANTS to hate everything she does.

  • nici

    selena is beautiful & i really like her , but she is a better actress than a singer.
    selena can sing, but her voice .. idk, i don’t really like her voice, she sounds like ashlee simpson but selena is better, but demi is better than sel.

  • Lauren

    I really don’t think she can sing at all. I don’t understand why she would even bother releasing an album.

  • :l

    She got extensions right? Well I don’t like her pants and I think she has to much makeup on but other than that I’m sure it’ll be an interesting video, even if the 30 second preview sounded terrible.

  • #1selenafan

    I love Selena Gomez! I cannot wait for this CD to come to stores, I’m EXTREMELY excited. All of you haters need to get a life! She is a real person just like you!

  • jessica

    Someone forgot to take their meds today, right Blaire. But, hey your rant is more interesting than Selena’s hair extensions or her attempt at music.

  • keke

    um… sry ppl i’m on a h8r but diz album will bomb like crazy she’s mediocre at singing…hmm hmm bombs!!!

  • Minime

    I ´m tierd of girlbands whose only the vocal is a girl… it´s like girls can only sing and look pretty, not play… it´s so old fashion. Still, Selena is both tallented and cute, and I´m sure they can make great music

  • Izzy

    @Adam: HOw dare you insult Lady Gaga by comparing her to this disney, wanna–be rocker, pop-tart! Lady Gaga is revered as the next MADONNA! Selena’s music career is revered as the next Disney FLOP! And Demi is 10 times better than Selena will ever be so I think that’s an insult to Demi to to compare her to Selena GOAT-mez! Demi has a beautiful and powerful voice andcan actually belt it, Selenas singing is an epic fail. PERIOD!

  • Faith

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER ALBUM!!!!!!!! Selena’s AWEOSME!!!!! Her sound is so cool and so is her voice! WHO CARES if she’s wearing hair extensions for the video JUST GET OVER YOURSELVES POEPLE!!!!!!! It’s just for the video.

  • TV

    Damn. Judging by the look of the set, Disney is actually betting their money on Selena and the Scene. The production looks legit. And I like how the set also looks so techno. Can’t wait to see the end result.

  • Faith

    @Lauren: It’s just for the video

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    EEEEEEK! Couldn’t they afford better hair extensions? OMG! Look at the upclose shot of her- her hair looks terribly fake :(

  • Betty

    loveyouuuuu selena

  • Vannalee


  • xoxo

    i dont like the way she looks here ! but still cant wait 2 see it ! hopefuly it will be better than the song ! dont get me wrong some parts of the song was good but other parts not so good ! so ya whatever!

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    i know i wrote this in another post but please guys u have 2 here “CRY NO MORE ” & ” CHANGED MAN ” BY CHRIS BROWN !!!!!!!
    its soooooo good and yet sooooo sad i cried and it will make u cry !
    dont miss it please just here it !! my fav was cry no more but realy guys both of them r just amazing and so awesome but what the most amazing thin about them that the songs can realy touch your heart !!!
    CHEK IT OUT GUYS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leah

    I can’t wait till the album!!

  • leah

    Can’t wait!

  • Jessie

    She doesn’t have a bad voice but it isn’t stellar and she has said herself that she wants to be known as an actress. That is precisely what bugs me about her releasing an album- she isn’t passionate about it. It’s all just a fun time for her. I mean she only wrote one song on her album, she isn’t a true artist. It just frustrates me to know that there are so many other people trying so hard to make in the music industry that are a tonnn more talented and music is there passion and then she gets a record deal because she has connections. I just wish she would stick to acting. It’s like “la da di da” she woke up one morning and wanted to make an album just because all of her friends are doing it.

  • Adam

    @Izzy: I am just repeating what Selena said on that SayNow call. Like it or not, Selena can actually sing. Demi can too. Lady Gaga is techno like Britney Spears. That’s how her music is supposed to sound like moron. Selena has a soft, soothing voice when it’s not autotuned. I hope she showcases more of it like she did on her YouTube videos. That’s why I said more Demi-type and less Gaga-type.

    You’re clearly a no-life hater, so gtfo.

  • hititquitit

    i’ve never heard her sing…so i don’t know what to think really
    i mean every song she’s sang has been well very edited and sounded different everytime..
    and she had only like two lines in that send it on song they did with disney…
    i mean i’m open to hear the song…i’m just saying…and didn’t she name the band the scene as a poke at everything? idk but yea if she’s having fun it’s whatever. who cares just don’t listen to her if you don’t like the songs.

  • gold baybay

    Hopefully the album doesn’t flop, because quite frankly, I like her—hate the fact she’s making music–but nevertheless I like her. And has anybody heard of BANDSLAM in the box office? EPIC fail, lmao. 2.3 million opening weekend. I used to consider myself a V-Hud fan but I didn’t bother to watch the movie and when I saw how much it made I laughed and told my buds about it on msn.

  • Mark

    @gold baybay: your a bitchh you know that

  • Chel08

    @Maddison: Just to clear some things up…she’s not calling herself scene. Her band is called “THE Scene” as in as Scene in a movie or a Scene in a night club. Hello the word “Scene” has been around for centuries and calling someone “scene” has been around for less than a decade.

  • nina caplan

    eew, her hair is insanely burned, and those extensions look too fake!

  • Ali

    @katherin: i completely agree! im not hating on selena for stupid reasons, but i just think that its not right that she should get an album, when she can’t sing at all. her voice is not powerful at all. It sounds computer generated, and so unnatural!!!

  • Carolina

    Of course I’m exited for her album! It’s gonna be awesome! the best, i knoow it ! ♥ she’s amazing; i love her so much! good luck in everything sel(L) you deserve it!

  • #1Selenagomezfan

    I CANT WAIT!!!! I NEED THE CD!!!! IM YOUR #1FAN!!!!!!!!!

  • ashleyandmileylover

    i love her and i can’t wait to see her video, but her hair looks horrible!!!