Ashley Tisdale: Aliens In The Attic Featurette

Ashley Tisdale: Aliens In The Attic Featurette

Ashley Tisdale is picture perfect by the pool in this behind-the-scenes look at Aliens in The Attic.

The 24-year-old actress/singer dished in the featurette about her first feature film. Ash shared, “I came right from High School Musical and starred in that. This is cool because it wasn’t the lead role in the movie. I didn’t have so much pressure for my first feature.”

Ashley also added, “The aliens in this movie are the coolest aliens I’ve ever seen. When I first saw the script, I thought it was a great script. The writing was really funny. It’s got something for everyone.”

Check it out below!

Ashley Tisdale – “Aliens In The Attic” Featurette
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  • http://yahoo curtis

    first?..gud 4 her

  • riana

    thats pretty cool. well the movie isnt somet’d watch but it was filmed in my country new zealand so thats pretty awesome

  • vanessa

    i miss her blondeness haha

  • Charlie Johnson

    Who wants to see a featurette to a shitty movie that bombed at the box office?

  • Alex

    I’m from NZ too I wish I could have met her

  • bep

    cool! :) thanks for posting
    I really enjoyed this movie… It’s really cute and entertaining

  • kik

    @Charlie Johnson:

    Both her and Vanessa’s movie bombed.


    the clip is really funny <3 :)
    Ashley is amazing!!


    @Charlie Johnson: First of all the movie didn’t “bombed” at the box office. Second of all, i do. Third of all, if you’re so annoyed from the clip then don’t be stupid and comment here… go find something else to do!

  • Solange

    “Aliens In The Attic” was actually not a bomb. Despite the lack of promotion, this movie is still going very strong. “Bandslam”, in the other hand, bombed so bad even though Vanessa has been appearing too much on the media or the big name in the movie: Lisa Kudrow, and a singer from Bon Jovi, Aly. Not to mention the new trailer of New Moon that Summit uses to getting more viewers, it didn’t work out quite much as Vanessa’s fans expected to. Even I’m surprised.

  • ella

    @Charlie Johnson:

    you know her movie did ALOT betetr than Vanessa’s, right? Ashley’s movie debuted at number 5 on the box office; Vanessa’s barely pulled in 2 million and opened at like, number 12 or 13 or something embarassing like that. Aliens in the Attic was not a bomb at all, it just wasnt heavily promoted so people assume there wasnt any interest in it. But you really should go do some research next time.

  • aw

    Ashley’s super heavily promoted album was a failure but maybe she should tour to get something out of it. People seem willing to see her.


    Hilarious that the original poster didn’t even mention V and yet you felt the need to bring her up. So so threatened. The movies aren’t comparable at all. & yes Aliens bombed, ( it made shit based on it what it’s budget was), the studio knew it would, hell doubt Ashley even cared much about it, not like it’s a quality film to further her career. Just a filler project.

  • Solange

    @aw: Due to the economic crisis and the change of style, i would not say “Guilty Pleasure” is a failure at all. I don’t believe that talking at radio station, pushing back the release date of the album,… are heavily promoted. Even though it’s not doing so well in US but it was totally a hit in Europe. “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” and “Guilty Pleasure” even out-peaked what “He Said She Said” and “Headstrong” had achieved. “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” is still climbing up on iTunes, it is now #120 and i guess after the American’s Got Talent’s performance, it would rise up more.

  • delsy

    @ella: But i know now Vanessa and the cast of bandslam is much more respected in the industry as actors and actress than Ashley’s. Bandslam is a bit like Greg kinner’s career he is on of the most respected actors in Hollywood but his movies don’t top box office now more directors will be looking to hire vanessa rather than Ashley because they can see she is the real deal….

  • ashanz390

    @delsy: i don’t think so :/ i think ashley is the better actress, where as vanessa may be a better singer (more range). Well i like ashley’s music better too.

    I don’t think you should compare vanessa hudgens to greg kinnear, she is so not at that level yet!

  • xoxogossipgirl


    lol ashley is the real deal and vanessa isint? wtf. and how do you figure that? both fo their cds were total flops and so were both of their first feature films outside of high school musical. Neither oen of them has a very bgi career ahead of them.

  • xoxogossipgirl


    i meant vanessa is the real deal and ashley isint?

  • masquerading

    @delsy: Sorry, but Ashley’s acting in Aliens in the Attic actually got good reviews. It’s the movie overall that got bad reviews… Ashley is a great actress and everyone knows that.
    @xoxogossipgirl: Ashley’s album got #12 on Billboard while Vanessa’s got #25… they’re so not close so i guess Ashley is still doing a lot better than Vanessa. Her movie isn’t a flop! #5 at the box office is a flop? what’s ur problem? While Vanessa’s movie hasn’t even got into the Top 10 or Top 12!

  • masquerading

    btw she looks amazing as a blonde and brunette <3 lol
    i love this vid! i usually love all behind the scenes vids and clips haha

  • masquerading

    and Robert Hoffman is totally hot! haha <333
    the old lady is funny too lol

  • sweetbutterflies

    God. Why is everyone comparing Vanessa and Ashley? No need to bring Vanessa’s movie up in an Ashley post. Gosh.

    Oh, and as much as I hate to say it, based on the budget, Aliens flopped too. Sure, it did better than Bandslam in money, but Bandslam got better reviews. It’s just that people didn’t want to give the movie a chance. And seeing as Vanessa is moving on to bigger things and I’m sure Ashley is too, though we don’t know about her new projects yet, I think both will have a promising career.

