V Factory 'Gets Up' At Jones Beach

V Factory 'Gets Up' At Jones Beach

V Factory lights up the stage as they perform a medley of five Michael Jackson songs as a tribute at 103.5 KTU’s Beatstock in Jones Beach, NY on Sunday evening (August 16).

Following the success of “Love Struck,” the guys — Jared Murillo, Asher Book, Nathaniel Flatt, Nicky T and Wesley Quinn — just announced that their second single will be “Get Up.”

Check out their performances and some pics below!

V Factory – “Get Up”

V Factory – Michael Jackson Tribute
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Photos: V Factory Street Team
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  • sallyjo

    who are these guys? Are they a wannabe *NSYNC?


    i dnt think they are i think they are really gd and should keep on doin there ‘thing’ and i think the one in the light gray jacket is hott when he stared singing everyonewas likw wwoo

  • Dalia

    First, no they are not wanna be NSYNC they are a really good band take time to listen to them before you judge. Their names is V Factory and they are absolutely amazing and very talented singers and dancers. The guy in the light gray is Asher Book and yes he is HOT so are the rest <3 Asher Book is gunna be in the new movie Fame that comes out Sept. 25 i think but yea you should go watch it =)

  • amy

    The killed michaels song seriously.

  • Priscilla

    I was there last night and they really can dance! Not every boyband has to be labelled “wannabe *NSYNC”.

  • mimi

    i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and jared is sooooooooo hott

  • niki

    I love them!!!!!

  • katty

    I was there and the crowd didn’t love it. They shouldn’t be labeled a boy band cause they are like 30

  • emily

    It was funny because backstreet was there and schooled them

  • ,,

    how did BSB school them?
    If you saw videos–BSB was very off vocally in their first song.
    Just because V Factory is a boy band, doesn’t mean you have to compare them either.
    They’re a new band, different generation.

  • Britt

    I have seen them live and they are sooo amazing and talented!! They’re great guys that deserve success! Some ppl are so judgemental so tell me jealous much haters??? hmmm

    V Factory <33

  • Dalia

    ugh they aren’t a boy band they are a MAN band! And they are amazing guys don’t judge them when you don’t even kno them and BSB did not school them. V Fac were great and they did not kill MJ’s song they sung it wonderfully!

  • Carrie

    They are so Awesome!! they are so not a man band!! They are all under 21 except 1!! They are such great singers too!

  • Ashleyfan

    I have seen them live also and they are great.

  • Lisa

    They are a boyband, if you like it or not. It doesn’t mean they’re bad because they’re a boyband. Don’t judge boybands without hearing their music. You don’t need to like them, but just don’t be hatefull..

  • dalia

    um actually get you’re facts straight because they are all over 21 except for Wesley.

>>>>>>> staging1