Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Crazy For Kings of Leon

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Crazy For Kings of Leon

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are nuts for Kings of Leon.

The traveling twosome not only attended the band’s Saturday concert (August 15) in Vancouver, they were also spotted at Sunday’s (August 16)!

Standing in front row, Zac and Vanessa danced to Kings of Leon‘s “Use Somebody” before leaving for a better seat.

Check out the vid below — Zac even pulls Vanessa to his side to dance with her closer – SQUEE!

Kings of Leon – “Use Somebody” – 08/16
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  • diana

    aww, they are so cute together. (:
    haha, vanessa was all into it.

  • pink sugar

    So cute. I love Zac, Vanessa and Kings of Leon


    thats hot!

  • Jess!

    So cute! ♥

  • teamhudgens

    ı watch this video today :)
    they’re so cute.
    ı’m so happy to see them together :)
    ı like vanessa’s dance =D
    they’re amazing <3

  • i love vanessa

    i love this video its so cute :)
    I love V dancing haha!
    They look adorable !

  • h


  • http://none zanessa fan

    its cute but at the begginging she was like vibrating??!!! LOL but so cute!

  • Rachel

    LOVEEEE them :D
    love vanessa; so cuteee (:

  • i love vanessa

    Also has anyone read this ?
    Its so cute, its someone who was at the concert writting what they saw, about Pda and everything :)

  • Jordan

    As much as I love KOL. I would love to see the camera pointed on Zac and Vanessa for the whole concert. Hope they end up in the KOL video thats being shoot in Vancouver. That would be way way cool.

    Vanessa isn’t letting any of the crap of the past few weeks get her down. She has such a strong spirit.

    I can’t understand the haters, How can anyone possibly hate her
    She has so much energy and personality, Plus the best laugh ever

  • Abby

    I’m so happy to see them together
    They look adorable

  • dAda

    they look happy and sweet together …

  • Rickii

    vanessa is the best OMG <3
    zac cool

  • jo

    Vanessa so into it. love her dancing around

  • Zanessaforever

    Aww, they’re so cute!
    Gotta love Zanessa :D

  • zanessafan4life

    2 words AWWWWWW CUTEEE!!!!!

  • missxme

    omg they are sooooo cute together love them sooo much

  • zanessaholic

    very sweet!!!

  • aw

    Adorable! They were cute enough on Saturday. But I heard rumors they went again on Sunday, so glad there’s a video to prove it.

    They were also spotted at a restaurant on Friday with Kings of Leon. Must be great to be friends with a band you enjoy.

  • zanessaholic

    i love them!!!

  • tena

    Aww that is so cute V is crazy LOL

  • Sa5m

    thats so cute..
    zanessa for ever <3

  • nicci

    i am so happy . they look adorable. i love them

  • zanessaholic

    it’s funny how vanessa danced..hahaha..cute!!!

  • jo

    WEll they’re actually friends with the band. they hung out after the MTV movie awards and also had dinner with them last friday night when they came into town. KOL rocks though

  • yourmomsuckaa

    haha there adorable < 3

  • Karen

    Heck, I could have been first to post if I hadn’t watched this video twice! LOL

    Anyway, Z&V must love the KOL and they must love Z&V. There was a report that someone ran into the KOL having dinner on FRIDAY night and Zac and Vanessa were with the band then. And they went to the concerts both on Saturday and Sunday nights! So, they spent time with each other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

  • musicgirl

    When i watched this video today, i couldnt stop smiling! and now that i watched it again im smiling soo big again! :D
    i really loove they way they act together, and i love that V is still the same happy and bubbly person even with all the shit she has gone trough! that is one of the reason she is a role model to me,she is such an amazing girl! and i love her with all my heart!
    zanessa forever!<3

  • Carol

    Gosh…Saturday and Sunday at KoL concert.
    And tons of PDA!!

    Love those two!!

    You are damn right….SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

  • nicci

    So Poppy was right . thank you so much. i am very happy right now.

  • blairr

    adorable. i luv vanessas dancing. haha very on the beat! haha :)

  • ahh!

    sooooo cuuute looove them<3

  • Rachael

    aww, thats so cute! i just read that pda thing and was like (L) there so cute, and she is the luckiest person ever, ZAC EFRON AS A BOYFRIEND gosh i wouldn’t let him out of my site!!!!! i love them as a couple and hope there together for quiet some time :) all the haters are just jealous, and pointless to be honest, and tabloids just make up rubbish, its funny the majority of the time hah! and i love KOL i wanted to watched them in manchester but i missed out with the tickets, destrought!!

  • Laura

    Vanessa looks so into their music :):) love how Zac pulls her closer so they can dance together :):)

  • me.

    lmfao, jared. you’re such a zan shipper <3

  • jazmin

    So adorable!!!!!!!!! just love them…even after 4 years they still are so smitten with each other.

    Love KoL and Zan…

    Thanks for posting JJjr

  • Vanessa

    OMG they are so cute
    Finally together
    I love them so much<3
    Zanessa 4ever<333

  • http://justjared Rose

    weird because the twilight cast was there too

  • HMM

    Loved the video. Hope having it posted for all to see doesn’t make them afraid to be themselves at concerts and things. Love their energy – it looks like they were having a great time and really enjoying the music and each others company.

  • me.

    and vanessa is so energetic. lmfao
    i know it sounds greedy, but i’m really hoping the person who recorded this has more vids of zan.

  • Faith

    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! They are so cute!!!!! Ha ha Vanessa was totally into the song :)

  • Nikki

    OMG, i’m freaking out! they are sooooo cute!! and ı’m so happy to see them together :D and i love vanessa’s dance =D ZANESSA <333

  • Jordan


    I think not letting him out of your site would proably end the relationship in a hurry LOL….but I know what you mean. ;)

    I hope some more video surfaces soon :) They do make a sweet couple

  • i love vanessa

    @me.: Haha. Me too. I want to see more videos ! i hope there is more. Also does anyone know is Vanessa did get her hair done? As it was on twitter she was getting her hair done at toniguy?

  • Tiptoes

    I am glad to see that they are having a nice time together.

    Good to see Van so bubbly and energetic….

  • zanessa is luv

    I love the video..
    i love them,
    they are so sweet., most especially when
    zac pull vanessa close to him.
    they are the hottest and cutest
    young Hollywood couple!
    is dylan with them? :)

  • Kami

    hahaha it looks like they had fun=) especially vanessa

    Gotta love her

  • Karen

    awww!! they are so cute!! I love Vanessa’s little dance!! lol

  • Anne

    That’s so hot!
    and V is sooo crazy. haha.

    love them <3

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