Brenda Song: Boogie Town Website Launched!

Brenda Song: Boogie Town Website Launched!

Brenda Song‘s new flick, Boogie Town, has launched their official website!

In the upcoming movie, the 21-year-old actress plays Natalie, the Juliet of the modern-day West Side Story.

Boogie Town is a story of 2 rival crews. One of the crews “The Trojans” (American Crew) is lead by Micah (Marques Houston) and the other crew “The Warriors” (Filipino Crew) is lead by Jay (Mykal Bean). These two guys were both born Herculean. This power or gift they were born with gives them both the ability to leap long distances and always land on their feet similar to Vampires. There is a respectful rival between the 2 crews until Jay’s younger sister Natalie comes to town for her College summer break. Micah not knowing who she is meets Natalie at the Rocks. They have an instant connection with each other. Soon they fall in love. Once Jay finds out that his baby sister is in love with his arch enemy, He explodes with anger. Jay forbids Natalie to see Micah. He tells her that Micah was aware that she was his sister and that’s the only reason he decided to go after Natalie, and that Micah is just using her to get to him.

Boogie Town is set to hit theaters in 2010. Check out the full site at

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  • dizneyfan101


  • intel

    the movie seems amazing!!! :)
    can’t wait to see Brenda!!!

  • BB


  • JorendaFan4ever

    B’s movie seems great! yay brenda and marques, i can’t wait.

  • MadonnaMayhemy


  • BrendaSongFan4life

    The site is fantastic and the movie looks fantastic, thanks for posting.

  • lizzie


  • lizzie

    ♥Brenda is amazing♥

  • kiki

    Can’t wait!!!!!!! She’ll do a brillant job in the movie!

  • SOS


  • Lily

    the film’s very dark”
    I can’t wait!

  • bsongfanatic


  • Sel

    I love and adore Boogie Town, it’s cast and Brenda of course. The film looks beyond amazing and spectacular especially the dancing.

  • Roory

    boogie town is so much different and edgy from every thing else brenda has done! that is great and i cant wait.

  • KelenaNemiFan

    i love her <333
    i’m so excited !!!!!!!!!

  • Lolo

    I can’t wait, the movie is sooo mature, dark and FANTASTIC! the site has all of the story which is so much spoilers.

  • miles

    I can’t wait! site rox.

  • brendasongfan4eva

    Yay Boogie Town!


    brenda is really great and boogie town is like her first mature and major theatrical starring role where she isn’t playing a teen! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE WHOLE MOVIE!

  • bbgood2me2

    I want to see Boogie Town NOW! the site rox.

  • Jojo

    she’s SO beautiful!o.o

  • baby

    so dark…..


    I am so excited for her!! cant wait to see……… BT. Its really really different from her other movies which makes it more exciting and interesting. Natalie gets shot in the end and the film is filled with actions scenes. Brenda’s gonna do a great job!!! I want it to be 2010 NOW!

  • mel

    Thanks 4 sharing
    The movie is A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • GG

    I can’t think of anyone I’d like to see in an action flick more than Brenda. The flick IS the best and I can’t wait for 2010. I think she’ll be amazing and totally sexy especially in the making out scenes and shooting scene, with blood and tears!! her character and whole flick is dramatic and serious.. I can’t wait!!

  • GG


  • Dalal

    I’m so excited for her and can’t wait for all her movies….

    Thanks JJjr

  • baby

    @DANCE: second.

  • sidra

    oh i love her so much. She is awesome and the movie is way more awesome, love the site!

  • teenfashionista


  • SLODfanatic

    i can’t wait to watch for all of her movies i really proud of her! the site is awesome and tells us more about the fantastic film.

  • sidra

    why are vivendi spilling all of the story line on the site? they are ruining everything although the story is greatt and deserves a golden globe!

  • brit

    woah the film is just woah!

  • drift

    Brenda! <3 I can’t believe how deep the story is. It’s just too great. Can’t wait!

  • secret

    wow can’t wait going to be amazing.

  • kitty

    clearly she has a super bright future, that’s what talented people deserve… GO GO BRENDA=) BOOGIE TOWN IS THE HIT!

  • ladygagaloverr

    WOW! that sounds like something I would see and love! It looks really amazing and spectacular. (: glad to hear Brenda experimenting with herself with characters, she doesn’t seem like that “one person movie.” Good for her! you rock B, the only problem is that the site should contain a movie spoliers note, because most of the ppl now now the story.

  • Leyton


  • jorendafan4ever

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • leighton

    Hell Ya I’m watching this!! the day it comes out!!

  • Amy

    i can’t wait for boogie town !! .
    she’s really talented. GO BRENDAA!!

    and the dancing seems out of this world

  • holly

    Wow I can’t wait

  • hanni

    I LOVE IT ♥

  • white

    Wow, can’t wait for everyone to be pleasantly blown away by her talent and skills.

  • holly


  • FOB

    i cant wait to see her dancing, kicking butts and having a dramatic shooting scene!!! i love you brenda! so far based on the pics, the movie’s photography is splendid.

  • QueenBFan

    I cannot wait to see this. It’ll really completely shed her heiress image once and for all.

  • lily


  • La La Land


  • Lolo

    Ugh i dont know if i want them to stop teasing us with all this info on Boogie Town knowing we have to wait so long or if i want more lol

>>>>>>> staging1