Selena Gomez - Falling Down Preview!

Selena Gomez - Falling Down Preview!

Selena Gomez snaps a pic of her new band — The Scene — before they filmed the brand-new video for her first single, “Falling Down,” on Saturday afternoon (August 15).

The 17-year-old actress/singer tweeted, “Ethan is brushing his teeth. Joey is tired of me taking pictures. Greg is just happy. Good day so far. Dinner with the guys to celebrate our first video!”

Sneak a peek of Selena and The Scene‘s new single, which will premiere on Radio Disney August 21st!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel’s new single — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Falling Down” Preview
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  • voteforselena!!!


  • Alyssa

    The Best! So Hot!

  • georgia

    love her <3
    she’s the best actress on disney channel.
    the rest of them suck.
    aka vanessa hudgens.

  • Laura

    This sucks SO BAD

  • iloveyouselena

    i love the sneak peek i cant wait for the full song
    selena and demi are the best!!!

  • Madison

    I love Selena Gomez, but I’m not really loving the song. I think she’s an incredibly talented singer/actress, but I thought it would be better. :[

  • Lisa

    too edited for my liking.

  • .

    kinda sounds like a cross of ashlee simpson, britney spears, and someone else. … not really a good combination.

    you can’t even recognize her voice. its SO remixed

  • mileyfan!

    ew shes AWFUL! her voice is so edited! she should stick 2 acting! miley and demi are the best disney singers!

  • whatthe?

    she should definitely stick to acting.. she’s not the best singer and they have over-edited this song! its actually kinda bad

  • alicia

    horrible !!!!!!!!!! she JUST can sing !

  • Serena

    I love Selena, but I thought the song would be better, but maybe if we hear the full song it sounds different!
    Sorry if my english is not correct, Im from the Netherlands

  • alicia

    i mean’t she just Can’t sing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cristy

    I like it. It sounds like hilary duff. That’s a good thing btw

  • Marte

    Don’t like it.. To..techno?? Very edited.. Sorry..

  • Bia


    I so agrre with you!

  • jenny

    I like it but am not gonna go OMG its great because i’m nost sure the editing appeals to me but i have saw the tracklist and some songs sound like they will be better so no harm done plus this isnt the sull version of the song

  • joana

    not bad! sounds a bit like avril lavigne’s songs – has the same title as one of her song too! i thought it’d be different! it’s not very… original! I love selena for sure n i think she’s talented that’s why i am thinking that she might want to choose another song if she’s hesitating, she should post a sample so that we can chuz coz i’m not sure abt this one as the debut single! I like the song tho but it’s not catchy!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE it, glad she isn’t branching in the normal (read: save) Disney Pop.
    Also agreeing with the person who said it sounds like Hilary Duff.
    Even though I like this song I’m glad she chose different music-styles. This way she can figure out what suits her the best.
    Can’t wait for the full song/whole album/music videos!

  • Paramore_girl24

    i honestly dont like it. miley and demi r the best singers in disney. i thought it was horrible!!

  • liz

    i love this. she defiantly doing something different from all the other disney stars, which is what i love about her.
    that’s what make her stand out (:
    i want more ! hehe.

  • sam

    This is not good, this is not hot is bad!!!!!!!! an sorry selena stick to acting this preview sound horrible!

  • sharon

    Why she talks when she sings that not singing and it was all so noisy in the background is she that bad they had to make the music danceble is not even danceable!
    this sound pretty bad! am sorry i actually have ears and it sound bad! and all the dummies who thinks it sound good you have no taste in music then,.

  • j

    here’s an idea. every tween queen out there has that kind of sound, the over-edited/pop-rock (90% pop/10%rockish) sound (although i don’t mind it so much on demi lovato. sheesh, that girl can sing!). anyway, selena seems like such a sweet girl, why not go for the mellow, laid back music. acoustic or something. if she pulls it off, she’ll have more credibility than her peers because she’ll be the only disney star doing it.

    just a thought. :-)

  • emily

    this is sooo a not. im sorry.
    if this girl wants to get far, she needs to stick with acting.
    because singing will get her NO WHERE in hollywood.
    maybe for now with her crazy little die-hards. but not after.
    nobody above the age of about 15 or 16 will be listening to her.
    her voice is just not good enough. and why can’t disney FOR ONCE
    let one of their girls just stick with the ONE thing they’re GOOD at?!

  • emily

    and it’s just WAYYYYYYYY over edited.

  • Sa5m

    i didn’t like the song….
    she sound better in send it on ….

  • cassy

    fuck why i cant have a record deal if people like this shit :/ oh wait, none of them are talented

  • PavlusQa

    I love it!! Sounds great!!! Selena 4ever:) so HOT!!!

  • http://o krixtina


  • lily

    j!!! i totally agree with you!!! i love how she sounds in fly to your heart and send it on!!! i’d love to here some ballads from her….something sweeter that fits her sweet little voice…

  • sallyjo


  • whatthe?

    definitely NOT

  • Anonymous

    it’s not hot. She was so bad gross. owwwww i ear.

  • Jane


  • Faith

    I like it!!!!! I love Sel and CAN’T wait for her album!! I LOVE her voice!! It’s different in a good way, and that’s what makes her stand out.

  • music

    almost every actress becomes a singer too; but she should not!

  • http://--- music

    Not hot!
    I want to her her singing this song live, then it would not sound so….

  • http://--- music

    @Faith: @<a
    you love her voice???
    it’s just edited…!

  • Carlyn

    I thought that the song would be better..
    I dont like it, and Im a die-hard Selena fan. :[

  • Kami

    she looks pretty in that picture

  • Faith

    Did her hair grow back already? It’s only been like 2 1/2 months since she got it cut…..I guess it’s fake or it grows fast. I doubt it’s fake though

  • Katy

    that was crap just like her face

  • Myla

    I loe this song. Totally hot.

  • Faith

    @Katy: You don’t have to be mean. Some younger kids look at this site too, so just be careful what you put.

  • David yomi heredia

    God sorry for this but this song is Awesome! do it up selena out do everyone with you album ok YYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Katy

    @Faith: good they need to know the truth

  • Faith

    @Katy: You don’t need to be mean. Some younger kids look at this site too, so just be careful what you say.

  • caseyy

    First off, I absolutely love her personality and her acting. She just isn’t the best singer. She’s good, though. I love One in the Same with her and Demi. But the producers wayy over edited this song, and made her sound like a computer. They need to just let her sing and cut out all the edits. I love her, but i think she should persue acting

  • Faith

    @Katy: Not little kids. They don’t care what the person sounds as long as their cool and all their friends like them.

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