    On to the REAL topic of this post… I completely love it. Ashley looks so cute. I miss her blonde haired days, though the brunette hair is really cool too. Also love Robert. The older lady, whose name I keep forgetting, looks really funny.

  • team tizz

    @masquerading: i totally agree Ashley is doing fine ,
    while Vanessa last two projects Failed (Album and Bandslam).@delsy:
    Ashley has always said that she is looking at scrips right now and she will doing more films in the future , she just focus on her music right now.

  • mona

    alien in the attic has a good review but not like bandslam has a very very very good review and everyone talk about this and vanessa very good actresse zack snyder confirmed that she has tree movie in 2010 bandslam bomb at bo cause no one want to give vanessa a chance totally agree with you sweetbutterflies alien in the attic did better than bandslam just in money
    and sorry 4 my bad english

  • nina caplan

    aahahaha, thats soo cool =)

  • Dalemurph

    Ashley does an amazing job. Too bad she disappears in the middle of the movie but she’s in the last section so that’s cool.

  • jen


    I AGREE WITH U SOOO MUCH @Solange: u tooooooooooo lol

  • Just Jill

    @sweetbutterflies: Just like Ashley’s movie shouldn’t be brought up in Vanessa’s post. It’s a two way street for everyone. Remember the golden rule, it applies everywhere in the world

  • Kat

    @Charlie Johnson:


    Box office – Aliens In The Attic
    The film was released on July 31, 2009 in the United States and Canada. It was distributed by 3,106 theaters and grossed $2.9 million on its opening day. At the end of its opening weekend, the film grossed $8 million and opened at number five in the box office.[1] The film has grossed $1 million in Russia and has grossed $28,003 in Malaysia as of August 9, 2009.[1]

    Box Office – Bandslam
    The film was shot in Austin, Texas, with additional scenes filmed in New York City.[3] The film generated mostly positive reviews but it failed to chart in the top 10 when it was released on August 14, 2009 in the US where it grossed only $2,250,000 in the weekend.[1][4]

    Now stick that up your pike and smoke it Ashley Rocks, as an actress singer, producer love the girl! You rock Ash.

  • aw


    lol Sweety you are incapable of logic. W/e.

    Still not sure why you are using an Ashley post to talk about Vanessa and her projects.

  • masquerading

    @aw: why is she incapable of logic?
    I think what she wrote is copied from Wikipedia since there are the “[1]” and “[4]“…

  • bep

    I don’t care about how much the movies do, what matters is if the movie pleases me or not. And “Aliens in the Attic” wasn’t so bad. I’m waiting to see Bandslam next week.

    @Just Jill: they are BFFs for god’s sake why can’t we compare/talk about each other’s projects at their other posts?

  • Kat



    Haha yer i copied it from wiki haha Well its there in black and white, and aw I can talk about who I want, You gunna styop me have fun with that lol. Yer and i agree masquerade why am I incaple of logic? lol!! haha :P x

  • Kat

    stop, incapable**

  • Brian


  • MIKE

    love the movie, and it was so much better than vanessa’s bandslam haha

  • Solange

    @ BRIAN: U’re one of those who doesn’t know what talents are!

  • Chrissy

    I love this movie
    her boyfriend acts weird lol
    my fav movie of all times :)

  • mona

    totally agree with you brian ashley has 24 year-old when vanessa has like ashley 24 years-old she can do better than this fuck ashley

  • jonasfreak

    @Brian: actually her movie did 8.1M on the first week.. and who the hell told you that it’s not excpected??! it’s a kids movie and it still did better than vanessa’s stupid musical movie…
    And she still did better than Vanessa in the albums thing.. so stfu plz and get ur facts straight!!!!

  • mona

    jonasfreak don’t forget vanessa has 20 years-old but ashley has 24 years-old so vanessa she so young but ashley i don’t thing she has to do a kids movie

  • jonasfreak

    @mona: Ashley has always said that she looks younger than her age and she’s taking her time with her roles!!

  • awurbii


    grow up.

  • Kat

    Jonasfreak everything you say is the truth! lol Tottaly agree with u@jonasfreak:

    Everything you say is the truth!! lol tottaly agree with it lol and yer she does look young for her age so she taking it slow nothing wrong with that and + her album rocked lol

  • mona

    vanessa has 20 years-old and she is in vancouver to filmed her new movie sucker punch wiTH JON HAMM AND ZACK SNYDER so if ashley is really good actresse why zack snyder didn’t choice her to do this movie cause vanessa is sooooooooo mush better than this fuck ashley
    bandslam bombed cause no one want to give vanessa a chance but this movie has a very very great review
    and sorry 4 my bad english

  • jonasfreak

    @mona: first of all it’s not him who ‘choice’ vanessa. It’s the company, who, then, thought she would sell. But apparently, she doesn’t. And don’t make stupid excuses for her. The movie is dumb and Aly & her look very dumb in it. Too bad for Aly… and btw the movie didn’t get THAT good of reviews.
    Ashley has succeeded in everything more than Vanessa. Albums and movies. And while Vanessa is fading, Ashley will rise up and will become a respected star in her business. We’ll see what will freaky Beastly will do. And after those nude pics, I don’t think anyone will be excited to see her with some ‘skin’ anymore in that other stupid movie…

>>>>>>> staging1